A Quick Guide about How to use CBD to cure Your Pet

CBD oil or cannabis oil is known for a lot of health benefits that are well-established in humans. They provide a lot of calmness in the body and mind. With recent studies working to understand the behavior of CBD in animals, a lot of interesting responses were recorded.

Not only did cannabis help the animals live a little better with maintaining regular health. It also managed to cure some of the hard-hitting illnesses. They are painful to suffer for the animals and are also horrible to see them go through.

Since CBD is devoid of the psychoactive drug called thc, it does not produce any kind of high. Hence, it is not only safe for animals but is also legal. Many dogs and cats have suffered from epilepsy, and cannabis is one of the few herbs that have managed to help with the syndrome.

How to make your pets have cannabis oil?

When you are trying to make your pets consume any kind of medicine, it takes a lot of effort. The first time is usually not that bad since they do not know what is coming. But when they get the taste and should they not like it, it is a lot of trouble to get them to consume it again. Thus here are some ways through which you can get your pets to have CBD.


With oil, you can directly give them drops. Make sure that you consider the dosage with which you will offer. If your dog or cat likes the taste, then you should have no problem feeding it again. But if not, you can mix the oils with food if you want. You can also mix them in their water or broth so they can choose to drink up when they are thirsty.

Cannabis spray

cannabis companies have developed CBD spray for external use, which is directly applied over the fur. It is not necessary to only use the coat. The liquid can be sprayed over any external inflammation.

Mix it with food

Be it as supplements or as CBD for dogs, you can always mix them with food. For example, if you are given supplements, you can crush and powder them and add them to their diet. The same thing can be done with oil.


Seeing how much the plant helps animals in need with their pain and inflammation. Companies have started making treats for these animals. They infuse the treats with cannabis essence, and that makes them attracted to it.


You can also help your pets if they have an external injury by creams. These creams have cannabis properties that are directly applied over the area. It will immediately relieve the pets from their pain without having to eat anything.

Doses in dogs

You should always consult the vet to make a prescription and use the products accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you are using products for external use. But when you have to feed them cannabis, you need to make sure that you give the right dose. Start slow and see how it affects your friend. If nothing scary happens, you can try increasing the dosage. You may also maintain a standard 2mg per kg of their weight.

Doses in cats

Cats are very tough to understand. They are quiet and like to deal with their problems on their own. That means you will have to be a very keen observer as a cat parent. They have different moods and work accordingly. Thus you should avoid doing anything without talking to the vet.


Unfortunately, our pets cannot talk, and it gets difficult for the owners to know if something is wrong. That is why we need to be observant and careful. You should always take them to the vet if you find something is wrong.