How to Attract Bluebirds to Your Yard

How to Attract Bluebirds to Your Yard

The bluebird is a beautiful songbird that you may be lucky enough to see in your backyard garden. The longest living bluebird lived for over 10 years so that they could be visiting for a long time!

Not only are they beautiful to watch and listen to, but they are also a fantastic natural pest control for your property. As natural bug catchers, these little birds can help keep your flowers pest-free without the need for chemicals.

The North American Bluebird Society has been encouraging us to attract bluebirds to our gardens for several years. But what is the best way to get these little birds to visit your yard?

Read our short guide below and learn the best ways to get these songbirds to come and stay in your backyard all year round.

Feed Them What They Love

The bluebird diet consists of two main things: berries and insects. If you want to attract bluebirds to your garden, you need to make sure there is plenty for them to eat.

Purchasing live mealworms might be a bit icky, but there will be plenty of insects available if you keep your backyard garden natural. Plant lots of bushes and flowers and let nature run its course. The insects will follow, and behind them, the bluebirds.

However, if you want to speed up the process, add berries. You could plant berry bushes for feeding bluebirds. Or you can buy berries from the store and put them on a bird feeder.

Make sure any bird feeders are up high and well protected from cats as they love to hunt songbirds.

Build a Bluebird Friendly Nest Box

Once the bluebirds have realized that your backyard garden is a little natural paradise, they may consider nesting there. When it comes to nesting bluebirds, they prefer semi-open expanses like a lawn from which they can observe insects from their perch. A small, closed yard will not work, but they may come by to eat from your feeder.

Install a bluebird house up high on your property so the bluebirds can feel safe and observe your yard from above. You will see them swooping from their nests to catch bugs in your lawn. Ensure that you keep your lawn chemical-free as this will distress the bluebirds and cause them to leave.

Place a Bird Bath in Your Yard

Bluebirds love to bathe in shallow water. However, they prefer it if the water is moving, so it is best to install a fountain or a dripper. They will see the moving water from the birdbox perch and will fly down to take a dip.

Again, make sure that any birdbaths are out of reach of any neighborhood cats. When a bird is bathing, it is at its most vulnerable, so make sure it is high up or not surrounded by anywhere a cat can easily hide and pounce. Keep your garden a bird-friendly yard.

Attract Bluebirds Naturally

Follow the steps in this guide if you want to attract bluebirds to your home. They are beautiful birds that will help keep your lawn and flowers insect-free. So help each other out by installing a birdhouse for bluebirds in your yard today.

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