5 Things That Only Those Knows Who Live With a Cat

The cat is the head of the house I Lucija Ros

Living with a cat is an exciting adventure, full of discoveries, mimes and, sometimes, also misunderstandings. But that only people who are fortunate enough to rub elbows with a cat every day know.

The cat is not a companion animal like the others, and it will not be the people who live with one of them. they who say the opposite …

A cat does what he wants (and nothing else)

Unlike dogs, which will jump on you the second you get home, the cat can spend days ignoring you or, simply, tolerating you. And then, from one day to the next, without warning, it can turn into a real glue pot. Although sometimes we can get to understand what our cat wants to tell us, many times the answer is as simple as that the cat is his own boss and will do what he wants to do.

[19659004] Cats do not have any notion of your living space, none

When your cat decides to spend a moment embraced you, often (if not always) goes to have fun hitting your ass in your face, or giving you blows or kicks to claim your attention. And he will not accept a “no” as an answer on your part.

Cats have a small pudic side

Yes, yes, even if your cat shows you his ass several times up to date. It is for this reason that if, unfortunately, your cat is out of the sandbox, he will always try to cover it with something. Or almost always.

Cats love to move their paws on you

Even if sometimes it’s a bit unpleasant, cats love to knead your body with their claws. It’s like that, you have to go through that. The good news is that, possibly, it will come later to lick you for forgiveness.

Cats are stubborn too

It is not a myth, it is quite complicated to make a cat something he does not want to do. Use that magnificent basket that you just bought? No, he prefers the sofa, the doormat, your computer … Similarly, if he has decided that he does not like the new feed, even if you have chosen the best food for him, it is better to abandon the fight. Anyway, we’re not going to lie, when we live with a cat we know: he’s the head of the house. And we love it!