The Ultimate Dog Bed Buying Guide

Dog beds are not a fancy thing anymore for posh people. It’s a necessity nowadays. A dog bed can be beneficial to your dog in many ways. It can protect your dog from extreme weather, can provide a comfortable sleep throughout the night and you can collect all the pet hair from one place.

Now there are couple of things that you need to keep consider while buying a bed for your loved dog. Those are given below. And once you have learned all things regarding a dog bed, you can check out where the best dog beds are reviewed.

  1. Types of Bed

There are 5 types of dog beds that you can find in the market. The first and the most common one is Standard bed. These types of beds are usually cut from a large piece of foam and put a cover on it. These beds are good for large dogs and old dogs. If your dog has arthritis then a memory foam bed would be the best option.

Then come the bagel bed which is a dog bed with high edges. Dogs that like to cuddle inside a bed, will find this type of bed to be the most comfortable.  Elevated or lifted beds are another type that is good for dogs with long thick far. These beds are very good at passing air so that you dog won’t get very hot.

Then there is corner or space server beds that you can put in the corner of your house where you couldn’t put any other stuff. These beds are very fashionable and will increase the beauty of your house. The last bed type is the crate bed. These beds are suitable for create use.

  1. Bed Sizes

The size of the dog bed is another thing that you need to find out before you start shopping. Measure your dog and then buy a bed that is at least 4 to 6 inches longer that your dog so that it will have some space for stretching. You also need to keep in mind that beds that are made for large dogs won’t be comfortable for smaller dogs as those beds will be stiffer to support the large dog. On the other hand, a bed made for small dogs won’t be good for large dogs that they will easily sink in which may cause joint pains and uncomfortable sleep.

  1. Materials

The filling of a dog bed can vary from bed to bed. Polyester, feather, cotton and foam filings are the most common. Foam beds are the best filling for most types of dogs and especially large dogs. Feather and cotton beds will be comfortable for smaller and thin dogs. Feather beds are very warm as they trap air inside. These beds are suitable for colder climates. Now you need to keep in mind if your dog is a chewer or not. If it is, then you should get a chew proof dog bed. These beds are usually a wooden or metal frame bed with a rug in the middle that supports the dog. They can’t chew the fabric because of the frame.

Dogs spend a lot of their time sleeping and providing a good quality bed is an essential. If you keep the above things in mind while buying a dog bed, you will surely end up with the best bed for your canine.

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