Anxiety Due to Separation in Dogs, Fear, Frustration And Indulgent Owners …

Dogs of permissive owners in general become more easily frustrated … which can lead to separation anxiety

 Separation anxiety in dogs

Signs of problems related to separation anxiety (APS) may vary according to the internal state that triggers them; for example, it was previously discovered that dogs with APS informed by the owner were characterized by a predominance of whining during a brief isolation of the owner, meanwhile barking occurred. regardless of the state of APS informed by the owner.

Based on the theory that the owner represents a resource for the dog the researchers think that there is an association between the permissive and inconsistent behavior of the owner and the threshold of frustration reduced in the dog, which consequently will show specific signs of APS.

Analyzing the personality traits of dogs and owners
In this study, the personality traits of the owner and the dog were measured with a questionnaire, while separation anxiety behavior was observed with an outdoor test.

They discovered that dogs that rather barked than whined in the separation test were more likely to be owners indulgent.

Dogs with ASP informed by the owner moaned less often than dogs without APS that did have n indulgent owners.

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The connection between the permissiveness of the owner and the type of vocalization issued supports the theory that the attitude of the owner towards the dog can be associated with the APS signs related to the frustration of the dogs, since they tend to respond with similar behaviors that occur in other frustrating situations.

• More information : Complete study.

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