Tips and recommendations before adopting a pet

Meeting down the street with a playful kitten or a lost dog that approaches us cuddly It is something that has happened to more than one at some time in our life. The natural and human impulse is to pick it up to take it home.

But, adopting an animal is an important decision because, from that moment that being will share your life, with what that implies. But it is very important to know what the veterinarians about this issue and be able to make the best decision.

Rate a series of points

It is convenient that we talk with friends, family and acquaintances that have pets to probe the implications that this beautiful decision can have. Adopt a pet It may seem like a good idea if you have children. In this sense, remember that a pet requires time to attend, play with her or help her when she has a health problem. Do you have time? Can you get it out of caring for your children? Do you understand that you should involve your children in their care?

On the other hand, Now your children have an age and priorities. They are small and the animal can attract a lot of attention, but they grow and the animal also. Cats and dogs easily exceed ten years and can reach twenty years of age, and you have to take care of it all that time and, if you have children, they will grow and have other priorities: friends, go out … Are you aware of the implication of all this?

There are expenses to add

Any of your friends, family or acquaintances can explain that your pet has had a health problem at any given time, with the expenses that this entails. In addition, the animals they have to follow a vaccination schedule, a feeding determined based on your age, sterilization, veterinary checks, cleaning… a multitude of expenses that until now you didn’t have.

You must be aware of it and know whether or not you can assume it and think that, in addition to all this, when they are puppies it is usual that they destroy things, throw vases on the floor … a series of accidents that will also make you have to scratch your pocket.

Is your home adequate?

In relation to what they can break at home, you have to think, too, if our house is ready to have animals or even, may be prohibited on your farm, or your landlord Do not allow it in the rental contract.

All this on the one hand, but also, in the case of a dog, needs to walk, run and not be trapped between four walls and it is not acceptable to have it permanently on the balcony or terrace of your house.

The time we have

We all have obligations. We started this whole series of tips making you think that you should have time to attend to that animal and that you should get it out of what you dedicate, for example, to your children; but also you must think about what you will do on vacation and if your life habits or routines allow you to take daily walks, get home at a reasonable time, if you’re going to be all day outside and the animal alone at home, etc. Rate this: the animal accompanies you, but you must also attend to it.

And one last thing: think that you will be the faithful companion of an animal for all its life, be the years that live and with all the problems that it can have. Agree with your family the commitment on the part of all of them to care for and care for the animal, and, if you all agree, Think seriously if you adopt a protective animal, because that is a benefit for those animals.

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