Kennels For Dogs: Which is The Best of 2021?

Since its origins, the canis lupus familiaris has lived in caves, in quiet and small places. These burrows have been characterized by having 3 sides of wall and a roof and, despite having passed more than 30,000 years and 10 generations of wolves, the possession of these shelters, where they can isolate themselves from noise and rest, is still a necessity for the current dog.

If you have a pet, delving into the peculiarities of the multiple kennels for dogs that you will find in the market should be one of your priorities. Only then can you provide all the care you need to stay healthy. For this reason, we have compiled a guide with the characteristics and conditions that you must attend to.

The most important

Kennels for dogs
  • Having an exclusive space for yourself favors the strengthening of the bond with its owner. The dog understands his place in the family, as a member of the family, and can even learn to take care of his home. Establishing this link is critical to the success of training in any other field.
  • There are several factors to consider before selecting our doghouse (size, location, materials or price, among others). All of them must be aligned with the personality of our pet, with the seasonality or not of the house and with the dimensions of our house.
  • Given the importance of this article for the welfare of the animal, the price must not be given exclusively to its acquisition. If we do not have a large budget, it is always preferable to look at the value for money. The online offer is much more varied and economical than that of physical specialized stores, so this should always be our first purchase option.

The best kennels for dogs on the market: our favorites

It is not the same to acquire a kennel for a puppy than for a more adult dog, nor is it the same that the kennel will always be under cover or that it does so in an area exposed to rain. To help you assimilate the nuances that coexist in a choice of this type, we have prepared a Ranking with the 5 most outstanding doghouse models.

  • The favorite doghouse for online users
  • The dog house with the best value for money
  • The most sophisticated doghouse
  • The best kennel for small dogs
  • The most original doghouse

The favorite doghouse for online users

It has dimensions of 99 cm x 95 cm, weighs 13 kg and the door measures 36.5 cm x 59 cm. It is made of resin, so it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. However, the characteristic that makes it one of the best-selling booths of the moment is its ventilation system that helps keep the interior cool in summer.

In turn, its slightly raised floor prevents the cold and humidity from penetrating: your pet will always be sheltered, even during winter. It is designed for large and medium breed dogs. Your dog will have enough space to get around freely. It is a resistant material that hardly requires maintenance.

The dog house with the best value for money

This is another excellent proposal if you look at its value for money. It is a spruce wood shed with a gabled and folding roof, which greatly facilitates the cleaning of the interior. It measures 104 x 91 x 80.7 cm and is distinguished by its careful design. It is a beautiful house that will provide an endearing touch to your garden.

It is valid for medium breeds and has a side compartment to place the feeder and drinker. It also incorporates a box that you can use to store a blanket or a toy for your dog. Its floor is also raised to ensure full comfort for the animal. Its only weakness is that it does not include a key to close the box.

The most sophisticated doghouse

This compact cube-shaped house will delight the most gourmets, since you can also use it as a minimalist seat thanks to its soft padding. Made of synthetic leather, it is fitted with MDF plates at the base to give it greater stability. It measures 38 x 38 x 38 cm, but you can fold it up to take it on a trip.

It weighs 2.5 kg and is only suitable for small dog breeds. It is very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it around the outside. To sanitize it inside you have to lift the lid and vacuum the inside. If we look at its design and versatility, it has an excellent value for money.

The best kennel for small dogs

Also for small dog breeds, it is an indoor kennel made of top quality wood. It measures 73 x 55.5 x 65 cm, although the habitable dimensions correspond to 36.5 x 42.5 x 45 cm. And it is that this proposal, equipped with a terrace at the top and a staircase, combines functionality with playful character.

We could say that it is more of a toy than a house. As a weakness, it is worth noting its large size, which requires having enough space to place it. Its installation is very simple, but not its maintenance. It requires caring for the wood and its many edges make cleaning difficult.

The most original doghouse

Made with 100% cotton fabric, this hut in the shape of a teepee is a nice tent in which your pet will have a great time when you go on a trip. It measures 50 x 68 x 60 cm and is lightweight and economical. You can disassemble its 5 pine rods to wash the cover in the washing machine.

It is available in two sizes: for dogs up to 7 kg and for dogs from 7 to 10 kg. Since its fabric is not waterproof, it will not protect your pet from the rain, being limited to the interior of the houses. It is, without a doubt, a casual alternative that will give your home its particular aura of freshness.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Houses

Kennels for dogs

The pet industry has been a growing market niche for decades. Pet care companies continue to invest in innovation to provide us with smart and aesthetic accessories. In fact, many of the booths such as Nobleza, Nayeco or Relaxdays go unnoticed as they are authentic decorative accessories.

What types of dog houses are there?

The material from which the shed is made has a direct impact on its insulating capacity and durability. The size of our mascot results in the choice of a certain range. The location is closely linked to the temperature inside. There is a target with high purchasing power and a taste for decoration that pays special attention to design.

Regardless of the material selected, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. It is always convenient to raise the base of the floor a few centimeters, using concrete or legs, to counteract the humidity of the soil and the access of insects. The front door should face south or east, never north, to avoid colder currents.

Why are wooden dog houses the best?

Wood has an excellent ability to insulate heat and cold. Its suitable varnish preserves its properties in the rain, although you should not abuse washing with water due to its tendency to accumulate moisture. For this reason, it requires periodic maintenance in order to keep these thermal insulating qualities intact over time.

Although plastic is cheaper, it lacks insulating capacity when exposed to high temperatures. In fact, it tends to retain heat and can shock the dog. However, it is enough to clean it with plenty of soap and water. The best kennels for dogs are the construction ones, since brick and concrete are the best insulators that exist.

Are all dog breeds suitable for dog kennels?

With proper training, all dogs can use a kennel. However, toy or miniature breeds such as the Yorkshire or the Chihuahua have insufficient fur to protect themselves from low temperatures or rain. The Boxer, despite being a large breed of dog, is also not suitable for living abroad as it is prone to osteoarthritis.

In these cases, the solution is to locate it in a place that is to your liking and from which we can monitor if you have food and drink or that the shed is clean. According to ethologists, this gesture reinforces their security and self-esteem. The Nordic breeds, the Mastiff or the Samoyed “due to their double coat of hair” are the ideal ones to get along happily in the garden.

How do I get my pets to use your dog kennels?

It is advisable to familiarize it with the house little by little, although it is always better to do it when it is a puppy, in the first 16 weeks of life when the imprinting period takes place. You can try to place the house next to his bed and reward him every time he comes to sniff it. In this way, you will build a positive bond around the house.

The house should be in a quiet place and close to the family. In this way, it will do its job perfectly. Placing it near the front door is a good idea because we can easily monitor our pet. If it is indoors, it is convenient that it be a space free of electrical appliances and that it matches the location of your bed.

How should the maintenance of the doghouses be?

If it is outside, it is common for insects to proliferate with high temperatures. Watering with a hose makes it easier to remove much of the dirt. You will need to brush the walls and the floor and disinfect with ammonia. Once rinsed, applying a specific product against fleas and ticks is a highly recommended additional protective measure.

If it is inside the house we will only have to vacuum the interior to get rid of hair and dirt. The rest accessories (mattress or thermal mat) must be sanitized with a product that cleans in depth, but does not damage the material, such as neutral bleach. If the hut is made of canvas or fabric, we can disassemble it and wash it in the washing machine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dog houses?

Despite its many benefits, booths also have certain drawbacks that you should know about to try to reduce them. For example, we do not recommend that you choose the best wooden shed if it will always be under cover and in your area the winters are not very harsh.

Purchase criteria

As with other accessories related to the care of your pet, doghouses have certain characteristics that differentiate some models from others. Therefore, knowing how to identify these differences will guide the purchase process and it will be easier for you to make the right choice. The guidelines that we show you below will guide you.

  • Resistance
  • Size
  • Location
  • Price
  • Design


This quality is directly related to the type of material from which the shed is made. If you have a good budget, you can choose wood which, as you know, has excellent insulating properties. Your dog will be in the best ventilation and comfort conditions in all seasons of the year.

In this sense, at the time of purchase you should also consider the useful life of the house, including the mischief that your pet can cause, either in the form of scratches or bites, as well as the wear that the products of cleaning that you are going to use every little time.


Not only do you have to keep in mind the size of your dog, you should also consider this feature from the perspective of what its purpose will be and what is the size of your house. Consider if the booth is for a season or if, on the contrary, it will be final. Measure your dog crosswise and add 50% to the result to calculate the ideal size of the kennel.

Remember that you must be able to access without suffering friction and that once inside you need freedom of movement, but in the right measure. Outdoor kennels should not be excessively large because your dog will not get warm. Likewise, the access door should not be too wide, it will allow rain and cold to enter. To mitigate it, you can put a curtain.


As you know, it is decisive to decide whether your dog’s new house is going to be inside or outside your home. This choice will decant the balance to one or another material. For the exterior, wood encompasses the most comfortable conditions and plastic the least favorable if sun exposure is going to be a recurring factor.

However, geographic location is another agent to take into account in this equation. In areas with very extreme weather conditions, it is preferable to opt for those with a triangle roof, as well as direct them to the south or west to mitigate the flow of north currents.


The budget you have is also going to largely condition the decision you finally make. Our recommendation is that you always be guided by the value for money, after having compared 3 or 4 proposals, no more, instead of obsessing over a specific material or design.

You should think about your pet’s personality, whether it will be his definitive home or whether he is expected to grow even more. Despite the fact that the wooden ones are the most desired by all, considering the weather of your city and the use that you are going to give it, you can opt for a good quality resin shed.


If your purchasing power allows it and you are passionate about interior design, you may only be interested in booths that make a difference. This market niche has grown tremendously in the last decade, so that more and more models of booths, generally indoor, in which aesthetics are the protagonist.

They are items that blend in with the decoration of your home, mixing materials of the best quality. Thus, you will discover booths that act as a stool, booths that look like a dollhouse or that simulate a tent. Your guests will have a hard time believing that this is actually your doghouse.


An object as everyday as a doghouse satisfies an essential need that, if not covered, can lead to behavioral disorders in the animal. Here you can relax and disconnect, knowing that you have a space for exclusive use. However, your choice cannot be left to chance, since there are many factors that determine the correct decision.

We trust that this guide has given you more than one piece of information that you did not know, now it only remains for you to put into practice what you have learned here. We are sure that your dog will know how to thank you.