5 Dog & Owner Pajamas Meant For Your Lazy Sundays Chilling With The Fur Bae

Snuggling up on a cosy Sunday afternoon is one of the very best things in life, add your dog into the mix? Well, then it’s just about perfect! How to make that special, chilled out bonding time all the more special for you and your dog? Matching dog and owner PJs, of course! Here are a few awesome matching styles to make lounging around with your pet stylish, comfortable and as cute as cute can be…

5 Dog & Owner Pajamas Meant For Your Lazy Sundays Chilling With The Fur Bae
Image via: Stylish Hound

Breed Print PJs

Whether you are just a huge fan of one of the cutest breeds out there or you’re simply a super fan of a specific type of dog, breed print pyjamas are going to be great for you. These guys are neutral enough to still feel stylish whilst also looking all kinds of cute for your Sunday snoozing sessions.

Winter Warmers

You can also find plush, cuddly pyjamas that will help you to stay warm and cosy on a chilly Winter afternoon. These long styles will have yourself and your dog feeling super comfortable and insulated now matter how low those temperatures might drop out there.

Summer Sets

You’ll also be able to treat yourself to majorly sweet matching PJs that are perfect for the summer months, too! Breathable and lightweight loungewear makes your downtime comfortable and temperature regulated even in the peak of the heat.

Men and Women’s Styles

You can find matching PJ sets for the whole family, fur baby and all! This seriously stylish set is great for men, women and dogs, for family friendly down time that’s as cosy as it is stylish. Sets for the whole family also make for great photo opportunities!

Cosy Blankets

No Sunday snuggle session is complete without your favourite blanket to finish things off. Indulge in a cute co-ord print blanket to take your matching fur family fun to the next level! This is an Autumn and Winter essential for dogs and humans everywhere.

How to find the right matching dog and owner pyjamas…

Ready to find yourself and your dog a pair of matching PJs? Look for high quality materials and ethical production. The right pair of pet friendly and human matching pyjamas will last for so many lazy evenings to come, so you should feel comfortable investing a little in your fur family’s down time get-up. Hunt for prints that speak to you and your household’s unique personality. You never know, you could always layer your tee under your favourite jacket for some crazy cut weekend wear.