A Dog Threatened With Death by The Neapolitan Mafia!

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The small Pocho dog has become the nightmare of the Neapolitan mafia, as it has detected a multitude of drug caches worth millions of euros and is therefore threatened with death.

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The last enemy that has gone out to the Neapolitan mafia does not conform to the usual parameters, to those that we all have more or less identified. This time it is not a politician, but a policeman. However, this is not a policeman to use, but is a policeman with very particular characteristics. Because it walks on four legs and has a nose so developed, that it has ended up taking out of its boxes the most feared criminals in the area. As you may have guessed, it is a dog Police (If you want to adopt a police dog, doing it is much easier than you thought), Pocho, a small Nine-year-old Jack Russell which is specialized in the search and detection of narcotics, which poses a great threat to drug trafficking in the ports of Naples and southern Italy.

As with anyone who devotes his life to harming the mafia, little Pocho already he has suffered several assassination attempts. But they have not been attempts in the usual way, but have come in the form of poisoned meatballs, which has been able to overcome with skill the experienced can. The animal has already detected tons of drugs, seriously damaging the Camorra's cartels, which have lost millions of euros and they do not know what to do to end this threat. In Wamiz we are delighted with these dogs, which do an invaluable job for society and that fight every day so that there are fewer and fewer delinquents loose in the streets.

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