The Fur of The Cats. Tips, Advice And Much More

The fur of cats, fulfills a number of important functions, such as: function as Thermal insulation, mechanical insulation, serves as communication and as a source of information from outside. For this reason, we must take care of our pet’s mantle so that it is healthy, soft and shiny.

The fur of cats: How to make it grow?

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If your cat has had any problem of growth of the fur, I recommend that you continue reading. Then, I propose some tips that are not a miracle, but will help the good growth of the mantle. If the hair still does not grow in small or large areas, it is very important that you take the cat to the veterinarian.

The nutrition that the pet has is vital. It is essential that we provide quality protein to the pet. These proteins must have fundamental amino acids (such as lysine) for the good growth of the mantle.

Like proteins, too must have minerals, vitamins and fatty acids (Omega3 and Omega6) Great for the pet. If we think of poor quality, it is very likely that you have a deficit in your diet.

In addition to good nutrition, it is also essential:

It’s very important Brush the cat correctly and so detach from dead fur. Good brushing facilitates hair renewal, especially during shedding.

Good deworming will also help them have a healthy mantle. Parasites can cause lesions, alopecia and allergies that can be prevented with the right products.

Cat fur: how to soften it

The fur of the cats
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If you have noticed that your cat’s coat is not soft at all, it could be indicating a greeting problem. The causes of this are usually stress, lack of hygiene or lack of care.

A good one Food with your proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals It is essential for them to have the mantle in perfect condition.

Deworming is also important. Fleas, for example, they can have a bad effect on the cat’s mantle by removing shine and softness the same.

It is also important to keep the stress of our pet at bay. To do this try to have a rich environment in games and toys. Places where they can scratch and frolic quietly. If you still don’t know how to control your cat’s stress, you can take it to the vet or an ethologist.

By last, Hygiene in cats is very important. They have to lick each other but we, as owners, also have to brush them frequently. It doesn’t matter if your cat is long or short-haired, you should brush them correctly to remove dead hair. In addition, this makes it easier to visualize any type of problem in the fur or fur of the cat.

The fur of cats: how to brush it correctly

The fur of the cats
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It is important to brush the pet with some regularity. For this you must use a correct brush for the type of coat (long or short) you have.

The brushing experience must be positive for your pet. Good advice is Start, with this type of routine, when the cat is small. This way you will get used to it before.

For some cats, brushing is a pleasure, but for others it is uncomfortable. To make it a good and comfortable thing, try to get in touch with your pet by putting it in your lap. Brush along the back, gently and delicately.

To brush the pet well it is important to do it in the direction of the hair. We will try to review, in this way, the whole body of the pussycat emphasizing behind the legs.

If the cat is not accustomed and brushing is uncomfortable, we can do this task in two or three times. In addition, then we will reward with some special snack, so we will associate this practice with something positive.

If you have a long-haired cat, it is important to brush them once a day. If we also find some knots, which you cannot undo, we can use a knot separator and then cut those that cannot be removed.

The fur of cats: how to avoid letting go too much

The fur of the cats
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It is usual that during the molting season, the cat releases much more hair. This process is natural and we cannot avoid it. But we must observe if there is an abnormal hair loss. In this sense, the pet can present areas where there is no hair, itching, vomiting, weight loss … in these cases it is vital to go to the veterinarian.

The first thing we have to keep in mind, so that the cat releases a normal amount of hair, is Provide a good diet. It is essential that it be of quality.

Further, We will have to brush the pet as well with a correct brush. In this way we will be helping to eliminate all that dead hair that, otherwise, would spread throughout the house.

It is also important to deworm the cat, even if they live indoors. Fleas, among others, can cause the cat to scratch and lick itself excessively.

Finally, stress can cause the cat to release much more hair. Thus They must have an appropriate environment with toys, games, jump and scratch zones. In addition, we must pay attention to the pet.

Oily fur in cats

The fur of the cats
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Seborrhea is a chronic problem that some cats suffer in their skin. To successfully treat feline seborrhea, a veterinarian’s diagnosis is essential.

For our part, we can offer you a correct diet for your type of problem. In addition, they will need both external and internal deworming.

If your cat suffers from a seborrhea picture, you can use a shampoo suitable for this problem. We must keep the skin of the animal very clean with specific products for this problem.

We must not stop going to the vet. Only a professional can help us with this issue and explain what we can do for him, so that he recovers and is well.

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