Cat Repellent: Which is The Best of 2021?

Cats are very territorial and independent. This can lead to problems of an ethological nature: aggressive reactions that lead the animal to urinate where it should not, to fiercely scratch all the furniture or to discharge accumulated anger on its companions. In these cases, repellants for cats are the answer: a useful product to redirect their behavior.

It should be noted, first of all, that this behavior cannot be called good or bad, since cats have not read Kant, and base their existence on what their survival instinct dictates. For this reason, the best repellants for cats are a good idea of ​​redirection, since they allow you to educate them for their coexistence with you without coming into direct conflict with them.

The most important

  • The best repellants for cats on the market can help you to redirect the inappropriate behaviors of your “furry”. There are pure repellants for cats, but also options like Feliway, which base their action on increasing the calm of the cat, which, therefore, reduces disruptive behaviors.
  • If after using one of the best repellants for cats, your “furry” continues to urinate where it should not, consult an ethologist. Don’t blame the product, as your cat is probably going through some kind of problem that needs additional assistance. Don’t ignore it, as it can be crucial to your relationship with him.
  • Among the most important purchase criteria, there is that of the situation, you do not need the same type of product in case you are going to introduce a new cat to the family as when you want to prevent your “pussycat” from biting the cables due to the process of dentition. We will show you this and more criteria in detail in the last section.

The best repellants for cats on the market: our recommendations

Before you end up with scratched arms and your cat begins to suspect that you are about to renounce the consecration of your days to the enigmatic Bastet, we are going to help you with five products that can make your «pussy» regain its calm down and even end up accepting that new “furry” tenant you just rescued from the refuge of your city.

  • The best cheap repellent for cats
  • The most effective repellent for cats
  • The best repellent for cats for its value for money
  • The best high-end cat repellent
  • The ideal cat repellent to protect your furniture

The best cheap repellent for cats

One of the most effective repellants for cats is C&G Pets Anti-Scratch Spray. Your cat will no longer scratch curtains, rugs, sofas, clothes or any furniture in your home. They are 500 ml of a spray that will not leave you indifferent because you will not notice it on your most precious objects.

The formula is 100% natural, non-toxic and incorporates the cruelty-free motto . Users highlight its effectiveness and we add its excellent value for money.

The most effective repellent for cats

It is a spray liquid with an electric diffuser that calms and reassures cats. This allows them to redirect habits, such as urinating in inappropriate places due to stress or jealousy caused by a new “hairy” member.

Feliway is a compound product of the artificial synthesis of pheromones that cats transmit and impregnate in their territory when they feel well. Includes an electric diffuser and a replacement that lasts approximately 30 days.

The best repellent for cats for its value for money

This flower cat and dog repellent is great value for money. For just 10 euros, it offers you 750 ml with which to avoid bad behaviors such as urination in unwanted places. In addition, it is also effective so that the “kittens” do not scratch where they should not.

It is a non-toxic product that corrects bad habits in your pet, although it does not have a pleasant smell for humans, according to users. It should not be sprayed on plants.

The best high-end cat repellent

Although somewhat more expensive than other options, but with a sensational performance, this repellent stands as the definitive option to end the wayward outbursts of your “furry”. Presented in a 1 liter bottle, this spray will be useful for your “companions” to stop urinating and scratching where they should not.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Vital brand is very present in social networks, so it will not skimp when it comes to answering any questions.

The ideal cat repellent to protect your furniture

If you are looking for a protector for your most loved furniture, you have already found it! Petlsay’s deterrent tape is especially indicated to avoid scratching your cat. It is a transparent, double-sided tape that does not leave any residue when peeled off. Specifically, it is a single 6.5cm by 13.7cm roll.

Users also value its effectiveness and give it more than 50% 5-star ratings. You will not regret if you buy it!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Repellants

There is still time before your cat leaves you unfurnished or begins to urinate in all corners of the house. As you watch the eyes of your “furry” glow in the dark, heralding a new era of terror, draw strength from weakness and prepare to learn more about cat repellants with the questions we answer below. It will be useful to you.

What exactly are cat repellants and how do they work?

Cat repellants are compounds, generally presented in liquid form, that are sprayed on furniture or areas that you do not want your cat to use. They are usually made from smells that they repudiate. Keep in mind that “kittens” do not support, for example, citrus. The goal of cat repellants is to create rejection through smell.

In some cases, this contempt can also be caused by the taste (perfect for spraying cables), as long as, yes, the product is not toxic. In addition, there are options that we could not classify as repellants, but that are worth including because they help eliminate harmful behaviors in a positive way. We talk about Feliway and sprays with catnip .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cat repellants?

When you go to buy a product, it is logical that you want to know what advantages and disadvantages it offers. None escapes this universal rule, since perfection does not exist and, make no mistake, neither does perfect imperfection. Therefore, below, we present a table in which we collect the advantages and disadvantages of repellants for cats. We hope you find it useful.

How do you apply a cat repellent?

This question may seem like a truism, but it never hurts to dedicate a couple of lines to it. No one is born learned and, when caring for animals, one must always be very cautious. The popular wisdom is clear: “prevention is better than cure.” Therefore, if you are thinking of resorting to a repellent for cats, to use it you must:

If it comes in a spray , just spray it on the places you don’t want him to scratch or mark with his urine. Use it on the object itself, not in the air. To increase its effectiveness, redose two or three times a week.

If it is a proactive spray such as Feliway, spray it in the air or in typical areas of the marking (corners of furniture and doors). Remember that Feliway Spray is great to spray on the carrier when you are taking your “furry” to the vet.
If you have a catnip-based spray , spray it on the scratchers or toys you want him to use. Repeat the process frequently so that the chances of getting your cat’s attention are increased.

Are cat repellants really effective?

Not all “kittens” respond in the same way to cat repellants. However, this statement does not mean that these are not effective, since they are and a lot. But to increase the chances that they work, especially if they are not pure repellants, do not forget to frequently spray the cable, furniture or object that you do not want your cat to scratch or urinate.

If not cat repellent, what exactly is Feliway?

Feliway is a product that we could not ignore when drawing up a list of repellants for cats. And it is that these types of options are bought when you, as the owner, seek to avoid certain behaviors in your cat such as urination in unwanted places or nail sharpening sessions on sofas or cabinets, among other objects, but with an inverse approach:

  • Feliway spray: Quick-acting, but much less durable. It requires constant redosing. Therefore, it is ideal for when you are going to take your cat to the vet and you want the round trip to be more bearable. Spray it on the carrier and, when you return, do the same throughout the house. It will help you feel less stressed.
  • Feliway in plug-in diffuser: It usually lasts about thirty days and is released gradually, but constantly. With it, you can greatly reduce bad behaviors. Cats, feeling calmer, will tend to scratch the furniture less, as well as avoid urinating where they should not and even reduce fights between them.
  • Feliway Friends: This variant mimics the pheromones that “kittens” secrete during their early childhood to communicate with their siblings and make them see that they are part of the group. In this way, they recognize each other as equals and do not attack each other. This option is ideal for when the cats you have get along badly or for situations in which a new “furry” enters the house.

Purchase criteria

Cats are adorable beings, but they are endowed with nails that look like weapons of mass destruction, infernal blades capable of cutting into silence. That is why when these become a problem, as well as the tendency to urinate where they should not, it is necessary that you buy a repellent for cats; but always based on these criteria:

  • Quantity
  • Compounds
  • Brand
  • Presentation
  • Situation

It is not the same to have a liter of product than 250 ml. If your cat does not have too many behavioral problems, it is possible that with a 250 ml bottle you will have enough. However, if these are persistent (for example, when biting cables during the teething process), the continued redosing required will require you to use more.

Although today it is very rare to find a repellent for cats that is harmful to them, it never hurts to make sure of the ingredients and compounds that make up the product. Read the labels carefully and, when in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the brand. Good behavior is important, but your health is even more so.

Obviously, a brand is not always going to guarantee you the keys that open the doors of paradise. However, it is quite an interesting criterion when it comes to these types of products. For example, options like Beaphar’s are highly regarded not only for their effectiveness, but also because they are supported by a company with extensive experience in the animal world.

Sometimes it can be a matter of comfort. For example, the Feliway plug-in dispenser allows you to forget about everlasting redosing. However, it is more focused on fostering the tranquility of the “kittens” than on nipping disruptive behaviors in the bud. In these cases, a spray option may be better for you , since it is more manageable.

Not all cat repellants work the same way. Even within pure repellants, some are more focused on avoiding scratches or the cat chewing on wires than on preventing them from urinating where they shouldn’t. On the other hand, if your cat only has scratching problems, options like MoreLJ’s catnip spray may be all you’ve been looking for.


Living with a cat brings multiple benefits; Not surprisingly, numerous studies indicate that those who do so are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and live less stressed. However, given its flamboyant nature, an untamed cat can turn into a nightmare. But that’s what cat repellants exist for.

With them you can redirect inappropriate behaviors such as sharpening nails on furniture, the tendency to urinate where they should not, aggressive reactions with their peers or the reluctance that they sometimes show when using their scratchers. For all these situations you have a specific repellent for cats. Thanks to this article you can find it!