How to Know if Your Cat Loves You And is Happy With You

Discover if your cat loves you I Pexels

There are many gestures that show that your cat loves you but you do not know how to detect it. Check that your cat is happy with you in this post.

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Probably – and because of its overwhelming and complicated personality– He will never tell you; but you can not doubt if your cat loves you otherwise I would not be by your side. Surely after reading this information you ask yourself: why he never shows it to me, why he never steals a caress, what I have done to him so that he does not give me a miserable kiss or how it is possible that he spends hours and hours marking his territory. Do not worry. Your gestures They have nothing to do with you. Dear human, your cat loves you but its feline character he owns him in a way as supernatural as venerated since otherwise we would not be writing these questions while our hairy looks at us from the corner of his eye as he thinks: "Of course I love you and I let you know many times even if you do not even know", signed all the cats of the world.

Thanks to this affirmation, cats have opened their eyes to show us how they show us their love and the happiness they feel at our side. Read, read.

1. He hits you with the head. If you think that is horrible behavior, you are very wrong! Scientific studies say that sticking with your head is synonymous with good love.

2. Stares at you. What else do you want? This is not even your average, since he is afraid that you will discover his secrets. Unlike your cat who opens his heart wide open to you through his feline gaze.

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3. You mew. This is his way of saying "I love you" and many more things with his meows as we told you in Wamiz.

4. Sit next to you and walk between your legs. With this gesture only once, it is enough because this action means that your kitten has full confidence in you.

5. Flee from the rest of humans. If we saw in the era of romanticism we could affirm loudly that this is the greatest show of affection of all times since a soul rejects the rest since it only wants to be with you. How nice!

6. He sticks his tongue out and licks you. Do not give it back, that's a real kiss.

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7. Waiting for you at the door. How many times have you arrived from work, a date, a party or a holiday and you had someone waiting impatiently at your front door? Surely not many. When you suffer for love, do not forget about the daily cat demonstrations. From now on you will look at your cat with tears in your eyes and you will think that you are predestined to always be together!

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