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Dog food: which is the best of 2021?

While searching for the “best dog food” can be tempting, focusing on your dog’s specific needs and consulting a veterinarian is crucial. This guide explores factors to consider for choosing the right food for your furry friend.

Today it is difficult to find someone who does not like dogs. These adorable pets are an important pillar in the lives of many of us, since they give us everything and do not ask much of us in return. They only need walks, affection, veterinary attention and, of course, a good dog food adapted to their needs.

Today we make a guide that deals with this, food for your furry. We must attend to such basic criteria as the type of dog (whether it is breed or not), age, physical condition and lifestyle, among others. But for now, let’s see what is the most important thing to keep in mind about feeding your dog.

The most important

Dog food
  • Not all dog foods are of the same quality. For example, there are Premium brands (high-end, more expensive and composed of qualified ingredients), regular (not with bad ingredients, but not so good) and generic (they usually come in bulk or are sold by the vast majority of supermarkets). We will provide more details throughout this guide.
  • Your pet’s diet and health go hand in hand: the more you invest (we are not just talking about money) in their food, the better health they will be and the more they will appreciate it. If you falter in this area, your dog could be in a lot of trouble, both short and long term.
  • Although there is not only dry feed (as there is also wet and semi-humid food), in this guide we will write exclusively about the first type because in our opinion it is the one that best adapts to all types of breeds. If you have questions about its diet, you should consult your veterinarian.

The best dog food products on the market: our recommendations

Have they given you a dog? Have you decided to adopt one that you have abandoned? We congratulate you, we know that in your hands it will be very happy and at ease. For that you not only have to take it out for a walk and caress it, but also ensure its health (digestion and hair quality, among others). And what better way than preventing diseases with a good diet?

  • Best Mini Dog Food
  • The most complete dog food
  • The best quality dog ​​food
  • The ideal food for adult dogs
  • The dog food that takes care of your teeth

Best Mini Dog Food

3 kg format. It is an ideal feed for small or mini breeds (between 1 and 10 kg) and adult pets (between 1 and 8 years of age). It is a 100% nutritious and balanced food for dogs, made from chicken with rice. Small dogs consume a lot of energy (having a high level of activity). This I think is the solution for its caloric and protein intake.

Also, the size of the croquettes adapts to your pet’s jaw, offering optimal digestion (it includes a contribution of fibers, such as beets, which provides prebiotic effects). We cannot forget the percentage of Omega 3 and 6, zinc and biotin, offering a healthy and shiny coat. Your dog will enjoy it for its good taste.

The most complete dog food

20 kg package. Although it is from Amazon’s white brand, we cannot be carried away by prejudices, since it is a very complete feed (chicken with peas, without artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives). Contains protein to help maintain muscle, vitamin D for strong bones, and prebiotics for digestion.

It also contains nutrients such as zinc and biotin, for a healthy and shiny coat. It is developed by nutritionists, which gives us a certain guarantee of quality. In addition, it contains a feeding guide, so you know the portions and frequency with which you have to feed your pet based on its size and age.

The best quality dog ​​food

11.4 kg format. It is a product of the Premium Acana brand, which is synonymous with the quality of its ingredients (free-range chicken and turkey, as well as fresh eggs). They themselves are in charge of certifying that the components are biologically appropriate, in addition to not including high-glycemic cereals (which usually happens with many feed).

Likewise, it also provides your dog with its necessary ration of Omega 3 fatty acids, to contribute to an optimal physical condition. Oatmeal helps to level blood sugar levels, in addition to eliminating a good part of the accumulation of fat. Food for medium-sized dogs (about 10 kg), since the kibbles measure 1.3 cm.

The ideal food for adult dogs

12 kg format. Food for adult dogs from 25 kg of weight. With an intense lamb flavor, this feed will offer your pet a feeding experience at another level, since in each serving it will absorb all the nutrients necessary for its dental, digestive, bone and muscular health. Likewise, lamb contributes to a good intestinal transit.

Eukanuba, as a good brand of dog food, has been offering prestigious food products since 1964. In this case, carefully selected quality ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet. Thus, your dog will enjoy maximum energy and its life expectancy will grow.

The dog food that takes care of your teeth

7.5 kg format. Food for small dogs because it has 1 cm croquettes. The package contains chicken and rice, two basic ingredients for the health of your pet, since they provide proteins (for their muscles) and easily digestible carbohydrates. In addition, it offers Omega 3 and 6 for the health of its coat. The croquettes clean your teeth and prevent tartar.

It is a Premium range food that contains immunoglobulin and polyphenols, which help strengthen your pet’s natural defenses and barriers. Eating the right servings ensures that you get all the nutrients and components you need in your day-to-day life. Amount of protein: 27%.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Food

Dog food

Now is the time to answer the questions that every dog ​​owner usually asks himself. We will emphasize the most frequent doubts, offering adequate advice and detailing everything you need to know to feed your dog correctly, which will result in their happiness and life expectancy.

What is dog food and what are the advantages of dry food?

It is a dry food that comes in the form of balls or small croquettes. The intention is to meet the nutritional needs of our furry friends to maintain good health, both physical and mental. And this has a lot to do with the type of feed you give it, since there are three main types.

  • I think Premium: It is the highest quality, therefore, it is usually more expensive. Think that if you invest in good nutrition, your dog will enjoy better digestion. The consequence will be: less gas, higher quality of stools, better health and you will be satiated for longer.
  • I think regular: It is usually more purchased, mainly because it has a more affordable price. In any case, and although not all the products belonging to this category are of poor quality, it is true that it costs a bit to find a good quality-price balance.
  • I think generic: It is usually the most sold in supermarkets. Often offered by private labels, they contain poor quality ingredients (they tend to add a lot of cereal, which makes dogs very fat), ultimately showing their digestive health.

In this section we focus exclusively on dry feed because it is the most common and the most profitable in terms of price, storage and duration. Not only that, but it also contains more nutrients and is more balanced than other alternatives. We leave you a table where you can see the benefits and drawbacks of this dog food.

What types of dog food are there?

Now, in addition to the previous distinction, it is also necessary that we observe another typology. Before we alluded to dry feed and, indeed, in the Ranking we focus exclusively on this type of product. But we cannot forget that there is also humid and semi-humid food, which we are going to detail.

And it is that when we refer to feeding our pets, we cannot close ourselves and believe that one type of food is the best. The secret of a balanced diet rich in nutrients lies in knowing how to combine different foods because your dog will appreciate the variety. Imagine that every day they gave you to eat rice with chicken, it will surely tire you.

Is dry or wet food better in dog food?

It always depends a lot on the brand. It is not the same to buy cans of Royal Canin than Friskies. Without trying to discredit, and knowing that each brand focuses its product on certain needs and pockets (it is usually more expensive than dry), the quality of the wet food will be decisive to choose responsibly which one suits your pet.

Is semi-wet dog food good?

It is a frequent question because when we go to buy dog ​​food, either online, in a pet store or a supermarket, we find many formats of food. But as a general rule, semi-wet feed is the least convenient. Although it seems cheap, in the long run it is expensive, without a doubt.

Is it better to buy dog ​​food or make homemade food?

There are more and more owners who decide, either on budget or more than anything for the health of their pet, to prepare their own homemade dog food on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you try to maintain a certain balance in your diet. That is why this alternative is not for beginners, but for experienced people.

How much dog food does my puppy need?

If you have just had a litter or have acquired a puppy, you will know that their nutritional needs are radically different from those of an adult individual. However, as he grows, we must adapt his food so that the introduction to adult kibble is optimal. Now we see it with a table, to make it clearer.

Food for adult dogs: sizes and quantities

Unlike puppies, adult individuals are already fully formed, so they will be able to eat all kinds of food. That is why we need to adapt our diet to certain routines and lifestyles. Also, you know that the size and weight of dogs do not match in all breeds. Now we show you what you need to know.

How much dog food do you need per day?

This depends on many factors, since we must take into account your pet’s age, breed, size, physical constitution, state of health (it does not eat the same if it is healthy or sick) or if you have a pregnant dog, among many more specs. In any case, as a general rule, a percentage of between 2 and 3% of your pet’s weight can be taken into account.

In this way, by weighing your pet (which we recommend to do once a month, so that there are no problems due to being overweight or excessively thin) and calculating 3% of that value, you will know how much food to offer. However, almost all pet food packages include a guideline, detailing how much and how often it is needed.

How to give dog food to my overweight pet?

First of all, you have to make sure that this is true. To do this, we invite you to feel the area of ​​your dog’s side. If the ribs are noticeable, your pet is healthy. If you can’t feel the bones when you touch, you have to help your pet lose weight. That usually happens by not giving him the food he requires (many owners offer human food).

It is not convenient, since for example pasta, having many carbohydrates, assimilate it in the form of sugar, which makes it accumulate in the form of fat. That is why it is necessary to discard this habit and replace it with good eating habits. Dogs need to eat on time and maintain a stable routine, in addition to using exclusively their own food.

My dog ​​does not get fat, what dog food should I give him?

Dog food

In this case, the problem is not that you eat too much or badly, but that you are not directly getting the necessary nutrients or the amount that your body actually requires. This may be due to not liking the food you offer or some health problem such as intestinal parasites.

This may not be the reason, but for a mental reason, such as nervousness. There are some breeds of dog that are seriously affected by changes in their environment or behaviors of their owners. If you can calm her down, she may eat properly again. Another reason may be that you are eating, but not getting the nutrients you need from food.

If this is the case, we strongly recommend that you invest in premium range foods, as they have a multitude of benefits for your health (better digestion and greater assimilation of nutrients). You need a food with 23% protein, in addition to requiring better flavor. To do this, mix the dry feed with a can of wet food.

Purchase criteria

The moment of truth has arrived: what do you need to know when buying dog food? We detail some criteria to take into account, so that you do not get lost among so much product, ingredient and brand. Feeding your dog correctly is not usually easy, but if you are really interested, you can choose the best product.

  • Ingredients
  • Vitamins
  • Helps defenses
  • Prebiotics
  • Premium


The first thing you see when you pick up a package of dog food is the ingredient list. You know that this is decisive for your pet because the composition of the croquettes directly affects their general health, both physical and mental. The following list shows a series of nutrients, ordered from highest to lowest percentage.

  • Protein: It is a basic component in the diet of our dogs (beneficial for muscles, bones and the immune system) so the food you choose must contain a high percentage. Likewise, we can make a classification of different types of meat protein.
  • Lamb: It is one of the most palatable foods for dogs, since its caloric and protein intake is considerable. Offering your pet a feed with lamb will make its stools more consistent (especially in animals with a tendency to develop digestive problems).
  • Chicken: Helps maintain strong and healthy muscles.
  • Salmon: It is a protein in dog food that is very easy to assimilate, in addition to promoting the health of the coat and skin. This type of fish is beneficial for your pet’s teeth and bones.
  • Fats: Also known as lipids or oils (and “ethereal extract” in the scientific community), they are another fundamental pillar of your pet’s balanced diet. They are in charge of giving food a good taste and giving energy. They also maintain body temperature and are involved in the movement of muscles and body organs.
  • Carbohydrates: They are sugars and saccharides that, with fats, provide energy. It is important to offer your pet predigested cereals, due to its short digestive tract. If this requirement is not met, the dog’s body will not be able to digest the food well when it passes through the small intestine and reaches the raw large intestine. Later it will ferment, which will cause diarrhea and flatulence.


Vitamins are a component that your dog requires daily from his diet. For example, vitamin B is responsible for maintaining a strong and silky coat. In case of a deficiency of this nutrient, it can degenerate into problems in the reproductive system, the nervous or immune system, among others.

So vitamins and minerals are absolutely necessary. You should choose dog food with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, which will give your pet a supply of antioxidants, a good regulation of calcium and phosphorus (two minerals involved in the ossification of bones), antibacterial protection and optimal vision, among many other benefits.

Helps defenses

Dogs are not made of steel. Sometimes they get sick, so prevention is always better than cure. If we choose the first option, we will have to choose foods for the furry that contain these protections. The immune system provides defenses against bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. If these defenses aren’t doing their job, it could be due to a few causes.

Sudden changes in temperature, prolonged stress, pollution or nutritional deficit can be the probable cause of a weakening of your dog’s defenses. The adequate nutrients to solve this problem are, among others, Omega 3, vitamins E and C, taurine and lutein. This set of nutrients prevents the excessive release of free radicals.


They are fibers of plant origin that are not digested by the small intestine and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria for your dog’s large intestine. They are the natural food of probiotics (live bacteria good for the digestive tract). Unlike these, prebiotics are not alive, so they can resist sudden changes in temperature.

So, instead of ingesting bacteria, if you choose foods composed of prebiotics, you are offering your dog food for the good bacteria in the large intestine, which regulates the hormonal level. It also reduces inflammation, in addition to increasing the absorption of nutrients from your dog’s body.


Finally, we are convinced that opting for Premium range dog food, even if it involves a greater financial investment on your part, in the long run your pet will benefit, because high-end food has a radically different treatment in its elaboration, choosing ideal ingredients and adding necessary vitamins and minerals.

Good ingredients and components are part of the three pillars of the digestibility of Premium food products, along with the other two: appropriate formula (optimal fiber and mineral content) and avoiding overcooking). In the same way, ask your vet if your pet needs prescription food.


Buying dog food is not silly. Although many supermarkets want to sell you any product and we, motivated by economic interests, give in to temptation, we may not be doing the pet any favors. That is why you are interested in learning about animal feed.

By following our food and nutrition guidelines, you can be sure you’re doing the right thing. We know that a pet takes time because your job as an owner is not only to take him for a walk, caress him and put water and I think, but also to ensure his health. Remember, health always begins “through the mouth.”

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