Dog Food Dispenser: Which One Is The Best Of 2021?

As the owner of a dog, your first and last responsibility is to ensure their welfare. In this sense, food is a crucial aspect, as it is essential not only to maintain good health, but for your own survival. However, sometimes you are so busy with the postmodern bustle that you may not be there in time for your ration.

For these cases, and that your dog does not get impatient waiting for his next meal, there is a very useful product: the dog food dispenser. Thanks to this, you can ensure that your “furry” will get the food he needs without distracting you from peremptory matters. Of course, do not delegate everything to him, since your dog is not a piece of furniture or a simple bundle!

The most important

  • There are two types of dispensers for dogs: gravitational and electronic. The latter are ideal if you want to give your dog measured rations, as well as adhere to a strict feeding schedule.
  • Dog food dispensers are a great option in case you have mobility problems or are often away from home. With them, your dog will never go hungry!
  • Among the purchase criteria, pay attention to aspects such as the product’s storage capacity or its dimensions. At the end of the article, we review these and other factors that can make a difference when investing in this product.

The best dispensers for dogs on the market: our recommendations

Thanks to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, finding the products you need is becoming easier. Not only because of the variety, but because, in addition, they have a guarantee and they are delivered to the door of your house. The best dog food dispensers are no exception. We have collected the four that we like the most:

  • The Best Dog Food Dispenser for Tight Budgets
  • The best rated dog food dispenser by online users
  • The best feeder for dogs with a capacity of up to 6 liters
  • The Easiest To Clean Dog Food Dispenser

The Best Dog Food Dispenser for Tight Budgets

With over 250 ratings and an average of 4.6 / 5 stars, this Amazon Basics option costs less than € 15, making it the best cheap dog dispenser currently available.

Of course, it is a small automatic feeder, although despite this, it can contain up to 2.72 kg of feed. The model is made of high quality plastic. In addition, it has a base with non-slip feet.

The best rated dog food dispenser by online users

With two hundred reviews and an average rating of 4.7 / 5 stars, this dispenser is a favorite with online shoppers . Although it only holds 1.5 kg, it is a durable and modern option.

And we say modern because it includes an infrared sensor to prevent the dog from accessing more food than it should. In addition, its energy consumption is very low, since the battery lasts up to a year with only three 4D alkaline batteries.

The best feeder for dogs with a capacity of up to 6 liters

If you have several dogs or one whose caloric intake is high, you will love this dog feeder with a capacity of up to 6 liters of food. On the other hand, it offers a voice recorder with which you can record messages of up to ten seconds for your pet to come to eat.

To top it off, it also works for cats, as well as it can be used with a battery or plugged into alternating current.

The Easiest To Clean Dog Food Dispenser

Detachable in three pieces and based on high-quality plastic, it is one of the best dispensers for dogs not only for its capacity of up to 5.5 liters, but also for the ease of cleaning.

It has a highly readable LCD panel that allows you to program the portions. In addition, it also offers the ability to record voice messages. Its magnificent finish favors the conservation of the feed, which stays fresh for longer.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Food Dispensers

Although in appearance they are as simple as dog beds , they give as much or more to talk about than these. Because you know, a book should not be judged by its cover, and what is apparently trivial usually hides memorable secrets. Therefore, below we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about the best dog food dispensers.

What are dog food dispensers?

Broadly speaking, an automatic dog feeder or dog food dispenser is a device that, depending on how we program it, periodically offers food to our pet. Obviously, it is a product that needs to be connected to the mains or a battery. Of course, you also have non-programmable manual gravitational options.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dog food dispensers?

Although technology also has its shadows, it cannot be denied that it makes our lives easier. As for dogs, it is demonstrated by options such as wheelchairs for dogs or GPS for dogs . Dog feeders follow in the wake of that ode to functional technology.

What kind of dog feeders are there?

They say that in variety there’s pleasure”. That is why current products are usually offered in all kinds of shapes and finishes. In the case of the best dog food dispensers, we can talk about two types: “gravity” feeders and electronic feeders. Their names are illustrious, but let’s go deeper into each of them:

  • Gravitational Feeder: This type of dog food dispenser uses a simple mechanism to allow the food to automatically drop into the bowl. It is easy to maintain and very cheap. Plus, it doesn’t require programming. However, it does not restrict access to food, so it is not a great option if your dog is a bit gluttonous or suffers from a disease such as diabetes.
  • Electronic feeder: Generally, it is more expensive than the gravitational one because it is equipped with the latest technology. It allows you to control the amount of food the animal can access, as well as the hours this will be allowed. In this way, it is ideal for sick or obese dogs. Of course, they require you to dedicate some time to them before learning to handle them 100%.

What is the anti-lock system of dog food dispensers?

On the downsides of dog feeders, we have mentioned that they can be faulty. Obviously, we refer to the electronic ones, since the gravitational ones use another mechanism. However, brands put all their efforts so that it does not happen. For this, many models use an anti-lock system that ensures that the dog does not run out of food.

In addition, many options incorporate an infrared sensor that allows your “furry” not to run out of food, but also not to go overboard. With all this, it is sought that the pet always has access to food, but in its proper measure. Of course, to avoid “jams” and other problems, check the maximum diameter of the feed that the machine supports.

How can I keep the automatic dog feeder clean?

When it comes to an item that handles food, hygiene is essential. Some options are easily removable, however others require a little more patience:

  • Gravitational feeders: Generally, they can be divided into several pieces. As they are usually made of plastic, it is enough that you wash them as if they were crockery. Of course, make sure you dry them well and that there are no traces of soap. In the long run, consider renewing the dispenser, as the plastic cracks and tends to accumulate bacteria and dirt.
  • Electronic feeders: In these cases, you must first disassemble the gadget as much as possible. Obviously, don’t get the electronics wet. For the rest, you can clean the rest of the pieces as if it were a gravitational feeder. Also, make sure that it is dry when you put it back in place, as any traces of moisture can spoil the food.

Purchase criteria

As you may have already seen, one of the best dog food dispensers can bring you countless benefits as an owner. However, those who do not know, in front of a forest, only see trees, those who do, see pines, hazelnuts or cork oaks. In feeders, knowing is power too, so follow these criteria when investing in one, and you won’t regret it!

  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Anti-jam function
  • Power source
  • Programmable or not


When we speak of dimensions, we refer to two aspects. The first of these is its ease of installation. If you live in a small home, you will need a dog food dispenser that is discreet but functional. The second, that the bowl must be of a size according to that of your dog, if not, you will make his time to eat a real ordeal.


If you have several dogs (although in these cases you will not be able to control how much each one eats), as well as if your dog needs a large caloric intake or, on the contrary, your absences are prolonged, you will need a dog feeder with a high capacity (5 or 6 liters). Otherwise, one of 1 or 2 liters will suffice. Assess your situation and then act.

Anti-jam function

As we have already mentioned in the questions and answers section, some dispensers have an anti-jam function. With this, unless a serious breakdown occurs, you guarantee that the dog always has access to food. Anyway, in case of a long absence, ask someone you trust to stop by your house from time to time to check that everything is going well.

Power source

Electronic dog food dispensers offer two possibilities: battery or power they receive when plugged into the power. Some incorporate both alternatives. If you are looking to save in the long term, you are more interested in the battery. Many models have a range of six months or even a year. Of course, these require you to have backup batteries.

Programmable or not

If you have a dog that suffers from a disease or is prone to obesity, you may want to invest in a programmable dog food dispenser. These allow you to control your dog’s meal schedule at all times, as well as guarantee that it always receives the exact ration. In addition, some even offer you the ability to record voice messages.


Although dogs are not as foodies as cats, they also enjoy eating. In a busy and eventful world, you may have to be absent from home more than necessary or that, at some point, you may not arrive at the time when you usually feed your dog. So that this does not become a tyrannical burden, dog food dispensers are sold.

Whether you choose a gravitational or electronic one, this gadget will make your life easier. However, before buying any, analyze various aspects such as the dimensions of the product, its storage capacity or whether or not it has an anti-jam function. With your head, you will be able to obtain the best product for both you and your “furry”. I can hear the barking of satisfaction!