5 Tips to Have a Healthy and Happy Dog
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5 Tips to Have a Healthy and Happy Dog

If you love animals or have a pet, you will be interested to know what to do to offer him a better life. You probably know almost everything about it, but it is always good to expand and update your knowledge. Here then are a series of useful tips and advice to help your dog grow and live healthy and happy .

The secret to having a healthy and happy dog

If you have decided to live with a dog , you already know the tasks and responsibilities that this entails. In addition to the daily attempt to make him feel serene and healthy. Both from a purely physical and psychological point of view .

In fact, every good owner is aware that dogs do not live only on material goods . We need to do our best to always give them a fair amount of attention. Caresses, cuddles, play: in short, a large part of your free time and your attentions .

In order to grow and breed a healthy and happy dog, various aspects must therefore be kept in mind. Here are the five tips to succeed in this complicated goal. Ready to take note?

If you want to have a healthy and happy dog, you have to check many things at once. Being a responsible owner does not only mean meeting the material needs of the animal but also, and above all, emotional ones. 

1. Quality food, specific for your dog

Leave the commercial baby food or homemade food aside. When choosing what to feed your dog, always opt for the best healthy dog food. This does not mean luxury or expensive products. First, ask your vet or, better yet, an expert animal nutritionist .

These feeding professionals will not only show you the best option to feed your dog . They will also explain why you prefer certain products like dog cookies from Wüfers, particularly indicated for the characteristics of your animal. In this way you can always choose the most suitable food, based on:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Tonnage
  • Weight
  • Physical activity level

In addition, the specialist will teach you to divide the meals, indicating the frequency and quantity . You can therefore avoid animal obesity and take advantage of prizes and kibbles during physical activity, in a more orderly way. Remember to always supply adequate quantities of fresh water to the animal, in addition to a clean and ventilated space, so that it can rest.

2. Regular and adequate physical activity

You know very well that, for the well-being of your dog, it is right to take it for a walk at least 2 or 3 times a day . However, there are differences based on the elements already highlighted for the diet. Not all dogs need the same amount of physical activity.

Certainly there are races which, by nature and training, are inclined to burn the large amount of energy they have. Others are notably gentler . Running on a lawn or on the beach, playing and walking are activities that improve circulation, heart and bone health. But there is no need to overdo it .

The vet can easily tell you what the level of activity is proportionate to the breed of your four-legged friend. It is important to remember that the dog should not be let out just to fulfill his physiological needs … Dedicate the right time, without haste and take advantage to strengthen your bond through play.

3. The vet, the best guarantee

To have a healthy and happy dog, going to the vet frequently is a must. In addition to the annual check and traditional vaccines , you can carry out important anti-parasite actions .

Observe your pet’s behavior and any sudden changes carefully. Any abnormal behavior could be the symptom of a malaise. And, as you well know, prevention is better than cure.

4. Educate but without spoiling

A dog that enters your home, at all levels, becomes an extra member of the family . Within the group, it has a role that must be clear and well defined. This is why it is important to positively reinforce the good ones and correct the negative ones.

In this sense, communication with other family members becomes very important. There must be fixed rules, shared, accepted and implemented by everyone, without inconsistencies or weaknesses . This will help the dog to respect them immediately and without problems.

Your four-legged animal is, and always will be, an animal. You will therefore have to treat it for what it is. Never mistake it for a human or respect its more instinctive and wild sides . Always remember that your dog can have animal behavior: in this way you will avoid problems of conduct and you will always be ready to intervene when needed.

5. Cuddles, games and time

Nutrition, education, exercise and medical care are key factors in having a healthy and happy dog. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to make less material elements. Like caresses, affection and time . If you have adopted or want to adopt a dog , you will always have to spend enough time with your four-legged friend.

It is not enough to buy rubber bones, puppets and other games, if you leave it alone for whole days. Take him for a walk, organize excursions in the middle of nature, play with him . Not only will you have a serene, happier and more obedient dog, but you will also have an excuse to do some healthy physical activity. Of course in the company of your best friend.

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