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Fish Tanks: Which Is the Best of 2023?

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It is nice to have a fish tank at home, better known as an aquarium in Spain. As soon as your guests arrive, they can glimpse the colors that emanate from it, the well-fed fish moving through the water and those incredible decorations. Because having fish in your home does not mean that you do not pay proper attention to them. They carry a daily maintenance, although it may not seem like it.

We present you the definitive guide to fish tanks: the best aquariums on the market, a series of answers to the most common questions about aquariums of all kinds and the criteria that the product you choose must meet. You will have all the information required to make a purchase of 10. Whether you are a beginner or have been in the aquarium for a long time, you are interested.

The most important

  • A fish tank is the most important part of having a fish at home. If you want your pet to live happily for a long time, choosing the best aquarium is essential.
  • There are many types of fish tanks: for salt, fresh, warm or cold water. Experts recommend beginning aquarium fish with cold water fish, such as goldfish . The main reason is that cold water is much easier to maintain than warm water.
  • At the same time, buying an aquarium is the first step. Then you also need filters, decorations, anti-chlorine and many more accessories. But in this guide we are going to focus on aquariums.

The best fish tanks on the market: our favorites

To have a pet in good condition, you have to provide it with a comfortable home with all its needs covered. In the case of fish, you need to find an ideal aquarium for them. Here we present a list of the best fish tanks that you can get online. According to the characteristics of your fish, you can choose the most suitable.

  • The most versatile and functional fish tank
  • The most complete fish tank
  • The best aquarium kit
  • The most original fish tank
  • The ideal fish tank for beginners

The most versatile and functional fish tank

Capacity: 11 liters. Dimensions: 30 cm x 18 cm x 20 cm. Glass thickness: 4 mm. The product consists of a glass urn with plastic frames, without filters or lights.

It is useful for multiple uses: fish tank, turtle tank or terrarium, as it comes with a lid made of the same material. Due to its dimensions it fits anywhere in your home. It is good value for money.

The most complete fish tank

Capacity: 7 liters. Dimensions: 23 cm x 16 cm x 27.5 cm. It is a fish tank with curved glass, for a panoramic view (180º). It comes with LED light, plastic frames and an ecological filtration system, plus two plugs to connect to the power. It incorporates a water pump (250 liters per hour). There are two colors to choose from: white or black.

The LED Fish Tank Light is built-in, white, low-voltage and energy-saving. These characteristics make it possible to offer adequate lighting in the aquarium, showing that it does not have to be at odds with protecting the environment. In short: a good product, suitable for beginners.

The best aquarium kit

Capacity: 20 liters. Dimensions: 41.2 cm x 21.5 cm x 27.7 cm. It is a freshwater glass fish tank with everything you need to enter the world of aquariums: backpack filter and high-power LED light for proper lighting (natural light effect).

The most original fish tank

Capacity: 4 liters. Dimensions: 19 cm x 19 cm x 20 cm. It is a fish tank made of ABS plastic and glass (this can be easily removed for cleaning).

They can be stacked so that your fish have more space, as if it were a hotel for your pets. A truly original design, by the hand of Teddy Luong.

The ideal fish tank for beginners

Capacity: 20 liters. Dimensions: 32 cm x 26.7 cm x 26.7 cm. It is a fish tank made of glass with white plastic.

Ideal set for aquarium beginners: protection cap, inner filter, Samsung LED lamp, integrated lampshade, fish food, aquarium guide and chlorine water conditioner.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Fish Tanks

Fish tanks

We come to the section of the most frequently asked questions regarding aquariums. We answer all those questions you need to know before venturing into buying a product of this style. As you already know, each fish has specific needs, although there are many classes that you can include in the same tank.

What is a fish tank and what advantages does it have?

A fish tank is a glass (mostly) and plastic container, designed to mimic the environmental conditions of the fish’s habitat. It is a water container in which you can put various objects and accessories for your pet: water filters, purifiers, heaters, gravel, sand and various decorative items.

Many people love having fish and caring for them. Of course: we must have them in the best of conditions and that happens by having all the possible information on cleaning, maintenance and solutions to all kinds of problems that may arise.

And it is that having an aquarium is not only valid for a home. They can also be placed in offices, residences or any other place, as long as there is someone to carry out the maintenance of the fish tank. We have prepared below a list of benefits of fish tanks in urban environments.

Advantages of aquariums

  • Surely when you observe a fish tank you are aware of the tranquility with which the fish live, it is as if you were meditating with your eyes open, since this action induces calm and reduces the stress levels to which we are subjected every day.
  • Aquarium maintenance is a healthy hobby .
  • You have company. Although fish are not comparable to dogs or cats in many ways, they are with you and you can create a very strong bond.
  • Remember that the more community your aquarium is, the more entertaining you will be.

How to clean a fish tank?

As much as you sometimes try to delay the moment (with water purifiers or anti-chloros), you should always try to keep the aquarium clean. It is a process that you have to do well, because if you make a mistake there may be problems. In this section we will explain to you, step by step, how to properly sanitize fish tanks.

  • Once a week you have to remove the excess dirt from the tank. For that you have to change 25% of the water and use a siphon. This way you vacuum the debris from the gravel and do not allow the filter to clog. Of course, always use water that does not have detergents or other types of toxic products for your fish.
  • Due to the combination of strong light and poor water quality, algae (that green viscous material that clings to glass, ornaments and to the bottom of the bottom) tend to proliferate. The best way to remove this dirt is with a scraper on the windows.
  • As for the ornaments, you can put them in water with bleach (do not use soap or detergents) . Before putting them back in the tank you have to rinse them very well.
  • Then it is time to clean the filter, which we detail in the next section.

Is there a fish tank that cleans itself?

It is the dream of a good number of fish owners. We know that constant maintenance of an aquarium can be somewhat tedious, so there have been people who have used their ingenuity to design and create self-cleaning fish tanks. A good solution is to buy a fish tank with a small garden on top.

The operation is very simple: the system is built in such a way that the fish droppings can be used as fertilizer for the plants, at the same time that they are in charge of filtering impurities from the water. It would be a very good solution, if it weren’t for the fact that these products usually have a very high price.

How to remove lime from a fish tank?

Sometimes, in addition to dirt such as algae or droppings, the aquarium can also accumulate a thin white layer of lime or tartar. It is a situation that often brings many fish owners head to head. We must warn that, even if it is an aesthetic problem, we can breathe calmly, since it is not toxic for pets.

The origin of this element is a consequence of mineral residues and alkaline substances in the water. To solve this problem, we recommend that you remove the fish and place them in another space. Once this step has been taken, you can rub the glass of the fish tank with a double-sided sponge (such as kitchen ones) with salfumán or vinegar. Once used, throw it away.

How to decorate a fish tank?

It is a question that many people often ask, since an aquarium with only one fish can be somewhat sad. To avoid this situation, there are decorative options for all tastes: plants (thin, large and dark leaf), rocks (try to use them rounded, without sharp edges to prevent the fish from hurting themselves) and colored sand.

In addition, there are many manufacturers of ornaments such as tanks, adhesive images to stick on the glass of the fish tank, statuettes and objects that simulate sunken ships. The alternatives are many, being able to play and entertain yourself using combinations of all kinds. It is a good idea to create chiaroscuro areas to give a sense of depth.

What types of fish tanks are there on the market?

Because they are not only a glass container with water, you must be very clear about the characteristics of the fish you have (or are going to have), so that you can equip the fish tank with everything your pet needs. The objective is to imitate, as closely as possible, the natural habitat of this species.

To help you choose the most suitable product, we have prepared a table with the type of aquariums that exist on the market. Thus, depending on the composition of the water, origin of the fish, the temperature at which it is used to living and the plants that make up its space, you should choose a fish tank from among these five classes.

What are the basic accessories that a fish tank needs?

When equipping a fish tank to make it look more complete and beautiful, we need to make a list of everything that is needed. If you thought that only decorative objects were enough, you were very wrong. Here we show you the four objects that you should buy for your fish tank or aquarium.

  • Water filters. As its name says, it is in charge of filtering and purifying the water. It has another very important function: to balance the ecosystem of the fish tank, due to the bacteria that are generated by the waste accumulated by the filter.
  • Aerators. Properly oxygenate an aquarium is very important, because it allows the fish to live peacefully in its space. As the first is a closed water system, the ideal is to eradicate the oxygen particles so that your pets can breathe.
  • Lights. They are more important to the potential plants you include than to the fish. If you have a lot of light, the plants widen and if the luminosity is not very relevant, they stretch to find it. In any case, it is never advisable to allow direct sunlight on the aquarium.
  • Test for water. It is necessary to test the water in the tank from time to time to ensure that it is in perfect condition. And also so that your fish can live as long as possible.

What is a fish tank filter?

It is a fundamental device for the correct maintenance of the aquarium, since it is in charge of recirculating the water in the tank, filtering the detritus and toxic components generated by the flora and fauna of the aquatic habitat. Although in a natural system (lake or river) this is not necessary, in a fish tank it is, because it is stagnant water.

The filter in a fish tank simulates the natural conditions of the aquatic environment, so it is necessary to install it to find a balance in the composition of the water. Many fish owners wonder if the filter can be unplugged at some point. The answer is no (except when you have to clean it).

How is the fish tank filtration mechanism?

Although there are several kinds of filters, in most cases the handling is similar, as well as simple. This is so because all filter machines contain the same parts: water pump, filter chamber (present in more complex devices), a water inlet and outlet. Knowing the parts that make it up, we proceed to describe the operation in detail.

  • Dirty tank water enters, which contains dirt particles (debris, scale, and many chemical compounds).
  • This passes through the filter head, where the pump that powers the flow is located.
  • Chamber, in turn composed of three parts, in descending order: mechanical filter, biological filter and chemical filter. All the dirt stays in this section, so you need to clean it at least every 15 days.
  • Water outlet, this time clean.

What types of filters for fish tanks and aquariums are there?

It is time to choose a good product that purifies the water in your fish tank. You have to know that there are several kinds of filters, divided into two large groups: internal (sponge, box and interior) and external (exterior and waterfall or backpack). Next we proceed to classify them in a table, with their characteristics.

How to properly wash the filter of my fish tank?

Fish tanks

The first thing you have to do is disconnect it from the current, in addition to removing it from the water (in case you have an internal filter). Afterwards, you remove the dirt and impurities without using soaps or detergents because they are toxic products for fish. You do the same with the filter sponge, rinsing it with water.

However, if you see that the sponge is very used, you can dispose of it without problems. Remember that if your appliance has activated carbon, you don’t have to wash it, but change it for a new one. Likewise, you also have to remove it when you put medicines in the aquarium for your pets, since it does not allow the remedy to reach the water.

Purchase criteria

Buying a fish tank for your home can become a real headache. However, we are certain that with the right information, everything is easier. In this section we proceed to explain point by point what you need to take into account to acquire the aquarium you need for your fish.

  • Capacity and form
  • Easy to clean fish tanks
  • Fish type
  • Complements and accessories
  • Buyers opinions

Capacity and form

Depending on the type of fish you have, you will have to choose the appropriate dimensions for your fish tank, since there are aquariums up to 1,500 liters in volume. But oxygenation is even more important than size, without forgetting the shape: the rectangular fish tank is the most suitable because it has the optimal shape to better locate it in your home.

Also, another reason why you should choose a rectangular aquarium lies in a greater contact surface with the air. This facilitates gas exchange (expulsion of carbon dioxide and absorption of oxygen). The structure of the tank also influences the amount of light that enters, since this is essential for the plants that you can include.

Easy to clean fish tanks

Another criterion to take into account when you are going to buy a fish tank. The grace of owning a pet is that you can enjoy their company, in addition to giving them a good life. You cannot relax thinking that having a fish is not going to mean disengaging, but it cannot be slavery either. You need to make sure how long the routine cleaning will take.

Of course, cleaning the fish tank is a task that involves an expenditure of resources, in addition to energy. However, a good option is to invest in an aquarium that is easy to clean. You can also choose a large one, which allows you to place the most suitable filter, so you do not have to carry out the sanitization work so often.

Fish type

It is the most important decision you have to make because the kind of fish tank you choose, the accessories, accessories and other determinations related to the aquarium depends on this. In case you didn’t know, cold water fish are bigger compared to tropical ones. In addition, the aquarium is not only good for one specimen.

In case you didn’t know, cold water fish are bigger compared to tropical ones. You have to be mindful not to end up buying fish bowl for a Jack Dempsey Fish.

You can choose to maintain a community aquarium. Logically, despite having to cover more expenses, it is also more attractive, especially if you choose to buy a tropical or Dutch fish tank. We recommend introducing yourself little by little in this area, if you are a beginner. For that, you can start with a cold water aquarium and one or two fish.

Complements and accessories

There are aquariums and fish tanks that you can buy in the form of a pack or set (including filters, heaters and other accessories) and others that only contain the glass urn. You are interested in one or the other depending on the case. For example, for newbies and beginners, it is always better to have a complete product such as a kit with everything you need.

On the other hand, if your passage through the aquarium path is already experienced, you will have no problem choosing a fish tank without accessories, because you will already have the necessary knowledge to function without any problem.

Buyers opinions

The most convenient thing is to avoid buying blindly, that is, just getting carried away by prices and images. You need to know the opinions of other users and even professionals. In short: who is going to know better about a product than someone who has previously tried it? Although it seems obvious to some extent, not many people do.

A positive point of the Internet is precisely that you can research, ask for and offer opinions. It is the democratization of information, that you can use it to your advantage. That is why, when buying a new aquarium, especially online, there is the option of reading the criteria of people who went through the same situation.


Maintaining a fish tank is neither easy nor difficult, it just requires perseverance and dedication. Maybe at the time you believed that having a fish would mean disengaging. Nothing is further from reality, since you have to feed him, buy filters, decorations and other products he needs. And also, try to live in a clean aquatic space, free of debris.

A pet in the home is a source of blessings and joy, as well as a lot of responsibility. If you have one and you live alone, it is your responsibility to take care of it. On the other hand, if you share your house with more people, we suggest that you share that responsibility in order to establish stronger ties between all the inhabitants of the home, including pets.

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