Conditioner For Dogs: Which is The Best of 2021?

Are you looking for a conditioner for dogs and you don’t know what details you should look at to choose one or the other? Just as you choose the best shampoo and conditioner to take care of your hair, the same thing happens with your pet. Not all dogs have the same type of fur or hair and, depending on this, your dog will need one model or another of conditioner.

Here is an article in which we analyze in detail what a dog hair conditioner is and how to use it. In addition, you can check our ranking with some of the best canine conditioners available on the market. Do not forget that having a well-groomed and healthy coat is very important for the well-being of your pet.

The most important

Conditioner for dogs
  • Dogs have specific products for hygiene and hair care. Do not be guided only by the price and always look for quality products.
  • The use of a conditioner is especially useful and necessary in dogs that have long hair. With day-to-day activity, it tends to get tangled up and spoiled.
  • The most suitable conditioner for dogs for your pet will be the one that best suits the characteristics of its hair and skin. Therefore, before buying, you must take into account your dog’s breed and coat. Also the composition of the conditioner, its size, how much you are going to use it and what it is for, as we will see in detail in the purchase criteria section.

The best conditioners for dogs on the market: our favorites

We cannot choose the best conditioner for dogs because each case is different and the decision will depend on many factors. What extra care does your dog’s hair need? Based on the answer to that question, you can start looking for the most suitable item for your pet. Here are some of the best alternatives!

  • The best conditioner for long curly hair
  • The ideal conditioner for dogs for untangling knots
  • The best-rated conditioner for dogs by online users
  • The best conditioner to define spaniel curls
  • The best conditioner for dogs for its excellent value for money

The best conditioner for long curly hair

Pet Head has this conditioner for dogs with long and curly hair. It is made with high quality ingredients, such as oat proteins, which nourish and strengthen the hair shaft; cactus extract, which helps retain moisture and provides elasticity and shine; or Calendula extract, which helps restore softness and vitality.

The formula of this conditioner has a balanced pH that makes it suitable for all types of dogs in a container of 475 milliliters (ml).

The ideal conditioner for dogs for untangling knots

The second place in the ranking is for the Artero brand and this easy-brushing polish spray . Helps to untangle knots, providing shine and a long-lasting perfume. Quick fix for frizz, damaged hair and excess volume.

Its use consists of shaking and applying directly to the knotted area at a minimum distance of 50 centimeters (cm), and then brushing. Effective immediately. Without weighing it down. The container is 300 ml.

The best-rated conditioner for dogs by online users

This conditioner stands out for the immediate regenerating effect of the dog’s hair, recovering its natural elasticity. Provides softness and shine, in addition to preventing hair from breaking due to long brushing sessions. It softens knots and helps remove them during the dog’s bath.

Maintains the natural volume of the hair and provides an anti-pollution barrier effect. Contains provitamin B5, silk protein and oat extract.

The best conditioner to define spaniel curls

From the hand of the MD-10 brand of canine products, we highlight this concentrated conditioner to define the curl in water dogs. This product adheres the undercoat that the dog grows to the main curl, thus achieving a defined and loose curl, with shine and a lot of vitality.

Two tablespoons of product should be diluted in a bottle with a little very hot water and, later, cold water. It drains to define the curl and does not rinse.

The best conditioner for dogs for its excellent value for money

Groom Professional dog conditioner is specially designed for dull, brittle, lifeless and languid hair. Its formula helps to repair split ends, damage caused by brushing, pulling or combing. Strengthens the internal hair fiber.

It can be used on all types of coats that have split ends or breaks. It is sold in a large 4-liter container. Very economical and used in dog groomers.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Conditioners

As in any canine hygiene product, in the dog hair conditioner you will find many specifications and tips for use. There are more recommended conditioners for frizz, for damaged hair, hair loss or even to shape curls in certain breeds. Here is a complete guide to this product!

What is a dog conditioner and what is it for?

Like a conditioner that we buy for ourselves, a conditioner for dogs consists of a specific product that will take care of our pet’s hair from the roots. With both conditioners and softeners, you will be able to better detangle and comb the dog’s hair and improve its appearance, leaving it shiny and silky.

You will find this product with different components, smells, textures and prices. It is not mandatory to always use a conditioner for dogs, but it is a guarantee that your pet is happier, neater, and with better appearance. It is especially recommended, in general, in dogs that have delicate or very tangled hair.

What are the advantages of using conditioner for dogs?

Conditioner for dogs

You will want to buy a conditioner for your dog for two main reasons: well-being and health. Don’t you think your pet will be happier with hair that is knot-free, shiny, and easy to brush? Conditioner for dogs is good and recommended. Of course, you have to buy the right one and follow the instructions for use.
We have already discussed some of the advantages of conditioner for dogs, such as adding shine to the hair, but here are more points in favor of using this product:

  • Keeps the dog’s hair fine, soft and hydrated.
  • It depends on the brand, but it is not an expensive product. Affordable price.
  • As it is used in small amounts, it is a product that lasts a long time.
  • Most are already of natural origin and do not contain chemical ingredients. Thanks to this, it is an ideal product also for dogs with skin allergies or skin problems.
  • They facilitate combing and detangling.
  • They reinforce the health of the dog’s coat.
  • If the dog has dry skin, a good conditioner will help control this, possible itching and also dandruff.
  • There are conditioners of all kinds, some indicated to add volume to the hair.
  • The appearance of the dog, in general, will improve.

What types of dog conditioner are there?

We now talk in this table about the different types of conditioner for dogs that you can find for sale. We are going to classify them according to their method of use and the type of hair for which they are indicated. You will see that the range of options to choose from is almost as wide as if we were buying for ourselves. There is everything and for everything!

When is it necessary to buy a conditioner for dogs?

The use of a conditioner for dogs is never going to be mandatory, unless advised by the vet for a specific reason. However, it is highly recommended for long-haired dogs that pick up knots easily and that complain every time you try to comb them. Also, this tangled fur presents a dirty and unkempt appearance.

In these cases, and in dogs that have delicate or weak hair, it is best to reinforce it with a good shampoo and the subsequent application of a good conditioner for dogs. Another recommendation for the purchase is, if you are going to travel with your pet, without time for baths, that you help yourself with a spray conditioner to facilitate its combing and take care of its appearance.

From what age can conditioners be used for dogs?

It is recommended that, like a shampoo, you use the conditioner for dogs when your pet is more than three months old. This is the age at which the dog has met its vaccination schedule and you can start bathing it regularly. In the same way, at the beginning we advise to use very mild products and in little quantity.

There is no standard for bathing your dog. It will depend on factors such as lifestyle and skin or hair, but the usual is once a month. It is essential that the conditioner does not have irritating agents in its composition and that it is adapted to the pH of the dog’s skin, which is different from that of humans. This must be between the values ​​7 and 7.5, or be neutral.

How to use a conditioner for dogs?

In the packaging of each conditioner you will find the steps you must follow for its use. The usual thing is to do it during the bath, after having rinsed the shampoo, except in dry conditioners, without rinsing or in sprays. It will be enough to spread a small amount over the body of the animal and massage.

There are dogs that may have an allergy to some of the components of canine conditioners and, therefore, before use, it is recommended to apply the product to a small area of ​​their body to see the reaction. If redness is observed or the dog notices itching, it is better to opt for a hypoallergenic conditioner or consult the vet.

It is important to use quality products, rinse with not very hot water and then dry the dog’s hair well with cold or warm air. On the packaging you will find information on how much product to use and how often. During use, prevent the conditioner from getting into the dog’s ears or eyes, or from being swallowed.

What budget do I need to buy a good conditioner for dogs?

The price of a conditioner for dogs depends on the size of the container and the brand. In general, the price of a medium-sized bottle of conditioner (between 250 and 300 ml) usually ranges between 10 and 20 euros. As we have already mentioned, it is important not to buy any model of conditioner for dogs only because of the price. Look for quality.
Bathing is a key moment in your pet’s life, since you are removing dirt from his body. Once the hair is clean, if you take care of it and pamper it with a specific product for it, the better. In addition, by not using a large amount of conditioner in each wash, it is a product that will last a considerable time.

Is the perfume of a dog conditioner important?

Conditioner for dogs

Whether a dog conditioner is perfumed or not is not important. It can create a more pleasant sensation for us each time the dog approaches, but it will not be better or worse. It depends on the tastes of each one, and of course the dog. As always, we must take into account what our pet wants.

You will find canine conditioners with all kinds of perfumes, usually sweet, such as fruit yogurt or blueberry cake, but if your pet does not like it, you will notice it immediately by how it reacts. The smell of dogs, much more developed than that of humans, makes them very sensitive to smells. Then look for a different or fragrance-free conditioner.

Purchase criteria

We now summarize some of the most important criteria so that you can get the best conditioner for dogs. Do not forget that one of the advantages of buying this type of product on websites like Amazon is that you can take a look at the comments of other buyers and their ratings. But, first of all, keep in mind:

  • Dog breed and hair
  • Composition
  • Indications
  • Pack size

Dog breed and hair

Dogs of certain breeds have hair that is more prone to tangling and creating very annoying knots for the animal itself. It is the first thing you should take into account if you are going to adopt a long-haired dog: it requires more care, such as daily brushing, and specific products. There are conditioners for all types of coats, and there are them for short hair, curls or long hair.


Each manufacturer uses specific active ingredients and ingredients. For dogs with sensitive skin, conditioners made with natural components such as aloe vera, oats or honey are recommended, without chemical ingredients or added perfumes, parabens or phosphates. If you have any questions, it is best to consult a veterinarian.


Taking into account the needs of your dog, his lifestyle and the type of hair he has, pay attention to the indications of each conditioner. While some serve to prevent frizz, others add volume and strength to the coat; There are those that smooth or there are those that help untangle knots without breaking the hair. What does your pet need?

Pack size

The size chosen should be proportional to the number of dogs in the house (or cats, if it also works for them) and the number of times they bathe or use the product. Find a container size based on the type of conditioner (normal, spray or dry) and keep in mind that if there are allergy sufferers, or babies, the baths will be more frequent.

The usual is a 250 or 300 ml container, but you can find special products for large dog groomers that will last you for many months.


As you have seen, using a good conditioner for dogs will be beneficial for your pet and its general well-being. It is very uncomfortable for them to get their hair tangled, which is like their “garment”. Prolonged and correct use of a quality conditioner, following the manufacturer’s recommendations, will improve your dog’s appearance.

Do not forget that, in addition to using these products on a regular basis, the dog needs a life full of physical activity, attention and, of course, a good diet. All this will be reflected in their behavior, in their state of mind and in their relationship with other dogs and people around them.