Cat Houses: Which is the Best of 2021?

Famous Spanish poet, wrote these words in his poem If everything begins again: “I wish the furniture would be in the same place for more than a thousand years.” A verse that your cat could perfectly have signed. Because these felines are animals with fixed habits that cannot bear changes or leave their comfort zone.

And why would they want it? If it is called a comfort zone, it will be for a reason. Cats do not need psychologists or undergo shock therapy. They are quasi mystical animals that base their lives on tranquility. That is why, as an owner, you must respect their space and even encourage it. One of the best houses for cats, then, becomes the center of the bullseye.

The most important

Cat Houses
  • Amazon cat houses provide comfort and safety to your cat, as they provide a personal and exclusive space where to sleep, relax or take refuge from stress. Therefore, they are important in helping you maintain good mental health.
  • There are cat houses made of different materials, such as wood, plastic, polyester, or corrugated paper. All of them can be of high quality, but their characteristics and possibilities differ.
  • Consider whether you are looking for an outdoor cat house or an indoor cat house. Also, if you are not very crafty, you may prefer to buy one of the best Amazon cat houses already assembled. They are purchase criteria that we will see in detail later.

The best houses for cats on the market: our favorites

Obviously, you don’t want your cat to take shelter anywhere. If you are going to have a personal space, let it be with one of the best Amazon cat houses today. Also, if you are looking for an outdoor cat house, you need the materials to be of the highest quality. Therefore, here are the five best options:

  • The best wooden cat house
  • The best house for cats for the interior of the home
  • The best ecological house for cats
  • Best cave-type cat house
  • The best house for cats with simulated wood

The best wooden cat house

This Dibea cat house is made of premium wood and treated with special paint so that it can withstand both blazing sun and the most torrential rain (something that its roof covered with asphalt mats also contributes). Its dimensions are 77 x 50 x 73 cm, making it ideal for small or medium-sized cats.

It has two floors. The lower one is accessible through a 15.5 x 18 cm transparent overhead door. This detail allows your “furry” to turn to it for shelter during the winter months. The upper floor, as it is an outdoor cat house, acts as a small terrace so that your cat can enjoy the sun during the summer season.

The best house for cats for the interior of the home

On the other hand, we have Prince’s proposal. It is an indoor cat house whose design fits like a glove in almost any room, although, due to its warm tones, and as the brand itself indicates, it will feel better in a child’s bedroom, if you have one. Its size is perfect for easy installation: 73 x 55.5 x 65 cm.

The floor below is postulated as the perfect refuge for your “furry”, both at bedtime and in situations in which it needs to escape stress (visits from strangers or after the veterinarian’s return). On the contrary, the upper floor focuses on the solace of your cat: a terrace of refined wood, perfect for its long naps and its periods of trance.

The best ecological house for cats

If you are looking for a cheap cat house, then the Rosewood option should be your priority. For about € 35 you have a cheap cat house, yes, but with a spectacular quality. Unlike the previous two models, this model is made of plastic. This is 100% recycled, with which the company boasts of not only offering a durable product, but also an ecological one.

It has internal dimensions of 41 x 31 x 39 cm, figures that fit better with small cats, around 5 kg in weight. Its design stands out for its minimalism, something that, although it will go unnoticed by your cat, has already dazzled hundreds of buyers (not in vain, it has an overall rating of 4.3 / 5 stars with more than fifty reviews).

Best cave-type cat house

Trixie is known for offering a range of high quality pet products at affordable prices. With this velvet house for cats proves it again. Inside it, a reversible, removable and padded cushion awaits your “furry” that will allow them to spend long hours quietly or taking their typical naps.

Due to its construction (100% polyester), the entire model can be washed by hand, or even in the washing machine, without problems. It has dimensions of 35 x 30 x 40 cm, so it is an option more focused on small slender cats. And since she is so “loving”, don’t be surprised when your cat crushes her by laying on top of her on hot days!

The best house for cats with simulated wood

This indoor cat house features an interesting three-in-one design – perfect for sleeping, playing and scratching. The reason? The base of the interior is honeycombed and is made so that your cat sleeps or sharpens the nails at will. The sides, on the other hand, have small holes, ideal for “waving” other cats or for you to play with.

The simulated wood is seasoned with catnip , whose objective is to attract your pet. But since it is not actually wood, but rather corrugated paper in imitation of it, you should not wash it with water or place it near heat sources such as stoves or radiators. The total size is 40.6 x 40.2 x 40 cm, but its finish makes it perfect for almost any type of “pussycat”.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Cat Houses

Cat Houses

Cat houses offer a tour superior to the simple description of five quality models. As there are a variety of types, as well as materials for their preparation, it is convenient that you know them thoroughly. In this way, you can always buy the cat house that your “furry” really needs, something that will help you avoid unsuccessful investments. We started!

Why is it useful to buy a house for cats?

Cats can spend up to ¾ of the day sleeping or resting, or about 18 hours. In addition, they are especially sensitive animals, with a way of processing emotions similar to that of humans. Added to this is a tremendously territorial character. Therefore, any change or situation out of control can stress them and even depress them.

For those moments of retreat, or those in which the cat needs to feel safe, the best Amazon cat houses are offered. Thanks to them, your “furry” will have an exclusive place for him, which will comfort him and make him feel more secure. Of course, do not forget to place the house in an area that the cat frequents and has taken as his own.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the best Amazon cat houses?

In the previous section we have already talked about two of them: they provide security and serve as a personal space for your “pussycat”. However, reducing the advantages of having one of the best cheap cat houses or not to just two would be unfair. For this reason, what better than a clear graphic such as “the sky at light”, as Joan Manuel Serrat would say.

What are the types of cat houses that are sold?

The world of pet care has evolved a lot in recent years. Amazon cat houses could not be less. That is why you have up to three basic varieties. Obviously, within each of them you could find submanifolds to the point of going crazy. However, as we already leave it to your cat, we summarize it in:

  • Outdoor cat houses: These types of cat houses are designed to withstand the harshest rain and sun. Those offered with a terrace usually have a roof that prevents the space from flooding. Wood is, in general, the preferred material for its manufacture. By counting, many of them, with a hinged door, provide better protection against the cold.
  • Indoor cat houses: Indoor cat houses often use plastic to make them. Therefore, they are not prepared to withstand rain, much less extreme temperatures (remember that plastic is very sensitive to these). At most, you can place them in an interior patio, but as long as you commit to their maintenance.
  • Caves: Cat caves could be considered a separate product, however, many times, they are put in the same bag that cat houses are put in. They generally turn to polyester and other synthetic textile fibers. Obviously, they are also indoor. Its great advantage? That they can be put in the washing machine when they are stained, something that facilitates their maintenance.

How to install a house for cats?

Obviously, if you buy a cat cave, it will come assembled, since it is sewn. However, in the case of indoor and outdoor cat houses, many models are offered with individual parts. In these cases, you will have to assemble them yourself or, if you are clever, cajole some poor devil to help you with the promise of cheers:

  • Open the box and remove each of the pieces from it. At this point, check that you have all the parts and that they are all in good condition. If not, don’t hesitate to contact the provider, in this case Amazon.
  • Get to work or, if fortune has smiled on you, give orders like a kind of “DIY Kim Jong-un” to anyone who has decided to help you. To do this, you will only need the instruction manual of the house for cats, the contents of the box and a screwdriver or hammer.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual carefully. Don’t try to improvise, as this is not jazz , and the integrity of your cat is at stake. Assemble the house in order and make sure that each element you put in is well fixed. When you’ve completed the process, go over each piece one more time. If everything is in order, take a deep sigh of satisfaction and invite your “pussycat” to try it.

How to keep a cat house in good condition?

Cat Houses

Fabric caves are not very demanding to keep them in optimum condition. All you have to do is shake, vacuum, or apply a hair removal adhesive from time to time. In the case of indoor and outdoor cat houses, maintenance is more complex. First, you should check every so often that everything is in order (especially if the material is wood).

In addition, if this wood is from an outdoor house for cats, the maintenance will have to be even more constant. Make sure that the compound does not deteriorate or rot from the rain (if so, you can varnish it). Also clean it regularly so that your cat is not exposed to parasites or the contraction of diseases.

In the case of polypropylene-type plastic, a thorough cleaning with a damp cloth may suffice. On the other hand, remember that there are some indoor houses for cats that imitate wood using corrugated paper. If you are going to buy such an option, keep in mind that this material cannot get wet or be exposed to extreme heat sources, as it is very fragile.

Purchase criteria

If you want your cat to do his “yoga sessions” in a secluded place and stop making you envious of his ability to flex, you need to buy him an Amazon cat house. With it you will not only get him a personal place to groom himself, but also where to sleep or take refuge. But so that they don’t “thank you” with snorts, you should base your purchase on:

  • Size
  • Exterior and interior
  • Materials
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Most houses and caves for cats have similar dimensions. This is for medium or small size cats. If you have a ragamuffin or chausie, as well as any other breed that can exceed 10kg in weight, you will need to purchase a spacious cat house. Cats are extremely flexible, but they are not contortionists either. Keep that in mind!

Exterior and interior
A determining aspect is this. If you intend to buy an indoor cat house, there is no point in investing in a sturdy wooden hulk with a roof. On the other hand, don’t even think about putting a fabric cave or corrugated paper-based cave in the garden. Assess where you are going to locate the house and invest accordingly to get the most out of it.

In some way, the materials are connected with the previous paragraph, but they can also be taken as a single and indivisible criterion. If you are looking for a cat house that your “furry” can interact with, the corrugated paper options are ideal for this, as they allow your “pussycat” to scratch. On the other hand, the polyester ones are warmer than the plastic ones.

If you don’t need an outdoor cat house, and your history with Tetris is rather dire, it is best not to buy a cat house with a complex installation. At Amazon you have countless already assembled interior options. It is true that these are usually made of plastic or fabric, but they protect equally or more against the cold and your cat will not mind either.

Wooden houses require more maintenance than those made of plastic or fabric. However, when they are going to be located abroad, they are the best option. If not, opt for fabric or plastic. The first allows you to clean it in the washing machine, while the second only needs you to wipe it from time to time. Weigh all the variables.


Cats are enigmatic beings with extreme sensitivity. As such, we should not try to unravel its mysteries – but assume them as a blessing – and much less alter its emotions. For this purpose you have the best Amazon cat houses. In them, your “furry” will have a personal corner to sleep in or simply take refuge when stressed.

But, like any product, you should not buy it lightly. Throughout this article we have tried to give you the keys to a purchase that is as appropriate as possible to your needs and those of your cat. You must take into account, for example, the breed of your “pussycat”, if you want to place the house outside or inside, or whether or not you have time to dedicate to its maintenance.

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