Steps to Start an Aquarium

7 Steps to Start an Aquarium

Dive into the world of aquariums! Follow our 7 easy steps to start your own aquatic paradise. Get started now and enjoy fishkeeping!

Often starting an aquarium presents many doubts among those who are new to the world of aquariums. And is that, despite the fact that the day after day to start our small ecosystem of fresh water is not too complicated, it is true that the initial section involves certain details that it is important to know to start with an aquarium.

We propose some simple and useful steps as a starting point that will guarantee the good evolution of the aquarium and the well-being of the plants and fish that inhabit it. Something important if we take into accounts that these first steps will be decisive so that we do not throw in the towel or get frustrated, believing that the aquarium is not our thing.

So, if you are a beginner in the world of aquariums, today we want to suggest how to start an aquarium with these recommendations.

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7 Steps to Begin an Aquarium

The aquarium is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet, to the point that it is estimated that there are about two million people in the world who own an aquarium.

Before going into the details to start with this project, we must take into account something vital: an aquarium should not be to our liking but only to the taste of the fish that lodge in it. An important reason that will determine all the steps that we will see next, from the choice of the type of aquarium to the families of amphibians that will live in it.

So, let’s look at seven tips to start an aquarium correctly.

1. Choose the aquarium

Although it may seem secondary, it is the starting point. And with this we do not refer to its aesthetics, but above all to its capacity. This factor will directly determine the number of fish and even the species that we can contemplate inside. A good rule to know how many fish we can have is to assign each of them a cubic centimeter.

So that the fish can live comfortably and we can count on a broader range of species, we will have to choose an aquarium heater of at least 40 liters.

For those who start, the ideal is to opt for an aquarium of between 45 and 60 liters . A perfect ability not only to start an aquarium, but to be able to enjoy from the beginning of a good amount of fish.

2. Find the ideal place for him

As important as the size of the aquarium is to place it in the right place. In addition to having a light socket nearby, to be able to plug in filters and lighting; It is essential that the aquarium be away from air currents or heat sources, such as radiators.

Added we will have to contemplate being in a room with natural light , if we want the aquarium plants that we have to correctly make the photosynthesis, but always with the precaution that the sun does not affect directly.

3. Cleaning the aquarium

Before starting to fill with water, it is important that we perform a thorough cleaning of the aquarium to eliminate any toxic that may contain from soaps or any other chemical. For this, the ideal is that we spend half an hour to rinse the aquarium in depth so that it is completely free of any rest.

4. Decorate the aquarium

Before adding the water, it is interesting that we do the staging of our aquarium. On the one hand, we will add the sand and substrates necessary to place on it both the decorative elements and the plants that we decide to have. On the other, that decoration that catches our attention without overloading the space.

When starting an aquarium, the ideal is to add specific plants, such as Foxtail, to help us carry out the water preparation process.

It is important to remember that both plants and decoration are included in the aquarium so that the fish have places to shelter. However and beyond this, we have to leave enough space to move freely through the aquarium.

5. Condition the water

A fundamental step, and to which the success of the aquarium is subordinated. It is important to keep in mind that the aquarium involves patience, even when there are still no fish in it. We say this because we will have to submit to the water, which we will preferably add cold, to a process called cycling. Or, which is the same, keep the water for 15 days without adding fish and the filter in operation.

Thus, we will achieve that after that time the water is the ideal to inhabit life.

6. Level control

A little more patience! Although the water has passed those 15 days that we talked about preparing, as a safety we will have to check the levels of PH, KH, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites before introducing the fish.

7. Introduce fish in the aquarium

The last step of starting an aquarium and that for which we have waited more than half a month. At this point, it’s time to start enjoying the aquarium watching the underwater life in it. Even for this, we will have to take the brake again and stop to plan well what fish we are going to introduce.

For those who are facing to start an aquarium, the ideal is to opt for freshwater fish for having simpler care. And, to choose the ideal species and that can coexist with each other without problems, the ideal is to be advised by professionals.

So, if you are thinking of starting an aquarium, come to any of our centers and ask for advice on which fish are ideal for you!

A way to start an aquarium correctly but, above all, to enjoy it without frights.

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