Do Pets Affect Our Love Life?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, revealing the fact that love is the most powerful force that exists. That is why Wamiz has decided to prepare a study through a survey that was conducted in January to more than 1,800 owners of Spanish dogs and cats, which analyzes the relationship between love and pets. A priori may not seem very important, but I really tell you that interesting sea data is extracted. Do you want to know the results? Keep reading…

You can see an infographic that sums up very well what we are going to tell through this link: The Valentine of the owners of dogs and cats.

Animals enhance people’s attractiveness

Love is based on attraction and animals play an important role, at least among those who already enjoy the company of one. Many know it, and the call « dog-fishing»Notes. No, it is not about going fishing with the pet, but it refers to the situation in which a man or a woman uses another person’s dog to take a picture and share it on their profile.

And why is this peculiar technique used? Because, indeed, More than half of those surveyed by Wamiz (60.3% to be exact) have recognized that they find men and women who have a dog and / or cat more attractive.

Animals help flirt

More than half of the Spaniards surveyed (57% of participants) say they have ever met someone through a dog or cat (either their own or the person they have met). In addition, 40% of pet owners and owners who participated in the study They would like their future partner to have a dog or cat. And for half of them it is imperative that your future companion loves animals.

Animals help meet people

The possession of a dog involves many outings and helps develop social bonds, allowing the owner to meet his other half while walking. They are also sociable, and when they insist on meeting other four-legged friends, facilitate exchanges between owners, which can sometimes end in an unforgettable encounter. further they constitute an inexhaustible source of conversation and allow the most timid to take the first step.

The animals strengthen the couple, but … beware!

68% of Spaniards surveyed say that their pets contribute to being more united to their partners. But be careful, because if on Valentine’s Day they had to choose who to spend the day with, the results of the survey reflect that almost 4 out of 10 would stay with their animal. As if this were not enough, if their partners or future partners did not like animals and were asked to choose between him or her and the animals, most would be able to leave him / her, 60% of respondents think so specifically .

Celebrate Valentine alone in the company of the pet

30% of respondents say they will spend Valentine’s Day alone in the company of their animal. However, more than half spend it with your partner and with your dog or cat, although it should be noted that 35% of respondents responded that they would stay with their animal if they had to choose between him and his partner.

The great love of the Spaniards and Spaniards: their animals

The study of Wamiz confirms that the Spanish love animals. Some love them so much that they do not seek love because they believe they receive everything they need from their pet. In fact, almost 100% of respondents believe that animals are more faithful than people and, 4 out of 10, will offer a Valentine’s gift this February 14 to their dog or cat.