Having a Cat as a Pet Can Make us Very Aware

Cats have been keeping us company for thousands of years. They are agile and very endearing animals, being the only animals that have three days of their own: February 20, August 8 and October 29. According to data from the Acierto portal, cats are the favorite animal of most people in the European Union. It is estimated that there are 104 million cats spread across European households. His great rival, the dogs, remain “alone” 85 million.

Spain is the European country with the lowest percentage of cats in homes. Only 11%. On the opposite side is Romania where almost half of the homes have a cat. In second place are the Russians with 39%, while Latvia ranks third with 38%.

In the case of cats, in addition, the breed is unimportant when choosing the animal, although the favorites are the Persians and Siamese. Regarding dogs, the Yorkshire terrier and the German shepherd stand out.

Benefits of cats for our health

It has been proven that having a cat as a pet at home offers multiple health benefits for people. They are able to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and have positive effects on people with autism. It is also associated with the reduction of blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, 8 out of 10 respondents stated that having a cat positively impacts their lives and generates well-being emotions. For more than 60% your pussy is an emotional support in difficult times. They also reduce the chances of developing asthmas and allergies, and strengthen the immune system.
Having a cat goes out

Nor can we lose sight that keeping our cats is cheaper – if we compare it with dogs. According to the calculations of the comparator Acierto, the cost of having a cat is 550 euros per year, compared to 850 euros of hosting a dog. Here they come into play from vaccines to necklaces and other accessories.

Thus, if we adopt a cat, we will spend up to 50 euros less on vaccines. With the sterilization the difference amounts to 130 euros. We will also devote a smaller amount to deworming – they leave less from home – and to animal hygiene.

Is securing a cat cheaper?

As for his insurance and as indicated by Amanda Cuns, an expert at Acierto.com “cat insurance can be cheaper than one designed for a potentially dangerous dog breed. Mainly because a cat needs to have accidents and illnesses covered, but not so much civil liability. ”

In addition, in the case of dogs of potentially dangerous breed, since insurance is mandatory, companies can afford to raise the premium, which does not happen with felines. In addition, the damage that a potentially dangerous (or non-dangerous) breed dog can cause is usually greater.

However, many cat insurance covers both the costs of compensation to third parties and those derived from medical expenses and accidents – for example, if it falls out of the window. The transmitted diseases are also considered as damages to third parties. Although it will depend on whether the service is packaged or coverage can be chosen.

The price of the policy, in addition to what has been said, will influence the age of the animal, its breed – some animals of breed have a genetic predisposition to suffer certain diseases or have a very high cost -, general health status, and other characteristics.

In addition to the breadth of coverage. In fact, many insurers include veterinary guidance telephone assistance, financial compensation in case of theft, and coverage of lost expenses. Also stays in residences, travel expenses for specialized treatments and even the cost of sacrifice and incineration of our hairy.