Cat Bed: Which is The Best of 2021?

Cats sleep many hours a day and having a good bed is very necessary for their well-being. In addition, these pets are animals that really like to have their own space, especially for their moments of rest. Even if they share your sofa or other space with you, a cat bed will make them very comfortable and happy.

This guide aims to show you the variety that the market presents when choosing a cat bed. It will also help you understand many of your feline pet’s behavior. We will answer common questions when you have a cat for company at home and about their rest routines. Do not miss it. It will be very useful to you.

The most important

Cat bed

Cats need a quiet place to rest. A bed is ideal, because it will leave its hair there. But it is better to always place it in a place that he frequently, so that he uses it and likes it.

There are beds adapted to all types of cats. From distrustful or insecure animals that want a sheltered corner, to those that love to go out and be outside, but need a bed that resists moisture.

If your cat wants to sleep outside, it is normal and has specific beds for it. If he wants to be with you or in your bed, he must also have a place that respects your space and his.

The best cat beds you can find on the market: our favorites

In this section you will see a compilation of the five most popular cat beds on the market. In addition, we have summarized and highlighted its main characteristics so that it is easier for you to know each of the products. Thus, you can choose the bed that your cat will like the most.

The Best Igloo Style Cat Bed

  • The best sleeping bag style bed for cats
  • The best mattress bed for cats
  • The best house style bed for cats
  • Best Hammock Window Bed for Cats
  • The Best Igloo Style Cat Bed

It is an igloo style bed, padded to support the body of the animal and covered on top. This bed is like a small round house with a cushion made of sheepskin inside, which can be removed for washing. It is a warm resting place that comes with a pom pom hanging from the ceiling for the cat to play with.

It measures 47 x 19 x 37 centimeters, being only available in this size and is beige. Buyers note that it has a very pleasant touch and that it is more suitable for cold days. Two cats fit inside and buyers highlight the good quality of the materials and their elegance.

The best sleeping bag style bed for cats

It is a brown bed that is used to lie on it or to get inside, as a sleeping bag. The bottom of this bed is made of waterproof Oxford cloth to prevent moisture from entering it. The rest of the bed is plush and is filled with cotton. It is available in a size measuring 50 x 48 x 8 centimeters.

This bed is recommended for cats weighing less than seven kilos. Buyers note that their pets sleep on top of it on warm days and crawl inside when it’s cold, making it suitable for all seasons. Users define this bed as soft, fluffy and beautiful as a home complement.

The best mattress bed for cats

It is a soft mattress with raised edges to support the head or to make your cat feel more protected. It is made of soft velvet and filled with cotton. Stands warm in the winter and is completely machine washable. This bed is brown on the outside and white on the inside and stands out for its low cost.

Buyers highlight its good quality and that it has a very soft touch that cats like. Due to its size, it is more recommended for small animals. It occupies a space of 40 centimeters wide and another 50 long. The edges are fluffy. To ensure that it withstands scratches from your cat, it has double stitching.

The best house style bed for cats

This is a closed bed, like a little house. Although it can also be accommodated so that it is like a mattress with edges, without a roof, depending on the tastes or the season of the year. It is available in three different sizes. And it can be purchased in blue with a white star pattern or with a red brick pattern.

When set up as a little house, it opens at the front and back with zippers and has a soft thick plush cushion inside that can be removed and machine washed. It has an upper handle in case you want to transport, although it does not serve as a carrier because one part is completely open and the cat can escape.

Best Hammock Window Bed for Cats

This original bed is specifically designed to hang in a window. It is a felt hammock with suction cups that has a mattress for the animal to support the body. It is very convenient for those moments when your cat likes to take advantage of the sun in his favorite window in the house. The suction cups resist heat and weight.

To place it, it is recommended to clean the surface of the suction cup and the glass. Then hot water is put on the suction cup for 3 minutes before hooking it to the window so that it sticks well. The maximum load it can bear is 10 kilos, so even two small cats can share this bed.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About A Cat Bed

It is important that before buying a cat bed you know the most common characteristics of these pets. In this way, you can better select the product that suits you. Here, we have included the most important aspects about cat beds and answer the most frequent questions about it.

Cat bed

Why does my pet spend so many hours in his cat bed?

Although they sometimes act like very fast hunters, cats spend many hours resting. They sleep approximately 70% of the day and it must be understood that they have different sleep cycles than humans. Babies and elderly cats sleep even more. So do not panic if you see your pet long hours in his bed.

You have to think that, even if it is a house cat, in its play routines it usually performs movements that can tire it a lot. And you need to replenish. In addition, for you to be in good health, you must sleep those hours that your body asks for.

Why does my cat need its own bed?

Even if you see your cat spend hours on the sofa or your bed, having his own is very necessary. The animal has its own space, which smells like it and they love that. There are also beds created according to the needs of each animal. Thus, if he is a suspicious cat, you can offer him one that is covered so that he feels safe.

In addition, these animals, although they sleep a lot, also do great physical exercise in their hours of play. So you need a very soft surface to rest your body. It is also good for them to offer them a material that adjusts to the weather conditions. That will be very necessary for your comfort.

Cat bed

Why is it good for me that my cat has its own bed?

For you, having your cat have a bed will bring you many benefits. They will not leave their hairs in your spaces, but they will be collected in their bed. If you have an allergy, a bed for your cat is the best solution because it will not leave the element of its skin that damages you on your furniture, but it will remain in its bed. And they are easy to wash.

It will not scratch your furniture that it sleeps on, a common practice of cats at times, but it will play with its own bed. Therefore, it is recommended to have several beds in the places where your cat likes to rest the most.

Why does my cat sometimes go to sleep under your bed?

By their nature as hunters, cats need places where they feel sheltered for their rest, in the style of burrows. And also that they are hot. A space where they get warmth and security is very comfortable for them and, therefore, sometimes you can find it under their bed and not on it.

For this reason, cat beds that have some type of coverage on the top have become fashionable. And there are also people who put a blanket on the bed. In this way, your pet can protect himself with the blanket, while still keeping the warmth of his bed under his body.

Cat bed

Why doesn’t my cat like her bed?

It may be that your pet rejects his bed and continues to use the places he frequented to rest before having it. There are many reasons. It is possible that you have located it in an enclave of the house that it does not like. Or it may be that the material with which it is made or filled is not to your total liking, because of the touch or the smell.

Also, remember that cats are very neat and your pet will always need a clean bed. The vast majority are machine washable. Sometimes when you get out of the washing machine you may not like that your bed doesn’t smell like him. To do this, put one of his toys in that space of hers. Take into account their habits to choose a bed to their liking.

At what times of the day will my cat use his bed the most?

Cats are most active at dawn and when night begins. Therefore, in those moments, when you are more likely to be in “rest mode”, your cat will want to eat, play and jump. At the same time, the hours you are busy is when your cat will use his bed to sleep the most.

Even if your pet is well served in your house with food, his instinct leads him to be more awake at night, which would be when he would have to hunt for his ability to see in the dark. In addition, cats love to take advantage of the daytime sun rays to lie down to rest with the heat that they provide.

Can I put my cat’s bed in the garden?

If possible. Especially for the hours of the day when your animal will enjoy the sun in the open. But experts recommend that the animal sleep indoors at night, to protect itself from the cold. If you prefer it to stay outside or you see that your cat prefers to always be away from home, keep a safe and sheltered space for her.

There are waterproof and well-protected beds that can be specifically used so that the cat never gets cold even if it stays in the home garden. As always with one of these little felines, look at their behavior and their wishes so that they are happy. There are kittens who want nothing more than to be indoors even if they have a garden.

What is the best place in the house to put my cat’s bed?

The place will have to be chosen based on the size of the bed and the space it will occupy. And it is also good to take into account which part of the house your cat frequents the most and in which places he likes to lie down the most. You can also place several beds to protect your chairs and sofas, since cats tend to change places depending on the time of day.

It should be remembered that cats are difficult to control. They set the rules and they are also to maintain their habits, so it is better to take into account their favorite places to place your bed. If you don’t, he may ignore his bed and continue to frequent the areas of the house where he likes to sleep.

Cat bed

Can I allow my cat to sleep in my bed?

Your cat can sleep with you if you wish and if you see him comfortable. In fact, it is a common practice and many people place their kitten’s bed on their own, so that the animal has its space. A common practice is to place the bed on top of yours. So you will be together, but each with their own space.

Cats are animals of habit. When they are babies they will love sleeping close to your face. When they grow up, they usually position themselves at your feet. Many people like to sleep near their cats. Although you should know that he can wake you up more times at night, because he gets up or because he asks you for food very early.

What are the benefits of sharing a bed with my cat?

Studies claim that petting animals relieves stress and increases oxytocin production. And there are those who say that people who have a cat at home have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Cats are animals that provide a very pleasant company, thus eliminating the feeling of loneliness.

For some people, a cat’s purr is very relaxing. So it helps them sleep, because animals tend to get more cuddly at night when their owner is around. The animal will love receiving the warmth of your body and sharing a few moments with you. There are experts who say that it strengthens the bonds of affection.

Cat bed

In which cases should my cat and I not share a bed?

If you have a feline allergy or asthma it is better to sleep in separate places. Also, if you share a bed with your young child, better find another place for your cat, because he may want to sleep too close to the child. On the other hand, if you are a light sleeper, keep in mind that the cat can wake you up during the night.

It is worth mentioning that most pets can spread certain diseases. In the case of cats, these are isolated cases, but it can happen that the pussycat infects its owner with the so-called cat scratch disease, chagas or bubonic plague.

Should my cat sleep in my bed if I have an allergy?

Feline skin has a protein called Fel d1 that is allergic to some people. In that case, you can continue living with your cat, but following some precautions. It is recommended to brush the animal often, remove the carpets, clean the home a lot and avoid sleeping together. This last part is tough for many people.

At the same time, it is advisable to know that mattresses, duvets, sheets and upholstery attract allergens. Therefore, it is better to avoid sharing them. In this case, a specific bed for your cat will be a great ally. Since if he has his own bed he will not lie on the surfaces that he can share with you.

Cat bed

Can I train my cat to sleep wherever I want?

Cats are notorious for setting their own standards rather than abiding by others. But it can be educated to do certain things that we want. It is also true that education should start from the moment he arrives at your home because when he gets used to something it will be difficult to make him change that habit.

Also, you can educate him, but within his tastes. If he likes to lie on the couch, don’t leave his bed in another part of the house. Place it on the sofa, near it, or on a high surface. You can also leave treats on his bed or in the place where you want him to sleep, or a garment that smells of you so that he does not miss you.

Purchase criteria

Cat beds are very necessary for your pet, who loves to have his own space to help him with his rest. When choosing one or the other, you must analyze what suits you and above all, which one your pet might like according to its character. To help you choose the best bed, here we will analyze different aspects:

  • Size
  • External materials
  • Materials for filling
  • Design
  • Beds according to where they are located


That your cat fits correctly inside his bed or his mattress is essential to make his rest is good. Many beds are closed to give the animal a sense of security, so it is essential that it fits inside. The bed must be purchased based on the length and weight of the animal that is going to use it.

There are many beds that are in one size, so you need to look closely. Most are suitable for medium-sized cats, which are the most common. If you have a very long or obese pet, you should pay more attention to the characteristics of the product you want to purchase, especially if it is a closed space.

Cat bed

External materials

The external part of the bed will be the one that will offer a more or less pleasant touch for your pet. It will also serve to make the bed can be located in one place or another. The exterior of a cat bed can be made of cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic, or wicker. The material should be chosen according to the time of year.

Materials for filling

The material that fills your cat’s bed will be key to its comfort. The ground does not provide rest and in fact, a cat will always be on some surface of your house. If you want to provide your own space, look for a bed that has adequate padding to make it soft and comfortable.

The most common fillers are foam rubber. Although if you have an older cat or with joint problems, better look for a bed filled with memory foam. If your pet has allergies, choose cotton, wool, or feathers. Hammocks or wicker beds, suitable for summer, sometimes come with a mattress or you can put it yourself.


The design of a cat bed should be chosen based on how our pet sleeps and its size. The important thing is that he is comfortable and that he uses his bed instead of your furniture. There is a wide variety of beds according to their shape. Some of the ones we can find are these:

Beds according to where they are located

To place a bed it is better to choose the place that your cat likes the most. If it’s more outdoor, look for one that resists moisture and is warm at the same time. If your pet likes to be on the sofa, put a bed that fits in this space. If it’s okay to not be on a surface, the best option is a well-padded bed.

On the other hand, if your cat is cold or suspicious and likes to hide to sleep, put a covered bed as a house with a roof or sleeping bag style. But if he prefers to spend hours leaning out of the window or up on a tall piece of furniture in your house, then the best option for him is a hammock.


A cat bed is ideal to offer your pet its own space and to improve its well-being and rest. For you, having your cat have his own bed will prevent him from damaging your furniture with his nails or from filling them with hair. In addition, if you have an allergy, the particles that harm you will be collected in these small spaces.

Even if you like to share your bed or sofa, give your cat his own space. These pets require privacy to feel comfortable. There are a wide variety of products on the market, depending on your cat’s personality and where you want to place them. You can even put more than one and place them in their favorite corners.

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