6 Unique Ideas of How You Can Remember Your Pet

Did you cremate the remains of your pet and wonder what creative way you can do with them? Every family can choose a unique way on how they wish to remember the pet that brought peace and comfort to them. Therefore, if you are mourning the loss of your beloved pet, there are many ways that you can decide to use the cremated ashes. Your pet has always been a part of the family and their loss is as tragic when you lose them. Do not feel bad thinking of ways that you can remember your pet with their ashes. These feelings are understandable and legitimate. Below are some of the ideas.

Put the ashes in a pet urn

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One of the options on what to do with your pet’s ashes is to put them in personalized dog urns. You can decide to display it somewhere in your home. The size of the urn will depend on how big your pet was and you can choose from the various aesthetics and materials that appeal most to you. The various types of materials you can choose means you can easily integrate the urn into your home’s décor. Also, you can decide to put a small part of your pet’s ashes into a beautiful urn instead of having a full-sized urn for all the ashes. 

Scattering the ashes 

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A time-honored tradition is the scattering of ashes of a loved one and it is now a common practice to scatter the ashes of your pet as well. This can be in a specific ocean or any other location that you see fit. National parks and local parks, if you ask first, will allow you to scatter your pets’ ashes. Think of your pet’s favorite location. Is it a park? A tree they loved climbing? When you scatter them in their favorite place it helps you with the healing process knowing they are in their favorite spot. Invite someone who loved your pet to take you along to be there with you.  

Cremation jewelry 

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Another unique way to remember your pet with their ashes is to have a piece of cremation jewelry that is made from their cremains. You can get various people who specialize in this and choose what jewelry you want. Also, if you have a child or friend who has lost their first pet, you can buy these pet pendants for them. The pet cremation jewelry can add a piece of their fur if you wish and also add an engraved text.

Get a tattoo

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If tattoos are your style, then you can choose to have a tattoo of your pet. The tattoo artist can also add little ash to your ink as they draw your tattoo. Also, if you decide not to use the ashes, the permanence of the tattoo allows you to keep the memory of your pet alive. A tattoo in their honor will remind you of your beloved pet every time you see the beautiful piece of body art. 

Fill an hourglass with pet ashes 

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Although an urn hourglass is not a real hourglass in relation to time. You can still use it to decorate your mantle. Just like how you can keep an urn on your mantle, an hourglass urn is a great idea as you can see your pet’s ashes flow from one side to another. Shop online to get a beautiful selection of these hourglasses that can hold at least half of the cremated ashes. The beauty of this idea is that you incorporate decoration and art and have it on display forever. 

Mix with cement for a garden stone

If you love spending time in your garden, then adding a garden stone is a great idea. Mix the ashes of your pet into the cement and create a beautiful stone for your garden. Talk to a local artist and see what options you get. You can choose the color you love, size and also have a short saying written. Also, with a garden stone, you can move it to your next home when you move and you will always have the memory of your pet with you.