Dog Toothbrush: Which One is The Best of 2021?

Your beautiful little dog can sometimes have very foul breath. But that can be easily remedied. In addition, a good daily tooth brushing not only helps the animal look even more handsome than it already is, nor does it have fresh breath. But it is essential for them to stay healthy and without problems derived from lack of hygiene.

Some dogs may be upset if you brush their teeth. Fortunately, the market offers a wide variety of different products for the tastes of each dog. And in addition to this, it is easy to educate these animals to let go when you pass them a toothbrush. In this guide we are going to solve all the doubts you may have. Do not miss it!

The most important

Dog toothbrush
  • There are many diseases derived from the lack of oral hygiene for a dog. Some related to the teeth themselves, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, and others that can affect internal organs.
  • A toothbrush can take many different forms in order to adapt to the demands of your pet. They are not always brush shaped as such. But since the different styles fulfill the same function, when you go to a store to look for them, they are all called toothbrushes and with that term you can find them.
  • When buying a toothbrush for your dog, you should take into account purchasing criteria such as its style and, above all, its size. If it doesn’t fit in your mouth, it will be impossible to clean your teeth and gums! Also note that it has a soft material so that it does not hurt.

The best dog toothbrushes on the market: our recommendations

So that you can more clearly see what options there are to keep your pet’s smile bright, we have made a selection for you with the most popular products on the market. You will see the variety of toothbrushes that you can find and we detail the characteristics of each product. And it is that dogs have many more options than we humans!

  • The best finger toothbrush for dogs
  • The best toy toothbrush for dogs
  • The Best Dog Toothbrush Package
  • The most functional toothbrush for dogs
  • The most natural dog toothbrush

The best finger toothbrush for dogs

This silicone brush sits on the index finger like a glove and is passed over the dog’s teeth. It is reusable or can be thrown away after just one use.

One part has a silicone brush and the other a relief. Both are used to clean the teeth. It is 5.5 centimeters long and has a diameter of 2 cm. The softness and flexibility of the material stands out.

The best toy toothbrush for dogs

This brush is like a strong and soft silicone toy, created for the dog to play with and, in the process, clean its teeth. There are six holes where toothpaste can be inserted.

It is recommended that the dog use this brush for at least 10 minutes at a time. There are two sizes to choose from. It should not be left to wear it for hours so that it does not break.

The Best Dog Toothbrush Package

These brushes are made of soft, non-toxic silicone. 15 pieces are coming. It is recommended to use each brush only one month. It fits on one finger and they are narrow. 2.5 centimeters in diameter. They measure 5.5 cm each.

On the one hand, it has a short silicone bristle brush and, on the other, reliefs made to reduce plaque from the teeth and the accumulation of tartar.

The most functional toothbrush for dogs

This is a toothbrush similar to the one that people use, with three rows of flexible bristles to reach all parts of the animal’s teeth and gums in one stroke.

It can be washed in the dishwasher to keep it clean. The bristles are tough, but soften with water. The handle is easy for the person doing the cleaning to grip.

The most natural dog toothbrush

This toothbrush is made of natural, non-toxic rubber. It has a smooth texture so as not to damage the gums. It is a kind of toy where you can put toothpaste.

While the animal bites it, it will be cleaning its mouth. You should use it for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. Manufacturers promise that the material will hold up well to bites and users confirm this.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About A Dog Toothbrush

Dog toothbrush

Oral hygiene will lead your pet to be healthier. And even more beautiful. But at the same time, your dog may hate brushing his teeth, which is very common. There is a long educational process that you have to deal with here, but the market will help you with a wide variety of products. We also want to support you with some very useful tips.

Why do I need to buy a dog toothbrush?

Just like you brush your teeth several times a day for hygiene and health, a dog needs it too and for the same reasons. The lack of cleanliness in the teeth, in addition to the strong smell that it can cause in the animal’s mouth, leads to problems in its oral health in the long run. A simple task like passing a toothbrush through your mouth solves it.

What diseases can my dog ​​have if he does not use a toothbrush?

Oral hygiene not only helps us keep your teeth in your mouth for many more years, but it also prevents certain diseases that can come from dental dirt. There are different diseases or simple ailments that a dog can contract derived from the lack of hygiene. Next, we will see all the possible ones:

  • Halitosis: Sure you love getting “kisses” from your dog, but you like them a little less when his mouth sucks. Halitosis is that bad smell that causes lack of hygiene.
  • Chewing problems: Causes may be pain or weakness in your teeth.
  • Gingivitis or bleeding gums: it is a disease characterized by bleeding gums. It is created by bacteria and tartar that build up due to poor hygiene.
  • Periodontitis: When gingivitis is not treated, it can lead to periodontitis, which can lead to a lot of pain and loss of parts of the teeth.
  • Diseases in internal organs: a great lack of oral hygiene can drag infections to your pet’s body. Veterinarians explain that bacteria found in the mouth pass into the blood through the gum tissue. And that can lead to organs such as the kidney, liver or heart.

How to get my dog ​​used to using his toothbrush?

Although it is not necessary to brush it as a puppy, because it does not yet have all its teeth, if a dog comes to your house as a baby, you can accustom it so that when it grows up it is a simple process. If you start using a toothbrush when your dog is older, always remember the technique of rewarding an animal when it does something well.

In this case with caresses, so as not to give them trinkets when they already have clean teeth and can get them dirty again. If you find that he doesn’t get used to it, just try another style of toothpaste and toothbrush. There are several products on the market and you may not like one, but you find another modality very comfortable.

What process should I follow when using the toothbrush for my dog?

If what you give him is a tooth cleaning toy, there is little you can do in the cleaning process. But if you opt for a brush or a finger glove, you will be the one who has control of washing your animal’s teeth. Remember that the mouth has several parts. Here are the steps you should follow when your dog has gotten used to brushing:

  • Hold the muzzle and start with the canine fangs or teeth. Do it with vertical movements and up to the gum so that it is also cleaned.
  • After this, it moves to the posterior teeth, that is, the molars and premolars, with circular movements. If you see that at any time your dog is very upset, you can avoid that back of his mouth.
  • Finish on the front or incisor teeth with vertical movements and great care. These are much more sensitive pieces.
  • Always, in all parts of the process, it goes through the gums. Its cleaning is just as important as that of the teeth.
  • It is recommended to brush your teeth between three and five minutes. More, if it is with a toy. And at least it should be done twice a week.

What else can my dog ​​use for his oral hygiene besides his toothbrush?

The toothbrush, in any of its forms, is essential, even if you are going to use other products available to improve and whiten your puppy’s smile. But if you can add a supplement, brushing will be much more efficient. Here is a list of products that can accompany a good oral cleaning:

  • Toothpaste. But don’t use yours. Your dog will not like it and it can also be toxic. You must buy a special one for dogs. Many have flavors that they love.
  • Snacks to clean the teeth. They are very effective because they come with a pleasant taste for the dog. And they can fight plaque buildup, tartar, and bad breath.
  • Mouthwashes. Of course, the specific ones for dogs, since it will swallow it. And they are usually dissolved in water for you to drink or can be sprayed.
  • Healthy food. Take care of the food and treats you give your pet. Not only because of its weight, but also because healthy food will make your mouth less dirty than low-quality products. Bad foods can help create more tartar.

Purchase criteria

When buying a toothbrush for your wonderful puppy, you should take into account that there are different characteristics that these utensils can have. If your dog doesn’t like his brush, don’t give up or leave him with a smelly mouth. Better find another type of brush. In these lines you will know the most important purchase criteria:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Material
  • Accessories
  • Character of your pet


What we call a dog toothbrush does not necessarily have to have the same shape as that of humans. There are different styles on the market. Some do look like brushes, but others are more like toys that fulfill the same function. And in fact, when looking for them in a store, you can do it using this term. In this table you will understand it better.


It is of the utmost importance that a toothbrush, in whatever form, adapts to the size of your pet’s mouth. Some manufacturers offer the same product in various sizes. At other times you should take a good look at the size of the object so that it is neither too big nor too small for your pet’s teeth. There are breeds of very different sizes.


That the material is of quality and adapted is important for several reasons. On the one hand, it has to be a material that is kind to your pet’s teeth so that it does not harm. It also has to be resistant to withstand possible bites and because, like your brush, it should last a few weeks. The material cannot be toxic because it enters the mouth. Here the most common:

  • Rubber: It is a natural material and therefore it is not toxic. It is very flexible and at the same time soft, specific for bites. It is very common for toothbrushes as a toy.
  • Silicone: The most common material in finger glove brushes. It is comfortable for the person, it is flexible to fit the finger and at the same time it is kind to teeth and gums.
  • Hard plastic or PVC: For toothbrushes similar to those that we use humans, you need a firm handle to hold it correctly and that the cleaning process is easy for you.


As we have already seen, efficient cleaning is achieved by allies that complement the toothbrush. Mandatory toothpaste with a flavor that pleases your pet. And you can also add mouthwashes that dissolve in water or as a spray. You can also use snacks created specifically for teeth hygiene.

Character of your pet

When you go to buy a toothbrush for your dog, you should take into account the way your dog is. So, for example, if he doesn’t like to play chew, he won’t do it with his toothbrush, so the style created as a toy will not work. At the same time, if he’s impulsive or skittish, don’t wear the finger glove. It can bite you unintentionally.


A clean mouth does not only serve to make our dog handsome. And not only, that also, so that he can give us kisses on the face and that we love them because they do not smell their breath. The oral hygiene of your pet is also essential for the animal to enjoy good health. Give him quality food and, at least twice a week, brush him with a toothbrush.

The excuse that they do not like it will not work because, as we have seen, dogs have more options than humans to brush their teeth. And, in addition, they can complement this process with various elements, such as snacks. or rinses with flavors that your dog loves. Give him patience and he will soon get used to this task.