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Dog Toothpaste: Which is the Best of 2023?

Discover the best dog toothpaste of 2023 for maintaining your dog’s dental health. Keep your dog’s smile shining with these top picks.

To keep a good breath in the mouth of your beloved dog, and also for his health, you should give him the possibility to clean his teeth and gums at least three times a week. Toothbrushes, in their different forms, need toothpaste created especially for dogs. Never give yours because it can be toxic.

You will also see here that dog pastas are richer than those that humans have at our disposal and that is, they can taste like chicken or beef! In this guide we will help you understand why your cute dog needs a good toothpaste, how to put them to good use and how you will have to make your pet have a perfect “smile”.

The most important

Dog toothpaste
  • Never give your dog a toothpaste made for humans. It can be toxic. Remember that he does not understand that he should spit it out and is going to ingest it.
  • The dental hygiene of your pet, in addition to serving to eliminate bad oral odors, is directly related to its health. The gums can pass bacteria to internal organs if they are not cleaned.
  • When buying a toothpaste for your dog, in addition to the need to get one that has a pleasant taste, you must monitor that it has healthy ingredients because the dog is going to swallow it. And also, you must know that you have great allies in the market so that your dog’s teeth are from a television commercial.

The best toothpastes for dogs: our recommendations

It is very important for you to know the most popular products on the market and the preferences of other people and their pets. Thus, you will know what you can find when you go to buy a toothpaste for your dog. To help you in this task, we have made a selection for you with the five most popular products and a detailed description of each one.

The best toothpaste to fight bad breath

The manufacturers of this toothpaste say that it has been specially created to combat dog bad breath and also serves to attack tartar and plaque that accumulate near the gums.

Despite the menthol smell, buyers say their pets like the taste and they are happy with the breath it leaves in their friends’ mouths.

The dog’s favorite toothpaste

This toothpaste is formulated with baking soda to neutralize odors. Each wash fights tartar and bad breath for up to 24 hours, its manufacturers promise.

It has been created with a beef flavor and the seller claims that the ingredients are natural. Dogs love it, but there is a whiff of meat left in their mouths.

Veterinarians’ Favorite Toothpaste

This paste has been created to fight tartar and possible inflammations and infections, as specified by its sellers. In fact, buyers whose dogs are forced to take medication say that this paste helps in the goal of keeping the mouth healthy and is recommended by veterinarians.

The best natural canine toothpaste

This mint-flavored toothpaste, which has been created based on coconut oil and bicarbonate, promises to keep your mouth very clean based on natural ingredients, without the addition of any chemicals. The packaging is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Customers say their dogs like the taste and it leaves them fresh breath thanks to the mint.

The best toothpaste to fight tartar, plaque and bad breath

This product, according to its manufacturers, fights tartar, plaque and fights bad breath. It contains a multi-enzyme complex created to improve saliva and customers say it takes away the tooth aches that a dog sometimes suffers from. Leaves breath fresh.

It comes with a finger brush and the seller says it can be applied without a brush.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Toothpaste

Dog toothpaste

If you have never cleaned your pet’s teeth and want to start, in the following lines we will give you some tips so you know how to do it. Really, it won’t be difficult for your great four-legged friend to get used to it. Give him lots of love in the process, which is the best reward for his good behavior. And do your research until you find the toothpaste that you like best.

Does my dog ​​need toothpaste?

Yes. For the same reasons that you need toothpaste. An unhygienic denture can turn brown and could lead to tooth loss prematurely. In addition, dirt is sometimes accompanied by pain in the gums and internal organs. Accumulated bacteria can reach parts of the body through the blood.

How can I get my dog ​​used to the taste of his toothpaste?

The manufacturers of these products recommend that, when a dog has never carried out this important task, they begin by gently rubbing the teeth and gums with a small amount of toothpaste. Let him get a taste. Sometimes they love the taste. Others don’t. Everything will be a matter of changing the brand or product.

What is and how is the tartar that fights a dog toothpaste created?

As experts explain to us, tartar is the calcification of bacterial plaque. And as we clarify with simpler words: that plaque, if it spends a long time on the tooth, hardens and when you add other products that are consumed, they settle. At first, it has a more yellowish hue. Over time it gets darker.

In general, all the products that an animal consumes, especially trinkets that have excess sugar, accumulate bacteria on the teeth. If they are not cleaned with a good brush and toothpaste, they remain perennial on the teeth and form a base where more microorganisms that arrive with new foods settle.

Why does my dog ​​have black spots on his teeth and the toothpaste won’t remove it?

From time to time you should check your pet’s gums because they can tell a lot about his health. Even if you see something really strange, you should consult your vet. If your dog has anemia, some type of food poisoning or internal bleeding, among other cases, his gums will not have the pink color that you have always seen him.

But you should know that the black spots that dogs usually have are totally normal. Although they may be unsightly, they have no effect on your health or well-being. Not everyone has to have them, it depends on the breed. For the rest, if your gum is whitish or strongly reddish, then yes you may suffer from a disease and you should consult experts.

Is it good for my dog ​​to lick my face if he brushes his teeth with paste?

Dog toothpaste

Many times people prefer to avoid loving licks from their pets because of the foul breath that comes out of their mouths. If you brush your teeth, you won’t get this halitosis problem. But many doubt that it is healthy for a dog to run its tongue over a person’s face. Many love it because they adore their pets.

However, experts in microbiology have concluded in studies that licks in the mouth, eyes, nose or wounds should be avoided. The problem is that the dog’s snout picks up a lot of bacteria that are on the street. Do not forget that a dog loves to smell the urine that he finds very closely. And that, sometimes, even licks it.

Purchase criteria

In order for you to make a good purchase, which is of quality and is useful to you, in the following lines we are going to detail some purchase criteria that you should take into account. We don’t want you to spend money in vain. And that probably will not happen to you if you take into account some simple criteria that we detail below. These will be:

  • Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Accessories
  • Feedback from other buyers


The important thing is that the toothpaste carries healthy ingredients with your pet’s body. And don’t forget that xylitol, so common in our pasta, is toxic to a dog. The good news is that there are many all-natural products that are used to clean teeth and gums, which is why dog ​​toothpastes are usually very natural.

Thus, we find that bicarbonate is a great ally against tartar and plaque. In addition, some oil such as coconut is usually added to make it take a more pleasant texture. As for the flavor, you can include natural foods such as cinnamon or lemon. The common thing is that the toothpaste you are going to buy specifies the ingredients on the packaging.


The important thing for you is that the ingredients are appropriate for the animal’s body, and the essential thing for your dog is that the product taste good. Therefore, choose the flavor according to your tastes. There are menthol to add a fresh taste to your mouth, but if you don’t like it, a pasta can also taste like chicken or beef.


A toothpaste must have a certain consistency so that it stays on the brush during the cleaning process. If it is very liquid, it will last a few seconds in the animal’s mouth. Therefore, the common thing is that the texture of your beloved pet’s toothpaste is very similar to that of yours in order to carry out its work.


For toothpaste to fulfill its function of keeping your dog’s dental health safe, it needs allies that the market offers. It doesn’t work just to put toothpaste in your dog’s mouth and wait for miracles to come. Next, we detail what other products will help a dog to maintain an advertisement “smile”:

  • Toothbrush: They come in different forms: as human toothbrushes, as a toy, or as a glove for the human finger. You should choose the brush according to the tastes of your pet and spend a few minutes a day in the cleaning process, with patience and love.
  • Snacks to clean the teeth: These snacks, by themselves, do not clean perfectly, but they are very helpful and also animals love to chew on them.
  • Mouthwashes: There are mouthwashes created for dogs. They are especially useful for those animals that love that their toothpaste tastes like meat, since the rinse will give it the smell of freshness.
  • Healthy food: Quality food will be less harmful to the mouth of your beloved pet. Also, remember that wet food, in addition to the fact that it enchants the dog, provides hydration, but that dry food is better for the teeth, since biting it strengthens the tooth.

Feedback from other buyers

Never forget how important it is to know the opinions and experiences of other people with a product that interests you. Especially if you have a dog that gets very exquisite with what it consumes. The good thing is that the Internet gives the option that anyone who wants to can comment on their impression of a brand and that can be very useful for others.


Good smell, white teeth and lower risk of catching any disease. Just as you wash your mouth, an ideal place to allow various bacteria to enter your body, do the same with your dog. In addition to that an unclean mouth can be very painful and can also lead to more serious problems in internal organs.

So, for your pet to be healthy and maintain its precious teeth for many years, use toothpaste several times a week, complemented with other products intended for oral hygiene such as a brush, cleansing snacks or mouthwash. There are many flavors and with different ingredients. Don’t use your paste because it’s toxic to a dog.

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