What Should You Know Before Keeping Fish?

Have you been looking for the perfect pet? Did you know that keeping fish as pets is a fantastic idea? However, before stepping into a pet store to shop for your pet fish, there are quite a few things you should know.

Here are some tips on what you should know beforehand:

Find the Right Pet Store

If you want to keep some healthy fish that live longer, find the right pet store selling them. The tank should have only healthy fish and no sick or dead ones. Even if the pet store owner is willing to transfer the good fish from the tank containing sick fish, reject the idea. There’s no guarantee this healthy fish also won’t fall ill. While inquiring about the fish’s health, you may want to check how big it is likely to grow (to get the right-size tank) and what temperature suits this species.

Include Water-Testing Kit

While shopping for the fish, ensure that you include a water-testing kit to go along with the aquarium. You need to test the water for nitrate and nitrite levels, which should not exceed the tolerable levels. It is crucial to be aware of the ecotoxicology of nitrite and nitrate to ensure perfect living conditions for your pet fish. Also, it is advisable to include a pH test kit as you need to constantly check the water’s pH levels in your fish tank.

The Tank Size’s Significance

It is crucial to buy the right sized tank for keeping fish, as different species and sizes of fish require different tank dimensions. The essential thing is your pet needs enough space to swim around freely. Hence, the tank has to be several times bigger than your pet’s size.

What Should You Know Before Keeping Fish?

The golden rule for keeping fish is one-inch-per-gallon. Hence, your fish tank size will depend on the fish’s size. Your pet fish can feel claustrophobic in a small tank. Also, it would help if you gave provision for the fish to grow longer during its lifetime and plan accordingly. Remember that this rule applies to thin fish. If you plan to buy round-type fish, they require comparatively more swimming space.

Feeding your Pet Fish

While it is a great idea to feed your pet fish fresh feeds like worms and marine insects, they may not be available all the time.  It can be an exciting pastime to watch your pet fish feeding on live prey, which it will chase and swallow. You may also want to stock freeze-dried fish feed for your pet during emergencies.

You also get slow-dissolving tablets that are ideal if you are going away for a while (vacation) and have no one to feed your fish. If you don’t mind spending, you could think of electrically operated feeders, which can be set to feed your fish at regular intervals.  While keeping fish can be an exciting proposition, it also involves thoughtful planning and spending time and money to ensure a healthy life for your pet fish.

Summing it Up

Keeping fish, whether the regular goldfish or some exotic species, is an exciting pastime. It involves spending a good amount of time and effort to ensure your pet enjoys a healthy life.