Car Cover: Which One is The Best of 2021?

You love your dog and surely you also have a lot of love for your car. Especially if it is a new model. And, therefore, your pet’s dirty or playful paws can be a great nuisance when spending time together and traveling from one place to another. For this reason, car covers have become very popular among people who live with dogs.

A car cover helps you keep your car clean, scratch-free and will also allow you and your pet to travel the world together if you want. These covers are usually very easy to clean thanks to their materials. To learn more about the possibilities offered by the car covers market, we recommend this guide. Do not miss it!

The most important

  • A car cover is a very popular product among people who live with dogs. It helps to keep the car free of the dirt that the paws can carry, clean of hair and in addition to the possible scratches that a playful pet can cause.
  • It is very important, when traveling with a dog, to know the current legislation in this regard. For your own safety, that of our beloved pet and to avoid fines. Most car covers are created in such a way that you can access the mandatory seat belt buckle.
  • When you go to buy a cover for your car you have to look at the materials so that they are resistant to dirt and your pet’s nails. In addition, you must observe that the size fits your dog and your needs.

The best car covers on the market: our favorites

To start with this guide, we have prepared a selection for you with the five most popular products on the market. Thus, you will be able to better know the tastes of other people who live with dogs and who try to keep their cars clean. And, at the same time, you can get an idea about the different options you have available when you go shopping.

  • Best universal size car cover
  • The best two-in-one car cover
  • The best padded car cover
  • The best non-slip car cover
  • The best waterproof car cover

Best universal size car cover

This cover is made to be placed on the back of the car. It serves to protect the seats and also the floor. It is made of PVC and polyester and is waterproof. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner.

It measures 147 centimeters wide by 137 centimeters long. Includes a seat belt to attach to a dog’s harness.

The best two-in-one car cover

This cover has been created to cover the seat corresponding to a person. It can be the one in the back of the car or the front seat. It can be used for the animal to stand on this cover or as a box where it can get into.

It can be purchased in gray, black or beige. Fits most small and medium-sized pets. The fabric is waterproof.

The best padded car cover

This cover is used to cover the entire back of a car. It sits on the seat and is attached with adjustable straps to head supports on both the front and rear seats. Comes with a bag for toys or treats.

It measures 165 cm long, 142 cm wide and has 2 side shields measuring 40 x 50 cm. Includes seat belt and drinker.

The best non-slip car cover

This cover is covered in PVC fabric and is positioned like a hammock from the headrest of the rear seat to the front to protect the entire rear of the car from dirt and hair.

Although it can also be adapted to be only hooked on the seat. Also suitable for trucks and vans thanks to its large size.

The best waterproof car cover

The waterproof surface is made of Oxford cloth. Includes a large pocket to put things. And it also works for large trunks. It can be placed as a hammock to cover the entire back of a car and not just the seats.

It also gives the option of raising the sides to protect doors. It measures 147 × 137 in width and length.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About A Car Cover

When you have a pet there are different aspects to consider. With his love and company, many of our routines also change. Covers were created to make your dog compatible with your car. A car, especially when it is a few years old, is another of the great spoiled ones. Here we tell you more about these products that have gained a lot of popularity.

What is a car cover and what is it for when I have a dog?

A car cover is a wide fabric that is placed over the seat or seats of your car in order to protect it. It is very useful when you have a dog in your life, as it helps protect the seats from your pet’s paws: either from the dirt that they can drag when they go for a walk or from the hair they shed. It also protects you from your scratching mania.

Where can I place a cover on my car when my dog ​​is traveling?

The covers can also be used for when a person does not have a pet. But when there is a dog in our life they are almost an obligation. They can be placed in a single seat. Or cover all the behinds. There are also them to protect the entire back of a car, including the ground. Or it can be placed in the trunk of a van if it is wide and open.

Should I tie my dog ​​when traveling by car with the cover?

A dog must be well tied to the car, whether there is a cover to protect the seats or not, in accordance with the legislation. For this reason, the vast majority of covers created for cars leave a space through which the seatbelt fasteners protrude. A dog should be wearing a harness and the harness hooked up to common seat belt buckles. Do not tie it to the necklace.

Another option is to put your dog in a comfortable and spacious carrier, and attach this carrier with the appropriate tools and safely with the seat belt. The regulations also allow you to put on a double hook harness and tie the belt in the middle of that harness. There are dividing bars created for safety and meeting the standard.

What practices are prohibited or not recommended when I travel by car with my dog?

The regulations for traveling by car with a dog are very strict. The objective is to ensure your safety and that of your pet. If you do not comply with the legislation you will face fines. And you can put your well-being at risk. Imagine what could happen if your dog slipped between your feet while you were driving! Here you will see what cannot be done and what is not recommended:

Prohibited practices:

  • Put your dog out the window.
  • Take your dog loose or tied to a collar.
  • Let your dog travel in the front seats, unless it is in a carrier securely tied to the footrest of the front seat.

Non-recommended practices:

  • Feed or drink excessively to your pet. It can stir you up and that feeling is very unpleasant.
  • When you take a long trip, don’t stop. It is recommended to take a break every two to three hours for the well-being of people and animals.
  • If your dog shows anxiety when traveling, take care of the drugs you give him. Some prevent you from moving and that increases your stress. Go to the vet, who can recommend anxiolytics.

How can I get my dog ​​used to traveling by car with the cover?

Experts recommend that you do not force the animal into the car. From a young age he must get used to this routine. But, as always when you educate your dog with something, do it with positive reinforcement and not with punishment. Now, when you get him to get into the car on his own, it is probably not advisable to give him a treat as a reward.

If your pet gets dizzy and eats a treat before going upstairs, he will be churning the entire trip and may even vomit. Better, reward him with love and caresses. The first few times, use the car for short trips. Do not subject him, on his first journey, to a long journey. As you get used to it, you can increase the pace of travel.

Purchase criteria

When you go to buy a cover for your car you have to take into account what your dog is like, the needs you have and the current legislation of the country. Remember that the main objective is to keep your car safe from dirt, hair and scratches and also that you and your dog can travel safely. The main criteria to observe are:

  • materials
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Circulation legislation
  • Accessories


It is important that the car cover that you are going to use when you walk with your dog is able to protect your seats from dirt and scratches. It should be a strong and resistant cover. And at the same time the best thing is that it is waterproof so that if your pet has dirty legs with mud or vomits, it can be easily cleaned and also does not get on your seat.

It is very common for car seat covers to be made of Oxford cloth which is made of cotton or cotton polyester blend. There are also many of these covers made of PVC and polyester. The goal is for it to resist scratches without breaking. Also that it is cleaned quickly and that if there is any liquid that falls, do not get on the seats or floor of your car.


To choose the size of the cover for your car, you should look at how big your pet and your car are. Also see what part of the car you want it for. If you have a small pet and there are people who usually travel in the back of your car, you can buy a cover that occupies only one seat to leave the rest of the space free.

If your dog is large and you have a van with a wide and open trunk, you have to buy a large cover that protects all the part that the animal may occupy. In addition, there are covers to cover only the three rear seats and larger ones created to also protect the floor and the doors that clip to the front headrests of a car.


As we have seen in the selection of best-selling products, a car cover can take different forms. You should choose it according to the size of your dog and also according to your desire to keep it clean. There are small drawer shaped covers made for small dogs. And there are those that simply adapt to the shape of the seats or the trunk of a van.

Others are like giant hammocks that absolutely cover the entire back. Some even have a built-in gate so that the dog does not stick his head to the side of the driver. And others that can also be closed on the sides to even protect that your pet cannot dirty or scratch the doors with their unruly paws.

Circulation legislation

It is very important that a car cover conforms to the standards created to maintain road safety. It is essential that there is a gap that allows the seat belt to be attached to the corresponding hook. It is also a good idea, although it is not mandatory, to have a fence that divides both parts of the car so that your pet cannot bring his head close to yours.


There are several accessories that are very useful, since they can improve the functionality of the car cover or they can be created so that you comply with the regulations created for the circulation with dogs in the car. Below, you can see a list of the accessories that a car cover can include and can help you:

  • Seat belt: Some covers come with a specific seat belt to attach to your dog’s harness. If this complement does not come, you must buy it separately.
  • Pocket: There are car covers that include a bag where you can put the utensils you use daily with your dog.
  • Safety harness: There are covers that can include the regulatory harness to travel with a dog in a car.
  • Grille: Some incorporate a grille that serves to divide the rear from the front of a car and thus prevent your dog from sticking his head near yours while driving to lick you and give you all his love.
  • Comb: If your pet loses a lot of hair and you fear that it will make more than necessary, a comb helps to avoid it.


Car trips can be a bit tedious for your dog at first. But there are methods to make the process less tiring for your pet. And, at the same time, there is a wide variety of covers on the market that will help you protect your car seats from possible vomiting, dirty paws or scratches from playful dogs.

Dog covers have become very popular on the market. And it is that they protect cars very well from dirt and scratches, and they are also made of materials that are very easy to clean. When we have a dog in our family, we have to change certain habits in our routines. And many times this includes the protection of our furniture and objects.