Hairless Cats

Hairless Cats

Hairless cats are very unique because they look bald and have suede-like warm skin to the touch. They are not completely bald or hairless; they just have very few hairs on their skin that look invisible from a distance. This unique trait is not caused by a disease, an illness, or an abnormality. This is … Read more

Worms in Cats – Information And Prevention

Worms in Cats

If you notice your cat looking scruffy, weak, and pot-bellied, the culprit could be worms. Worms make cats look “out of sorts” and also weakens their immune systems which can make them more prone to illness and disease. You might notice your cat acting lethargic and losing weight and if you do, it’s time to … Read more

Why Do Cats Cough Up Hairballs?

Cats Cough Up Hairballs

Anyone who owns a cat has probably experienced stepping on an icky, yucky, slimy, fluffy and wet hairball. It may be in different situations but surely it was an experience no cat owner would really want to experience twice. Why do cats cough up hairballs? You may ask. Why do cats, which happen to be … Read more

How Long Do Cats Live?

When asked how long do cats live, others would jokingly say that cats have nine lives and for that they may be the longest living creatures in the world! Based on the statistics, an ordinary indoor cat’s life expectancy is up to twenty years. There are loads of reasons why cats do not reach their … Read more

Pain Relief For Cats – The Natural Way

Just like humans, our pets grow old too! And as they grow old they tend to develop illnesses just like we do. Even if cats are considered as low maintenance pets, they are not exempted to this cycle of life. One of the most common illnesses that cats usually acquire is arthritis. Now, it is never safe to self-medicate you’re your cat to provide pain relief, The pain relief that you might use may not be the right pain relief for cats. NEVER give your cat household pain relievers that you would use for yourself. Even a small amount of pain killers like those of manufactured for small creatures or even pain killers intended for babies can be lethally dangerous to your cat. If you want to use science in aiding your cat with its discomfort, it’ll be best to take your cat to the most trusted vet in your town and have it checked by a professional who knows exactly what to do.

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Declawing Cats – Is it Necessary?

declawing cats

Declawing cats might seem necessary for some people, especially for those who hav expensive furniture and home furnishings and they do not want to see scratches on them. Other people are afraid of their cats scratching them or their children. Some veterinarians even include this in their packages which could make you think it is … Read more

Comfort For Your Cat

modern cat bed

Buying a cat is one of the most amazing experiences after which the owner sets out to buy organic food, little toys, and what not to make sure the new pet feels at home. The modern era, however, demands cat accessories to be available at a different level. Here we have the introduction of modern … Read more

How to Take Care Your Cat?

Cats make wonderful family pets, despite the fact that they are really independent. Prior to embracing a cat or buying, you have to ask yourself the following questions: