Dog Couch: Which is The Best of 2021?

Is your dog a lover of couch afternoons just like you? If you are looking for the best for your pet and you prefer not to get on the sofa at home at will, here is a selection with everything you need to know to be able to buy the best sofa for dogs. The best alternative for resting space after your bed or shed.

It is very important that the dog feels comfortable and is clear that he has his space in the home, be it a flat or a house. With the sofa for dogs you will achieve this and that it is not climbing to other places such as your bed or the sofa in the living room. But what should you keep in mind before you start looking at all the models and types of sofas for dogs?

The most important

Today you will find many models of sofas for dogs, but the fundamental thing is that they are comfortable for them and that they are made with quality materials.

They must have an internal padding and a lining for complete cleaning, preventing them from acquiring bacteria and mites that can affect the dog’s skin.

To get the best sofa for dogs, look at the materials and take into account the size of your dog. These are aspects that we will see in depth in the last section of the guide, dedicated to the purchase criteria.

The best sofas for dogs on the market: our favorites

On the Internet you will find many different models of sofas for dogs and we wanted to leave here a selection with some of the most popular. Take a look at this ranking and you will have a more complete idea of ​​the type of product. If you want more information click on each link, and you will have direct access to all its details.

  • The best sofa for large dogs
  • The most modern sofa for dogs
  • The cheapest sofa for small dogs
  • The ideal dog sofa for its value for money
  • The high-end orthopedic sofa for large dogs

The best sofa for large dogs

If you are looking for the best sofa for your large dog, this is it! And in addition, it is endorsed with more than 75% of 5-star ratings. Available in multiple sizes, the largest measures 111.7 x 86.3 x 25.4 cm.

It is washable and made with soft spiral fleece and polyester canvas sides, along with a water resistant lining and a strong Oxford cloth base. It is very comfortable and your pet will love it, read the comments and check it out!

The most modern sofa for dogs

A modern, daring and different model, with a Dalmatian print that attracts attention. This sofa for dogs is available in two sizes, small and medium.

It has covers with zip closure and removable inner cushion, made of the highest quality foam, for easy washing. Very warm, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Made in the UK.

The cheapest sofa for small dogs

This SAUERLAND sofa is not only cheap, but your furry will love it too. It is filled with foam with a fabric cover and is presented in a modern gray color. It is suitable for small pets and has more than 50% of 5-star ratings.

In addition, it is fold-down to expand the resting surface of your furry. It measures approximately 59 x 36 x 29/20 cm. With the lying surface unfolded, it measures 43 x 63 cm.

The ideal dog sofa for its value for money

A sofa for your pet perfect for its value for money. It comes in two sizes: S, for dogs weighing between 7-9 kilos (kg); or L, for dogs weighing between 14-19 kg. It is a removable and washable sofa for dogs, very comfortable and soft, that breathes and has a non-slip design.

Made with high quality Oxford cloth and maroon corduroy. The filling is sponge. Includes a pillow.

The high-end orthopedic sofa for large dogs

KOPEKS offers this round orthopedic lounge sofa for large dogs. It has a memory foam mattress with a removable and waterproof lining cover in brown, as well as an internal cover.

The product is not for all budgets, but it is worth it. Ideal to help relieve aches and pains in dogs with arthritis or stiff joints or muscles. Users give it more than 80% 5-star ratings.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Couches

Where does your dog sleep? Do you have a bed or a shed? Do you sleep indoors or out, in an outdoor patio or garden? Depending on this, you may need a sofa for dogs, since you always have to take maximum care of their comfort. You can put the bed and the sofa in different rooms of the house, and she will love it!

What is a sofa for dogs and what advantages does it have?

A sofa for dogs is one more complement to make the life of our best furry friends the best possible. It is a spacious and comfortable space, similar in design to our armchairs, so they can rest. Most have backs so that our pet can position his head and enjoy greater comfort.

Among its advantages is avoiding that our pet gets on the sofa at home or on the bed, and thus has its own space. They are also perfect for resting dogs with muscular diseases or mobility problems, and the rest will be very pleasant for them. It is a very good alternative when the dog sleeps in a kennel or similar construction.

Is it good for my pet to have his own dog couch?

Yes, it is good for the dog to have its own sofa because it will feel more integrated into the home, with its own space and with freedom to rest as it pleases without the need for our approval (as is the case if it gets on the sofa or our bed).

A correct rest is essential, as it will keep you active and in a good mood.

On the other hand, by having its own sofa and preventing it from getting on ours, we will be contributing to the fact that, if the dog suffers some slight problem such as dominant behaviors or, on the contrary, if it is too attached to us and suffers anxiety when we are not at home, this is not worse. The fact of differentiating the spaces will improve all these behaviors.

Is it good to have a dog couch and a dog bed?

Why shouldn’t it be good? These are two different spaces designed for your rest, which you can use as you please. Like us, we have a bed and a sofa and we are delighted with the idea, the dogs are the same. What we must do is avoid that they are the same (if the sofa has a backrest, the better) and also try to place them in different rooms of the house.

How big should a dog couch be?

The size of a sofa for your pet will depend on the size of the dog and how it likes to rest: fully stretched out, more curled up or with its head resting on the backrest. You also have to take into account the age of the dog and the breed, since if it is a puppy it will continue to grow and you will want the sofa to last for many years.

Is it going to be for a single dog or will several share it, or even with a cat? In that case, you think that it should also be larger so that there is room for everyone. As a reference, to know the measurements of the sofa, the ideal is to measure the dog lying down and add between 10 and 15 centimeters for the length measurement.

What material should be a good sofa for dogs?

Look first for the materials she likes to lie on, think about her tastes! Then pay attention to other details. For example, there are some dogs that, before going to bed, have a habit of scratching the surface. There you should make sure that the material of the dog couch is resistant to scratches, bites or playful and mischievous puppies.

The sofa must be made of a breathable fabric. In addition, it is recommended that it be waterproof and of course that it has a quality padding that does not sink. If the dog sheds a lot of hair, you have to look for a material that does not adhere easily. You have to take into account the outside temperature and the hair so that it does not get too cold or too hot.

What types of sofa for dogs are on the market?

You will find sofas for dogs with multiple designs and in the most diverse colors and patterns. There are even models of sofa beds, in which you can unfold the mattress to make it bigger. Ideally, your chosen model allows you to sleep stretched out to stay cool, or curled up and propped up against the edges to keep your body warm.

We recommend a dog couch with walls and a low entry. That is, with the total appearance of a sofa in our living room. As for the colors, taking into account the hair and the fact that the dirt can be noticed more or less, they will depend on the decorative tastes of each one, as well as whether or not to add pillows. But let’s see some models:

Where in the house should I place the dog couch?

Once again we will take into account the preferences of our pet to choose where to place the sofa for dogs (this is very important when thinking about the measurements and how much space it will occupy). If your dog likes to always be in company, it will be better to think about the main rooms so that they are also his resting areas.

The best for the location is to avoid passageways, drafts, and always look for quiet places. In addition, if we place their rest areas in the same points as ours, living room and bedrooms, we will be avoiding customs of getting on our furniture. And we will also spend more time with them!

How do you clean a dog couch?

As a general rule we will look for a sofa for dogs that has a removable cover, and that can be washed in a washing machine. You have to think that it will be used daily, and that the dog can come from the street with dirty paws or hair (especially in winter). If it is also waterproof, you can give it a quick review with a damp cloth or cloth.

If the canine sofa model is not removable, it is likely that it can also be put in the washing machine as it is easy to fold. This will always depend on the size of the furniture and, if it is very large, we must require that it have washable covers that are easy to remove and replace. As for the frequency of cleaning, it will depend on the use and the dog.

Where to buy the best sofa for dogs?

Nowadays you can buy a sofa for dogs in physical stores specialized in pets, in large multinationals, and also online. On the Internet you will find a lot of variety and all kinds of prices, from big brands and not so well known. The advantage of buying online is the convenience and information of other buyers. Look at the warranty and after-sales service.

Purchase criteria

In recent years, the catalog of pet products has expanded enormously, and it is a trend that does not stop growing and improving. Every time we have more articles designed for the welfare of our furry. When it comes to choosing a sofa for dogs, here are our selection of purchase criteria. Don’t get carried away just for a good price!

  • Dog size and weight
  • Filling material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Use
  • Comfort
  • User Ratings

Dog size and weight

When buying a sofa for dogs you must take into account, first, the weight and size of your pet. Take into account the size for the length of the sofa and the weight to choose a mattress of greater or lesser thickness and make sure that it will be comfortable, cushioned and will not reach the floor. With this you will also avoid problems in your joints in the long term.

Filling material

Another factor to highlight before buying the product is the filling material of the dog sofa. Keep in mind that it is directly related to the thickness of the mattress and its comfort. Here we leave you a table with the main fillers that you will find and some of their characteristics and advantages of use.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning is very important! We insist a lot on this but sometimes spending a little more on the sofa for dogs being removable and made of quality materials, waterproof and breathable, it is worth it. You will also be thinking about your pet’s health: dirt will lead to bad odors, bacteria, possible skin problems. And the dog will not be comfortable.


What use are you going to give the dog sofa? Is it going to be in a second residence, in your usual home, or are you going to want to transport it often if you travel a lot with your pet? Take into account all these factors when making the purchase, since if you are going to need to transport it, the dog sofa must be light, easy to assemble and even foldable.


The recommendation is that the sofa be padded and soft to the touch. Think that your pet does not need a very striking piece of furniture, but it does need a comfortable one. Before choosing a model, you can observe how it sleeps for several nights. Depending on whether it is curled up or stretched out, you will need to add more or less centimeters to the base measurement of the dog.

User Ratings

If you take a look at the models of sofa for dogs that you can find on the Internet, you have the opportunity to see the opinions of the users who have bought each model. With this you can get a more complete idea of ​​the product you are purchasing: cleanliness, size, colors or quality of materials, among other details.


Now that you know a little more about a sofa for dogs, you must decide if you dare to give one to your pet and which one will be more practical and comfortable. Don’t get carried away by price or design alone and pay attention to all the details. Do you already know where you are going to place it? Don’t forget to take the measurements into account to know what it will occupy!

You have already seen that there are miniature wonders for sale, with different designs. Sofas with the most daring patterns or in solid colors and in the most discreet tones. Your dog cannot choose, but in reality you are the one who knows him best and we are sure that he will like the model you decide to buy.

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