Cat Harness: Which is The Best of 2021?

More and more, cats are part of our families. We have come to understand their apparent independence and understand that it is just an attitude of some precious animals that are actually very happy spending time with their human companions. And the harness can be a perfect addition to getting out of the house safely.

Although cats are domestic animals, many love to walk down the street and enjoy the adventure that this mixture of smells, sounds and new things to observe. But, going alone in the city they could be scared by something and run to protect themselves and that would cause it to get lost if it does not go out tied with a good harness.

The most important

  • Most cats need to become familiar with their harness before putting it on and taking it for a walk. Don’t worry, it is natural and there are techniques to make it a simple process.
  • For cats that tend to run away from home but live in a city or large town, it may be highly recommended to have a harness and go for a walk with their owner in a protected way.
  • There are many types of harnesses and you have to choose them keeping in mind that your cat feels comfortable and, at the same time, that it is difficult to get out of it.

The best harnesses for cats on the market: our recommendations

In this section you will find a compilation of the 5 best harnesses on the market. In addition, we have summarized the main characteristics of each of them to offer a good knowledge of all these products. In this way, you will be able to decide more adequately which harness is best for your cat and for you:

  • The favorite cat harness of online users
  • The best harness for small cats
  • The most sophisticated cat harness
  • The most comfortable cat harness
  • The most modern cat harness

The favorite cat harness of online users

This harness is available in three different sizes. It comes with a special soft velcro for babies located on the neck and chest and an additional plastic closure on the neck to prevent the cat from escaping. Also, that velcro makes them easier to put on. It is made of soft mesh that does not warp or heat up in hot weather.

The fact that these harnesses have velcro to put on is considered very positive among users, who emphasize about this product how simple it is and that the incorporation of the extra plastic gives them a lot of security. They ensure that cats can hardly escape from this protection. It has a 150 centimeter strap.

The best harness for small cats

This harness is available in three different sizes. It comes with a special soft velcro for babies located on the neck and chest and an additional plastic closure on the neck to prevent the cat from escaping. Also, that velcro makes them easier to put on. It is made of soft mesh that does not warp or heat up in hot weather.

The fact that these harnesses have velcro to put on is considered very positive among users, who emphasize about this product how simple it is and that the incorporation of the extra plastic gives them a lot of security. They ensure that cats can hardly escape from this protection. It has a 150 centimeter strap.

The most sophisticated cat harness

It is a harness available in two sizes and in five colors to choose from: pink, blue, black, red or yellow. It stands out for being waterproof, for use in all weather conditions, and comes with an extra ring on the front. It is padded, which makes it more convenient for the cold months of the year, as it is warm.

Users note that, despite attempts by their cats, they were unable to remove the harness. Only those who did not have the correct size did it. Cats seem to be comfortable in this padded harness, according to buyers. One of their peculiarities is that they have a D-ring on the front for additional use.

The most comfortable cat harness

This harness stands out for its ultra-light and breathable mesh material and is available in two different sizes: small and medium. Buyers highlight of this object that they see their cats comfortable when they carry it, that it is very light and that it has an elegant appearance. Also, it is difficult for an animal to get out of this harness.

The PiuPet brand puts a lot of emphasis on the style and design of this product. Size ‘M’ has a neck circumference between 24 and 28 cm and a chest circumference between 40 and 44 cm. The slightly cheaper size ‘S’ has a neck circumference between 20 and 24 cm and a chest circumference between 36 and 40 cm.

The most modern cat harness

Unlike the other harnesses on this list, this one is not full body, but consists of a strap that creates two circles around the body of the animal, thus covering less of the animal. The harness is provided with buckle closures. Buyers note that although it is thin, it seems resistant.

Users point out that the buckles delay the time to put the harness on the cat, that it can get nervous in the process and that for small animals it is very large. But, at the same time, it is a simpler product so the price is much more affordable and the cat may feel less trapped.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Harness

It is important that before purchasing a harness for your cat, you think about the character of the animal and know the main aspects of these products. Below, we have included the most relevant aspects of the difficulties that may arise with cats when going for a walk with a harness and important advice in this regard.

Can you train a cat to walk with a harness?

Probably, the first time you put a harness on your cat, it will be strange, messy and want to get rid of that garment. But if it is an animal that likes to leave the house and you live in a large city or town, it will have to resign and get used to this element. Thus, the ride can be enjoyed safely.

But if you don’t want to, you can also educate him. Kittens are much more receptive to this new experience, while older cats will be more reticent, although they can also be patiently trained.

Why does my cat need a harness?

If you do not live in a village and you want to take your cat out of the house or you need to do it to go to the vet, it is essential to put on a harness. There are experts who recommend taking those cats that have a tendency to escape for a walk, so you can help them release their adrenaline and their desire to discover new worlds, but without taking risks.

In addition, if your animal cannot have the freedom to go out and discover new sensations, it can develop uncomfortable manias due to the fact of spending hours locked between walls. Walking is also an aid to controlling obesity.

There are compulsory outings for cats, such as going to the vet for their vaccinations or check-ups or moving from home to the car for a trip. And it is more comfortable to go out with a harness for safety reasons. If the cat escapes, it can get lost or it can end up on the road and take risks.

What do I do if my cat does not want to use his harness?

It is normal for this to happen. Cats are animals of habit and getting used to a new one takes time. It is recommended that, if it resists putting it on or you find it uncomfortable, instead of forcing it, you leave this new utensil near places that your cat likes, such as its food bowl or the space where it sleeps, so that it becomes familiar.

The first times that you are going to put the harness on you can accompany it by giving it a treat that your cat loves, or with caresses. This way you will relate this element to positive feelings. You can repeat this process for several days, until you see that the harness on your cat’s body is less intrusive and more familiar.

Should I take my cat outside the first time he puts on the harness?

Unless you have a very adaptable cat, which is not common, follow the process little by little, even when you have already managed to get it inside the harness without getting nervous. When you manage to put it on, leave the harness loose, without adjusting and without putting the leash on, and let the cat walk around the house with it, so that it can continue its adaptation process.

Repeat the workout every day for a while. If you see that your cat begins to become very calm when he wears his harness on his body, you can gradually increase the time that he carries this object on him.

If you see that he is able to be comfortable at home with the harness, tighten it and put the leash on him, but still, wait a few days before he goes out. Meanwhile, keep entertaining him with treats and caresses. And don’t wait for it to get overwhelmed and to be able to get back to where it started. Don’t lose sight of their reactions while wearing it.

When do I know that my cat is ready to go outside in his harness?

You know your cat better than anyone and you will know when something is really comfortable for him. When that happens, you can take it out on the street. Now think that the second training begins: that the animal wants to enjoy the sensations that the world offers outside its four walls. Not everyone has to like it.

Start walking in a quiet place. At first, just sit with your cat in a quiet place and let him explore the surroundings, while you hold the leash. Just like you did at home, make him feel comfortable, give him treats and cuddles. And give it your time to feel good on your first contact with the outside.

Any additional tips for when my cat gets used to his harness?

Think of cats as animals with fixed habits. So if your animal loves to walk and see the world, establish a schedule, so that the animal does not insist throughout the day to leave the house. For the same reason, do not put the harness on him when he is bothering you because he wants to go out when he decides. Wait.

Even if they have gotten used to going outside, never do it without the harness, because they could run from a scare or to follow an animal, as is their natural instinct. So always put his harness on before leaving home, already well tied. And, if you have to enter an establishment, do not leave it alone outside.

Why, if my cat is obese, do you recommend taking it for a walk with its harness?

Many veterinary experts believe that one of the solutions to curb your feline’s obesity is to buy a harness, get used to it, and go for a walk every day. City animals lead very sedentary lives. And obesity can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes or liver disease.

Also, overweight cats may be at risk for arthritis due to the strain their weight puts on their joints. Keeping cats at their ideal weight decreases the likelihood that they will develop these chronic diseases. And, for this, a great ally is a harness to be able to go out on the street safely.

What are the advantages of my cat going for a walk with a harness?

Not only obesity is a problem for cats when we talk about animals that are always locked up at home. The fact of always having these pets without the possibility of going for a walk can develop aggressive behaviors and even depression and lack of appetite due to boredom and lack of stimuli.

The fact of always having a cat at home, without going for a walk, can also become uncomfortable hobbies, such as trying to hunt ornaments that you have at home or climbing on all your tall furniture to unleash its adrenaline. And, in that case, experts recommend getting a harness and taking the animal to enjoy the street.

What vaccinations should my cat have before putting on his harness and going outside?

The fact of following a correct vaccination plan will protect our cat from being able to develop diseases. Vaccinations are also important if your feline is alone at home. And they are essential if you want to put a harness on him and take him out on the street. If it is a baby, the vaccination process must begin at two months of age.

Veterinarians recommend the trivalent vaccine for all cats, and the leukemia vaccine for animals that may have contact with stray cats. Therefore, if your feline has the opportunity to go outside with his harness, it is recommended that he wear both. The first is done in three layouts and the leukemia in two.

What might my cat need a reflective harness for?

The market also offers you the possibility of getting a harness that is reflective for your cat. It is a very useful garment to go for a walk at night. In this way, the animal, whatever its size or color, will continue to be highly visible to you and to other people on the street.

With a reflective harness, another passer-by who crosses the road will not collide with your feline because he has not seen it. And if, by any chance, the leash comes loose and your cat runs, you can easily locate it, thanks to its harness. This type of product can be found in a wide range of colors.

What is the difference between a breastplate and a harness for my cat?

Originally, the word petral refers to a strap or girdle that surrounds the body of a horse to put the saddle on it. Now, with the increase in the use of the harness in cats and dogs, the strap that surrounds the body of these smaller animals, and that allows people to direct their movements, has come to be called petral.

The breastplate is simpler than the harness in its design, giving the cat more freedom. A harness covers more of the animal’s body, which translates into greater control over it when walking and deciding where to walk. In winter the harness shelters our cat more than a breastplate.

Purchase criteria

When purchasing a harness for your cat, it is very important that you do so in an informed way and that you evaluate some aspects of both your pet and the product. Here we summarize the most important issues to take into account so that you can make the appropriate decision so that your cat is comfortable. These aspects are:

  • Ways a cat harness can take
  • Closures
  • Materials
  • Size
  • straps

Ways a cat harness can take
The shape of the harness means that it covers a greater or lesser part of the cat’s body, that it can be easier or more difficult to remove and that it can be made more or less comfortable for each animal. In the following table we see the main types of harness on the market.

When choosing a closure for our cat’s harness, two important things must be taken into account: how long it will take to close it correctly (remember that, the longer, the more we can despair the animal) and the ease or difficulty that will have to open. Thus, we have the following closures available:

  • Buckle: Not easy to open, unless the harness is loose. It offers several sizes and more that can be added by creating holes. On the contrary, it takes time to put in, since it is necessary to find the exact point where to put the needle.
  • Velcro: Quick to close, while you put the harness on the cat with a Velcro part already inserted in the slot. If not, it may take a while to accomplish this. It is usually a complement to another closure, since it can be easy to open when the material begins to wear out.
  • Click plastic closure: It is the fastest to close, but always with care because it can catch the animal’s skin, if it moves, and cause damage. It is more difficult to open, although if you press and it is very tight it can give way and open.

The material is very important because harnesses are still a garment that the animal wears. Just as we attach importance to the fabric of our jackets, depending on the time of year, we must do the same with the harness. It must also be strong so that it cannot be broken, but soft to the touch so that it does not rub or bother the cat.

There are raincoats so that the rain does not wet the vest, there are made of mesh so that, despite the summer, our cat does not sweat and is uncomfortable. On the contrary, you can buy vest harnesses with some recommended material to face the cold of winter. Breastplate-style harnesses are usually made of strong nylon.

It is very important, before buying a harness, take into account its size and that of your cat. There are adjustable ones, but the base should never be too big or too small. The former can easily cause the animal to escape. Seconds can make the cat very uncomfortable.

Almost every harness that is available usually comes in various sizes and vendors typically indicate measurements for the animal’s neck, chest, and waist. If this is not the case, it is better to consult this information before making the purchase.

Obviously, for the harness to fulfill its function, it has to be attached to a strap that allows you to hold and control the direction in which the animal walks. The most common is to have strong nylon straps that cannot be lengthened or shortened. The straps are usually not much longer than 120 centimeters.

Unlike what happens with dogs that usually wear extendable leashes, for cats there are so-called ‘Bungee’, which can also stretch and shrink, but only slightly. Thus, you give your cat the opportunity to anticipate your steps a little to sniff or explore something that catches his attention on the way.


City cats spend their entire lives at home and this can be counterproductive. Cats can get bored, develop bad habits, anger, be unmotivated or suffer from obesity that leads to other diseases. Walking with them loose is impossible because they can easily get lost after being scared for some reason.

For this reason, a harness is a great ally when it comes to taking a cat out of the house to walk and play sports, enjoy new sensations or go to the vet without running the risk of being lost. There are many types and you have to know how to make your feline friend get used to this new object in his life.