PuppyPack Subscription Service

Kyle Khalili is a 22-year-old college-dropout entrepreneur from Beverly Hills, California, Kyle always had a passion for starting something remarkable that adds value to people’s lives. For this reason, he started the company PuppyPack when he was just 21. Previously, he had been working in different capacities for e-commerce businesses since he was 18.

PuppyPack’s Mission

We care about you and your special puppies! We believe that our dogs should be spoiled, throughout each and every day! Our Mission is to bring you and your pup the highest quality products, delivered straight to your door, so they can enjoy all the treats and toys they need without you ever going out! 

What does PuppyPack offer?

PuppyPack offers the finest and highest quality treats, toys, and accessories for your pups. To bring next-level joy for pups, we provide a unique and captivating collection of five personalized toys, treats, and accessories every month that keeps pups engaged and glad while playing with them. Your furry friends should expect unique items every month to enjoy the repeated surprises.  

What is unique about PuppyPack?

The truth is, PuppyPack aims at bringing uniqueness in all aspects. With that said, PuppyPack has some USPs that set us apart to dispense outstanding services to all pups.

Let’s see one by one:

Personalized for your pup

Through an online form via ‘get started‘ button, they fetch details from you about your pup and ship the customized package for your furry friend, considering your pup’s gender and allergies — in case your pup has any.  

Free shipping inside the mainland US

Within the mainland US, PuppyPack’s ship at no cost.

Discount code on our Instagram page

PuppyPack offers special discount codes as well, from time to time. To grab discount codes, you can follow their Instagram page.

No cancellation fee

They offer a no commitment service, meaning you can use their services as long as you want and cancel the subscription at any time without any cancellation fee. However, you require to cancel your subscription seven days before the end of the month to avoid getting charged for the following month.

Affordable charges

PuppyPacks start at $29/box, and the box contains five unique and hygienic products to keep your pup content and active. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy these toys and treats as well.  

Subscription-based payment 

PuppyPack is a dog subscription service based in Los Angeles, California, and they offer services in the USA. You can either subscribe to their monthly dog subscription or yearly subscription. Both packages are affordable, but their yearly package is unbelievably low as compared to their monthly package.  

After ordering the first box, you will receive it within 4-7 days. All other boxes ship on the 15th of each month.