Best Fish Tank Filter Buying Guide

Best Fish Tank Filter Buying Guide

Choosing the right Fish Tank Filter? Our guide helps you pick the perfect filter for your aquarium size, fish, and budget. Learn about filter types, maintenance & more!

First you need to know the type of filter of fish tank filter.

First and foremost we have a “forced filtration filter” consisting of water changes from time to time. A slight change in the water may prevent the accumulation of wastes and wastes, but it does not completely remove the toxic substances contained in the fish tank.

In this water filtration process, we need to consider that we need a good filtration system to find other ways to purify the water, as follows:

Mechanical filtering

Each large and small particle is held by a material of varying thickness, starting with a porosity material and extracting large and thick particles such as food waste, feces. And for the maintenance of fine particles, they end up with fewer little things, preventing them from reaching the biological filter.

Biological filtration

This is the second stage of filtration based on the nitrogen cycle, where beneficial bacteria are used to purify water, as a result, they cannot survive, some bacteria appear naturally and will be installed in a short time. . Fish tank filter.

Commonly known as aquarium cycling. Bacteria take 4-8 weeks to reproduce, colonize and biologically stabilize the aquarium. Preferably because of its high-bore holes.

Do not clean any biological material with tap water because chlorine will finish all cycling in the aquarium.

Chemical filtration

It is responsible for the removal of all compounds and unwanted particles in the water and the addition of other compounds necessary to condition the marine life of the fish tank.

Activated charcoal is usually used to eliminate the amount of drug in the trace. These chemicals are always used for specific purposes, for example:

  • Different hardness
  • Get rid of the drunk
  • pH change
  • Finish the smell
  • Remove the yellow water
  • Suction of chlorine

You should also know about the types of indoor fish tank filters commonly used in small and medium sized aquariums. Used primarily as a support filter.

Fish Tank Internal Filter Type:

  • Aquarium sponge filter
  • Corner filter
  • Plate or bottom of filter

And we have an external filter for the water tank, where a siphon is used, which carries water through many filter materials and then cleanly returns it by flowing.

External fish filter tank type:

  • Falling waterfall or backpack
  • Outer bottle filter
  • Decantation filter
  • Dry wet filter
  • Tile filter
  • Algae Filters and Fluidized Beds

If you are an honored manager of a 5 gallon filter tank (woman-featured!) , This means you are familiar with the relevance of a really good filter for some friends.

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