Cold Water Fish, Everything You Need to Know For Your Care

There are many families that at the time of having pets at home decide to have an aquarium with several types of fish. In addition to that they may like these animals, one of the main reasons is that they do not require much care and attention, unlike other types of pets such as dogs, cats or hamsters. They do not require much care, does not mean you do not have to be aware of them. Changing the water or feeding them are actions that we cannot forget so that they can enjoy a healthy and lasting life. As we know that there are many of you who have cold water fish at home, today we are going to leave you some tips for better care.

Why choose cold water fish

If you are wondering why you choose this type of fish and not hot water, the answer is that cold water is much more resistant, needing less demanding care. They can perfectly live with the water at room temperature and do not suffer when temperature fluctuations occur, as long as it ranges between 16 and 24 degrees.

It is also important to note that these fish are the ones that suffer the least when it comes to adapting to their new aquarium

Advice for your care

Although here we give you some tips for the care of this type of fish, it never hurts that you request information about them when you buy them, for example in an animal shop in Alicante, Madrid or any other city. Surely they will give you a series of guidelines that will be of great help. That said, let’s start with the advice we want to share with all of you.

Adequate food

One of the most important points in the care of cold-water fish is to provide them with adequate food for their size. In the case of small and medium sized fish, the appropriate option is granulated food. In the case of large fish, pellets are the best option. With two or three times a day would be enough.

It is also important to know the specific amounts for each case. In food containers it is usually specified. Of course, the food should be of quality, which you can find in stores specializing in animals.

Water quality

Although we have said that cold water fish are more resistant and that they adapt better to their new habitat, it does not mean that we do not have to control the water where they will move. In this sense, the most advisable thing is that your home is a glass aquarium where the This pH is between 6.5 and 7.5.

Aquarium cleaning

The cleaning of the aquarium is another aspect that we can not neglect if we want our pets to live safely. The most recommended is perform a deep cleaning once a week, but if they can be two, better than better. While we do this cleaning, there is no problem that the fish can be in a bowl or a bowl of water, waiting to return home.

Aquarium Requirements

In addition to the importance of their care, you must also have a perfectly prepared aquarium for this type of fish. Let’s see some elements that are recommended to have:

  • Filter: Fish are sensitive to the rise in nitrites / nitrates due to the accumulation of waste. A filter can help us avoid these variations within the aquarium.
  • illumination: Lighting is especially important if you are going to maintain aquarium plants. If you are not going to introduce plants, choose a dim light depending on what the fish support.
  • Heater / cooler: When keeping the water temperature stable, it is advisable to install a heater / cooler so that the water is between 18 and 24 degrees.
  • Substratum: It is important to buy a good aquarium substrate if you are going to keep plants. In any specialized store you can find it without problem.

Finally, choose fish that are consistent with the size of the aquarium you have. If they are very large and have no space, they will most likely suffer inside.

In addition to the advice we have seen throughout our publication, what other actions do you think are basic and very important for your care? Encourage and share with us all your comments. We are waiting for you!