Dog shampoo: which is the best of 2021?

Surely there is no day that you take your dog out and he does not come back a mess from the street: mud, dirt, leaves or even wet. And it is that when a dog has the best time, the moment of greatest height of his happiness, is when he gets dirty. That is why a question often comes to mind: would I have to buy dog ​​shampoo?

Our furry pets love to go outside to enjoy nature, their four-legged friends and other humans to interact with. Now, the most appropriate thing is to do it in a safe environment and that happens to take care of our dog’s hair. Today we are going to talk about everything you need to know about dog shampoo.

The most important

Dog shampoo
  • Dog shampoo is essential because they keep your pet’s coat clean. We know that when it is happy, it fills up with dirt and other dirt. Therefore, and to prevent later problems, in addition to the bad smell, it is convenient to wash it once a month and brush it every day, depending on the amount of hair you have.
  • Dogs have a different skin pH than ours, so never use human shampoo with your dog. Doing so will most likely hurt you and cause a lot of short-term and long-term problems.
  • Thus, we also have to take into account certain events, such as if a lot of hair is falling out, if it is shedding, or if it has fleas. In this case, in addition to the shampoo, you have to take it to the vet, so that a professional can tell you how to proceed.

The best dog shampoo on the market: our recommendations

In this section you will find a list of the best shampoos on the market. In addition, we have taken the trouble to give you an analysis and a brief summary of each one, as well as its main characteristics. This will make it easier for you to purchase one of these products for your furry friend.

  • The best shampoo for your dog to show off shiny hair
  • The most natural dog shampoo
  • The best anti-itch shampoo for dogs
  • The best shampoo for restless dogs
  • The ideal shampoo for white-haired dogs

The best shampoo for your dog to show off shiny hair

It comes in a large 4-liter format. This shampoo is perfect for your pet to enjoy a shiny, silky coat with a very pleasant slight aroma of banana. Improves hair quality. Indicated for puppies over 8 weeks and all types of breeds, being able to be lowered with water.

When applied it makes a lot of lather, which will guarantee fun at bath time. Any time is a good excuse to spend quality time with your pet, so we recommend that you relax and take bath time as an excuse to bond, saying nice things to him.

The most natural dog shampoo

250 ml. Made from natural ingredients, this dog shampoo provides a very pleasant smell, with a soft peach scent. Indicated especially for damaged or brittle hair, with provitamin B5, keeping the cuticle healthy and elastic. It provides our furry with the most exquisite hydration, being appropriate for dogs with long fur.

It contains biotin, a vitamin that promotes growth. For best results, we recommend applying three coats of product, stroking energetically all over the dog’s coat (be careful with the eyes and ears). You can use gloves for this, and remember to hold your pet well in the process.

The best anti-itch shampoo for dogs

250 ml. It is a special shampoo for dogs, since it is especially indicated for the itchiest moments on your skin, whether due to atopic skin, allergies or bug bites. The main reason why it calms the itch is the calendula, in addition to the mint, which relieves the urge to scratch. It also has a moisturizing function.

In addition to repairing damaged hair, it has a good smell and you will clearly notice the difference after applying it all over the dog’s coat. As you can see, it is a special shampoo for short-haired dogs as it doesn’t make a lot of lather. By the way, the amount of foam that results is not proportional to the level of cleaning.

The best shampoo for restless dogs

475 ml. The ideal product for dogs that get the most dirty. No matter how much it rolls on the ground or in puddles, a single application of this shampoo with deodorant ingredients will remove those odors for a while (it does not hide them, but removes them) and dirt.

Also, this dog shampoo is free of parabens and other artificial substances, such as sulfates and DEA. We also add that this shampoo provides vegetable and soy protein for a silkier and cleaner coat. We recommend a pair of hands all over the body of our pet and rinse with plenty of water.

The ideal shampoo for white-haired dogs

237 ml. Especially indicated to highlight the white fur of our dog friend. Provided with the highest quality ingredients: wheat and oat proteins, coconut oil and Aloe Vera. This way, in case of a rash or any irritation, you will get almost instant relief. In addition, it includes a slight scent of watermelon.

A shampoo committed to the environment, with natural ingredients and a recyclable bottle. A very positive point of this product is the satisfaction guarantee: in case you don’t like it, you get your money back. This is something that is not usually offered, and more in online businesses.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Shampoo

Dog shampoo

It is very important that, before launching a shampoo for your pet, you know and inform yourself about what you need: ingredients, type of coat, hair loss, allergies, topical problems, among others. For this reason, we are going to answer the most frequent questions (which you surely have some) when purchasing a dog shampoo.

What is dog shampoo and what are its advantages?

It is a liquid soap specifically made for our four-legged friends. It is striking that many people believe, although less and less every day, that a human shampoo can be used to bathe a dog. There is never a lack of the typical salesperson who tries to convince us that there is a shampoo for all types of breeds or fur.

This is a huge mistake, as you are most likely to get skin diseases because dogs and humans have different pH values. That is why it is necessary to invest in a good soap for your hair. In addition to cleaning your pet’s fur well, and protecting it from undesirable elements, this product provides a soft touch and a very pleasant smell, making the time you spend with it of higher quality.

What are the differences between human shampoo and dog shampoo?

There are a number of myths and legends about whether the shampoo that we use at home for a lifetime is valid for our dog. We can say no, mainly for two reasons: the type of composition (ingredients, thickness or concentration), the degree of acidity of the skin (a tissue between the dermis and the epidermis that all mammals have).
Let’s see the two main differences that we can observe, “to boat soon”:

  • Composition. It is one of the main disparities between these two types of shampoos, since the coat and skin of dogs require a higher concentration of soap, which can be lowered with water to a certain extent. And this is so because the skin of the dog is usually more exposed than ours to all kinds of factors: the weather, dirt or insects, among others.
  • PH. The pH is the factor that indicates the level of acidity of the skin. While the acidity of human skin is 5.5, that of dogs usually ranges, depending on the breed, between 7 and 7.5. As you can see, prolonged use of a human shampoo on your pet can cause long-term injuries.

We hope we have been able to convince you not to offer your pet the same shampoo that you use. We have explained the two main reasons, but we still have more information for you. If you are interested, read on to discover more tips and useful advice on dog shampoos.

What types of dog shampoo are there?

When we go to buy a special soap for our pet’s coat, we can become overwhelmed by the typology, models and different specific characteristics that exist today. We have made a classification, based on which you can decide which type of dog shampoo is best for you.

From what age can the puppy shampoo be used?

We understand that you want to use the puppy shampoo as soon as possible, especially since the smallest dogs are the most unruly in the pack. However, caution: it is recommended that you use it when the furry is more than 3 months old because there will be less chance of it getting sick from changes in temperature.

Also, not just any type of shampoo is worth it because your puppy requires a suitable soap for his delicate skin and coat. So if you have a very young dog, look at the label for a specific shampoo. Remember: try to adapt the purchase to the type of hair and character. Although it may not seem like it, everything influences.

Does the coat influence when buying a dog shampoo?

Definitely yes. It is not the same to have a long-haired dog as a short-haired one, mainly because of the problems that they usually have with tangles. For that reason, when our dog has a dense and long coat, it is advisable to use the brush every day, which will cause it to get dirty less often.

Knots in the hair, in addition to leading to long-term skin problems, are unsightly. With a good shampoo for our dog, you can show off your dog in the neighborhood, with its soft, shiny and silky coat. It is true that being so aware can take a long time, but it is definitely worth it.

My dog ​​has fleas, what dog shampoo does he need?

It is very normal for your dog to bring home one of these undesirable critters, especially if it tends to cover the lawn in your neighborhood or in the field. In addition to fleas, it is not uncommon for it to also bring ticks, worms and other ilk. It is part of the day to day of taking your pet for a walk, but you can always do something about it.

Now how do we proceed if our dear friend has contracted fleas? First, we must put on some latex gloves to investigate all over their body and discover where they are. As soon as you see one, the alarms will go off because it means there are more. But there is no use complaining: you have to act as soon as possible.

After going to the vet and buying antiparasitic pipettes or tablets, it is highly recommended to get a flea shampoo that works as a repellent (in case the infestation is not very large). In this way, rather than preventing, you will be causing all the fleas and ticks that you already have in your hair to die.

Once the dog is at home, and with warm water, we bathe our pet, with two or three hands of this shampoo. We dry it and keep it at home for a few days. Of course, we strongly recommend that you put your toys, blankets and beds in the washing machine with hot water, in addition to cleaning the house thoroughly.

What dog shampoo do I need if my pet scratches a lot?

We are obliged to analyze the origin of this scratching, since it is one of the main reasons for veterinary consultation. We must pay special attention if said scratching lasts a long time, if you start to see blood, or your pet complains for no apparent reason. One or more reasons are usually identified:

  • Delicate skin: atopic, sensitive, prone to irritation or dry.
  • Allergies: to materials that you put on the skin, to other shampoos or to insect bites.
  • Skin infections: scabies or pyoderma, among others.

In any case, we strongly recommend that in case of aggressive and long-lasting scratching you go to the vet as soon as possible. Only a professional will be able to recommend and tell you what exactly your pet is needing at every moment of its life, since it is not only there for vaccinations.

How to properly apply dog ​​shampoo?

It is time to bathe our pet. We have the shampoo bottle in hand and we have managed so that the dog does not escape, now what? Well, first of all, level the water temperature, making sure it is warm, so that your dog is comfortable and calm. The idea is that you relax, not that you are continually looking for a way to escape.

Try not to fall short, but do not go too far: not by adding more product it will be cleaner. What’s more, if you use the soap, it is possible that traces remain in the animal’s hair, increasing the chances of scratching.

It is best to vigorously massage the pet’s fur so that the shampoo enters the skin of the entire body. Pay special attention to the ears and eyes because they are delicate and your dog will be very uncomfortable during the process. In any case, the challenge here will be to keep it still throughout the process, which, from experience, we can say is difficult.

Finally, we rinse with plenty of water, being able to add a second coat of dog shampoo, depending on the needs (long or short hair). It is a good time, why not, to bond with your pet, since he will surely love caresses and get your full attention. Many dogs go out of their way for these unique moments.

Purchase criteria

You have come this far. That means that you are very interested in purchasing a quality shampoo for your dog. Let’s move on to see what you have to keep in mind when buying one for your furry friend. We hope you understand that it is not about buying the first one you find online. Mainly, we can identify 5 criteria:

  • Pet lifestyle
  • Soap quality
  • Shampoo composition
  • Odor
  • Frequency of use

Pet lifestyle

Dogs jump, run, lick, drop to the ground, and many more movements. They may seem like they love dirt, but no: they just want to make their owners happy. For that reason, no one with a good heart can deprive their pet of those unforgettable walks. Even for a short time, they always appreciate you as best they know.

The shampoo that you are going to purchase must be specifically created for the lifestyle and characteristics of your pet. A dog that tends to lie down or that walks very calm does not need the same type of shampoo as one that does not stand still. Therefore, let’s reflect a bit, and when in doubt, it is always good to go to your trusted veterinarian.

Soap quality

Choosing the best quality dog ​​shampoo is a highly recommended factor, since if for the products you normally use you follow this criterion, why not apply it to your pet in the same way? It is a very common mistake to think that dogs are made of steel, or that they have no feelings.

Quality verification involves reading the label of the shampoo (ingredients, method of application, frequency of use …) and not only taking into account the brand. We also recommend observing opinions, either from professionals or from other users. Don’t mind appearing ignorant, as no one is born with the lesson learned.

Shampoo composition

Does your dog have skin problems? If so, avoid shampoos made up of elements such as dyes, parabens, deodorants, salt or phosphates. As you might suppose, these ingredients do nothing but severely damage the health of your pet’s skin, causing many problems that, if not taken care of soon, can turn into a real headache.

Instead, choose soaps that tend to include natural components, such as Aloe Vera, oatmeal, glycerin, honey, soy, or jojoba. In this way, you will provide nutrients to both your pet’s hair and skin, calming itching and avoiding infections from excessive scratching (with all the complications that it brings).

For example, one of the properties of Aloe Vera is its antibacterial composition, which protects the dermis of our dog, in addition to providing anti-inflammatory benefits. For its part, jojoba is a plant whose oil revitalizes the coat, repairing and regenerating the skin. And as for oats, it has powerful healing properties.


Not all dogs smell the same. There are some that tend to maintain a milder smell, but there are others that, sometimes without even staining, already give off a particular aroma. For this reason, it is important to choose a good dog shampoo that meets these needs. You already know that not all dogs are the same, just like people.

In the market there are many options, but above all shampoos with fruit extracts (watermelon, strawberry, peach or banana, among others) are often used a lot. They are the richest, remaining for the longest time in the hair and skin of our pet, not to mention that pleasant sensation for our nose.

Frequency of use

You can analyze how often you have to bathe your pet. This depends on age (as you might suppose, a puppy does not have the same needs as an adult), skin type, amount of hair, size or breed type, among other criteria. Think about whether you are taking your pet for a walk several times a day, if it is very active or tends to be calmer.

So it is not possible to know for sure how often it is preferable to bathe your dog. There are some dogs that last a long time without going through water (with a daily brushing is usually worth it), staying clean between 3 and 6 months without problems. On the other hand, there are others who need a few coats of shampoo once a month.


The world of dogs is huge. In case when you adopted it you thought that you only had to feed them and take them out for a walk, we have to tell you that this is only “the tip of the iceberg”. As you can see, things that seem as banal as dog shampoo are decisive in the day to day living with our pets.

We are delighted to bring you the analysis and buying guides of the best products that exist on the market today, keeping us alert to bring you the latest news. We sincerely thank you for the time you have invested in reading our article and we encourage you, if you liked it, comment below and share on social networks.

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