Cat Tree: Which is The Best of 2021?

Cats need to play to be happy, release their adrenaline, and stay fit. Life can be very routine for a house cat, so providing utensils with which to entertain is very important. Therefore, a cat tree can be, probably, the best gift you can give your pet.

The cat tree that you decide to buy must be adapted to the needs of your pet and the space you have in your home. In the following lines you will find a guide to better understand this market. And you will also be able to know the answers to the most common questions that cat owners ask themselves. We started!

The most important

Cat Tree
  • Cats scratch their nails to renew them, they need to play to release their adrenaline and require many hours of rest. And all these features are offered by a cat tree.
  • There is a wide variety of sizes, designs and prices within this market, to suit everyone’s needs.
  • It is very likely that your cat will not have great problems adapting to its tree of games, since it has different parts, for one or other activities.

The best cat trees on the market: our favorites

In this section you will see a compilation of the five most popular cat trees on the market. You can also find a summary that highlights the main characteristics of each one, so that it is easier for you to know the products. So you can choose which tree you and your cat might like the most.

  • The most complete cat tree
  • The toughest cat tree
  • The best tree for small cats
  • The simplest cat tree
  • The cat tree with the best design

The most complete cat tree

This cat tree is 173cm tall and offers space for up to 4 cats to play, scratch, climb and sleep. It has 1 hammock, 3 platforms and 2 little houses. It has 10 scrapers wrapped with sisal rope (a type of fiber). And it has 3 hanging toy mice. To climb the levels it offers carpeted stairs.

As for the width and length, it measures 49 x 49 centimeters. It weighs 16 kilos, although it has the capacity to hold 20 kilograms. Buyers highlight the quality of the materials and the ability of this tree to entertain their pets. It is easy to assemble. The upper deck of the tree has a hammock where the cat can sleep.

The toughest cat tree

This cat tree is made of sturdy boards and reinforced with slats at the bottom to ensure stability. It has a fixing rope for more security. It is around 150 centimeters high and its widest part is 88 cm. It has six platforms, a house and a hammock to rest.

At the top there are three balls hanging for the cat to play, although there are users who recommend changing them for balls with a bell. Buyers consider that the materials of this tree are of high quality and that it is easy to assemble. It is anthracite in color, except for the parts where there is rope for the scrapers.

The best tree for small cats

This object has 3 observation decks, a basket where your pet can snuggle, a hanging toy mouse and a sisal rope. It is light gray in color. It measures 120 centimeters high and occupies a space of 40 x 55 centimeters. It is recommended for two cats. It is made of plush, velvet and natural sisal.

It is recommended for cats that are not very big, especially the basket for resting. It comes with instructions and buyers assure that if these directions are followed, the tree is easy to assemble. The materials with which this cat toy has been made are very resistant. It weighs just over 11 kilograms.

The simplest cat tree

This is a small tree that has a scratching post, two pendants to play with, and a space to rest on top. The relaxation area is covered with soft long fluff, providing a bed for your cat to rest and sleep comfortably. It is a simple object, as is its assembly.

This tree for cats allows you to play with objects that hang from the ground. It is recommended even for large and fat cats, as it shows itself as a resistant tree. It comes with a bag of catnip or catnip, which is a plant that smells similar to mint and is very popular with cats and encourages them.

The cat tree with the best design

This cat toy, with a height of 112 centimeters and a base of 40 x 40 centimeters, has a scratching post approximately 8 cm in diameter. The tree is made up of 3 platforms, a cave and 2 balls. It comes available in different colors and designs, and the price varies depending on the model you choose.

While the hanging balls do not last long in the hands of very playful cats, users highlight the quality of the rest of the materials. Buyers appreciate the elegance of these tree designs and their low price for the utilities they offer. It is stable, although for large cats it is recommended to nail the object to the wall.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About A Cat Tree

Cat Tree

It is important that before buying a cat tree you know the most common characteristics of these pets. In this way, you can better select the product that suits your cat. And is that a tree can have many different parts, with different functionalities. Here we answer the most common questions about it.

What do I do if the cat tree does not attract the attention of my pets?

It may happen that when you place the tree for your cat in your house, the animal does not look at it. And if something like this happens, it has an easy solution. Cats love to play, no matter how suspicious they may be with new objects that occupy their space. You can get your tree to smell like it through different tricks.

One option is to take some of their toys, blankets or bed and put them by the tree so that it begins to smell like your cat. You can also place small pieces of food that he likes, so that he associates his tree with something nice.

What is a scratching post installed inside my cat tree for?

Something that every cat tree has is a scratching post. Even the simplest on the market have it. It is usually made of natural sisal rope, which is a material that felines like a lot and that is good for their nails. For a cat, its nails are its identity, and it needs to renew them often. Scratching gets rid of old layers.

It also helps them to mark and claim certain areas as their own. In addition, scratchers are a means of playing and stretching, something very important for a cat’s joints, muscles and bones. For you, it is a benefit. If your cat has a scratching post that he likes, he will not do this routine with his nails using your sofa or chairs.

Why can a cat tree fight my pet’s obesity?

A cat that spends all day at home may feel bored and unmotivated to be active. These pets sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, but for their optimal health, they should be active the rest of the time. Cats are hunters by nature and a home without stimuli can be tedious for them.

If the cat spends all day at home and does not move, it can become obese. A tree offers various stimuli to encourage the kitten to be active. It allows you to climb, jump, play with hanging objects, and climb ropes. These activities will enhance your house cat’s exercise and help it stay fit.

What consequences can obesity have on cats that do not have a tree to play with?

It should be remembered that a cat with little activity and that becomes obese, may have more health problems. For example, obesity can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes or various ailments in the liver. And, therefore, it is necessary to find formulas that keep house cats active as a play tree.

On the other hand, an overweight cat is at higher risk of arthritis due to the wear and tear that its weight constantly puts on its joints. Experts recommend preventing this from happening, not only by controlling the animal’s food, but it is necessary for the cat to be active, even if it never leaves the house.

What are the benefits of playing with a cat tree for my pets?

In addition to fighting obesity, which is a problem for cats when they are always at home, a cat tree can take away other hobbies. Always having these pets without activity inside the home can develop aggressive behaviors and even depression. Let’s not forget that they are hunting animals.

Having a cat at home without stimulation can lead to uncomfortable hobbies. If you don’t give your pet toys, it may try to hunt down your ornaments or your legs. In addition, almost any tree on the market has a scratching post, something very necessary for the well-being of your cat. And also for your furniture, since you will not use them for that purpose.

Should I take into account the number of cats in my home when choosing a tree?

It is very necessary, before deciding which tree to buy, take into account the number of cats that are going to use it. Experts believe that people who live with several cats should offer their pets several places to lie down. Thus, for example, it is optimal to have a bed for each cat in the house.

Sometimes these pets may want to play with the same object at the same time and fight over it. Therefore, it is necessary that the tree is large enough to be used by all your cats at the same time. Sometimes it can happen that these animals imitate each other and that, if one plays, another also wants to.

Where should I put the cat tree?

When choosing the place to place your pets’ playground, you must take into account that it is a place that your cats frequent. But it should also be a corner of the house that suits you and that the cat tree does not bother you while you do your things. Avoid being near valuables that can break.

If your cats have a lot of weight, it is recommended to put the tree against a wall and nail it, so that the object does not fall to the ground with the jumps. If your pet likes to look out of the window, he will love having his tree near one. Thus, you can lie down in any of the parts that it offers for rest while watching the outside life.

Why can cats stop using their tree?

It may happen that your cat played with his tree before and has decided to stop doing it. There are several reasons. The platform may be dirty. And remember that cats are very neat and want their things to be clean. It can also happen that your pet is not very adventurous and the tree does not offer him security because it is not stable.

If your cat falls from the tree he is playing with, it is possible that he will be afraid and will not want to use it again. Therefore, if you find that the tree is not stable enough for the weight or strength of your cat, you always have the option of nailing it to a wall to ensure that it does not move.

What is catnip and why does a cat tree carry it?

Cat Tree

It is common for toys intended for kittens to carry catnip, also called catnip. This is a plant in the mint family that contains an oil called “nepetalactone” in its leaves. It is proven that it causes very diverse reactions in cats and that, above all, it stimulates them, less to baby kittens.

These effects shock many people because they resemble those of a drug, but experts say it is not harmful to the animal. On the contrary, it is a benefit that it gives you to be more motivated at home, play more and be more active. Many trees come with catnip to attract the animal.

Purchase criteria

When purchasing a cat tree, it is very important that you do so in an informed way and that you evaluate some aspects, both of your pet and of the product. Here we summarize the most important issues to take into account so that you make the appropriate decision and that your cat enjoys. These aspects are:

  • Parts of a tree
  • materials
  • Height
  • Extra elements
  • User Ratings

Parts of a tree
The tree that you are going to buy for your cat can be made up of different parts. The common thing is that it takes more utensils, depending on how big it is, but there are several basic parts that are repeated in most models.

The materials that carry a cat tree vary according to the part of the object and the functionality that is given to it. Although the materials are usually common in much of the trees for cats. Here we will see which are the most used materials in a cat tree and their specifications:

  • Natural sisal. Both the scratchers on a tree and the climbing ropes that come in some of these toys are made from natural sisal. It is a rope obtained from an agave, a very common plant in Mexico. This material is not known to cause any allergies, so it is ideal for your cat.
  • Plush. This material is often used to cover the different platforms of a cat tree. It is generally a cotton fabric, with an absorbent texture and a soft touch. It offers heat to whoever is in contact with it.
  • Velor. A cat tree usually integrates the velvet in the parts of the object made for the rest of your pet. It can be made from any fiber. It is a type of fleecy fabric in which the threads are evenly distributed. It is very soft and comfortable to lie on.
  • MDF. From the English Medium Density Fibreboard and used for the different platforms that make up the cat tree, covered with any of the mentioned fabrics. MDF is made of wood fibers bonded with synthetic resins by strong pressure to create smooth boards.

Regardless of the functionalities that a cat tree has, there are different heights. And keep in mind that there are cat trees of all sizes. They can reach up to 3 meters from a few centimeters. You have to look at the character of your cat and the space that your house offers.

If your cat is young and likes adventures, make sure his tree is at least one meter high. There are also trees that can be hung on the wall. If your cat is old or very quiet, serve a low tree. Do not buy one that is bigger than you, as you will not be able to rescue him in case he is afraid to go down.

Extra elements
In addition to the most common parts of a cat tree, it can carry various extra elements that should be chosen based on the personality of your cat. For example, if you like lounging high up, look for one with a hanging hammock or a flat platform high. If he is very playful, look for him to wear several pendants.

If you have a cat that loves to scratch its nails, find that your cat tree offers different spaces for this practice. If he likes to play hide and seek or is a suspicious animal, buy one that has a closed house that gives your feline its space. The catnip can be an extra that motivates your animal in its games.

User Ratings
You should always take into account the opinions of other buyers when you go to opt for one or another tree. Look at the comments and focus on those that summarize the experience that cats with characteristics similar to yours have had. If you have an especially large cat, find out what similar kitty owners say.

The sales pages and social networks will be your best allies in this case. Not only do you stick with an item’s score, but pay close attention to technical matters. Other buyers have put those opinions to guide you. This will help make your purchase choice very successful.


City cats spend many hours at home and this can be counterproductive. Cats can get bored, develop bad habits and customs, be unmotivated, or suffer from obesity. Therefore, it will be very necessary that at home you have utensils that can amuse your cat and keep it active. A tree is ideal for this purpose.

A cat tree can present an infinite number of options. They come with different parts that have varied purposes and will thus fit the personality of your feline friend. A cat tree is a great gift for your pet that will also leave your furniture alone, because it will already have a place to scratch its nails.