Great And Good Advice For Cats in Summer

Cats, like many living things, are sensitive to high temperatures. In summer, especially on days of excessive heat, we must monitor our pet as it can suffer from heat stroke. Here are some tips to protect it.

How do they regulate their body temperature?

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To regulate the temperature, cats take advantage of the evaporation of saliva, which they deposit on their fur during grooming. They sweat through the muzzle and pads. During a heat stroke, they can gasp, among other symptoms. Remember the importance of protecting your pet during the hottest days.

Summer cat care: fresh water

cats in summer
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We already know what you want your cat and it always has water, but we must remind you that this water must be fresh and clean, and available at all times. We should regularly check that the drinker has water and has no traces of dirt.

The location of the drinking fountain should be in the shade, never in the sun. In summer your cat will thank you for the cold water. A little trick is to add an ice cube, this way it won’t heat up as soon. The water does not need to be ice cold, just cold.

Summer cat care: maintaining a cool indoor environment

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If the interior of your home is excessively hot, we must take measures to create a cool environment. For this we can do several things. We can achieve a cooler environment by keeping the blinds down and only leaving a small opening, where the air will enter. Also keep doors and windows open to get some power. In this way the rooms will not heat up as much due to the sun. We can also use fans to lower the temperature of the environment.

Create shady spaces outdoors

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If you have outdoor areas such as a garden or patio that your cat has access to it is important to create at least one shaded area. In this way your pet will be able to enjoy outdoors yes and this, at the same time, protected from the heat.

We will also consider add another drinker in the outdoor area. In a large house, your pet must have various sources of hydration at his disposal.

Create cool indoor spaces

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As we have seen it is important to lower the temperature of the interior of our home, however We will also offer cooler places for our pet to restr. Surely you have already seen how they sometimes fit in the sink or in the bathtub. These places in the house are usually the coolest in summer, so do not scold your pet for looking for these places, what you can do is offer them new ones.

In addition to placing a fan, we can fill the typical hot water bottle with cold water (you can even introduce some ices). You can put this bag under the bed, under the sofa, under a table, etc.

Another option is to buy a cat bed that is either raised from the ground or made from a breathable material. If you provide your cat with cool places, he will not have to look for them in areas that you like less.

Summer cat care: keeping a good brush

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Maintaining a good brush is great throughout the year, but during the hotter months it’s even better. Cats tend to shed more fur in summer than in winter. So in addition to keeping our home cleaner, and preventing the formation of knots and tangles, we will ensure that the animal spends less time grooming its excess fur and passing heat with it.

Refresh it with wet towels

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During the hottest days you can help your pet cool off using a damp towel. Pass this towel from the head, behind the ears, to the back. As the water evaporates, it will cause a sweat-like effect, and although cats don’t like water, they can tolerate moisture.

Consider cutting your cat’s fur

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If your cat has long fur, you can consider cutting it a little. Trimming part of the neck, belly, and armpits in this way will help you control your temperature.

In many cases it is better to do this carefully with scissors, since the cat may be scared of the noise of the razor. Remember that you do not have to cut your hair too much, just a little for the longest areas. If we go too far we can cause the opposite effect since the fur helps them protect themselves from the Sun and therefore from sunburn.

Cats in summer: signs of heat stroke

cats in summer
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If the cat’s temperature gets too high, you can tell by a series of signs. If your cat has any of these symptoms, act quickly and then visit the vet.

  • the cat can get nervous,
  • start panting,
  • salivate excessively,
  • be hot to the touch,
  • trembles,
  • wobble,
  • Vomits,
  • your gums are darker and more intense than normal,
  • faints
  • To die.

Cats that are at increased risk of heat stroke are

There are cats that due to different circumstances may be more prone to heat stroke than others. Below I detail some cases:

  • those with a flat face,
  • senior cats,
  • obese cats
  • those with heart disease or respiratory problems.

However, any cat can suffer from it at one time or another, so if it’s hot and you’re worried about your cat’s health quickly contact your vet trustworthy.

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