Learn These 5 Things Before You Get a Golden Retriever
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Learn These 5 Things Before You Get a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers enjoy remarkable popularity in different parts of the world because of their pleasant character and natural beauty.

But, before you decide to get a Golden Retriever, there are 5 important things you should know about this lovely and charming breed.

1. Golden Retrievers Need Room

A Golden Retriever is a medium to large sized dog. Male Goldens can weigh up to 75 pounds with a height of 24 inches while females are 22 inches tall with a weight of up to 70 pounds. These dogs need plenty of room for moving freely in and around the house. You also need to make sure that you are willing to clean up their hair since these dogs shed all-year round that gets heavier during autumn and spring.

2. Golden Retrievers Should Never Be Left on Their Own for Over 4 to 5 Hours Daily

Goldens tend to form solid bonds with their owners that make them amazing family dogs. This is why it is never recommended to leave your Golden Retriever all alone the whole day as this can make the dog suffer that can ultimate result to separation anxiety, depression, and sometimes, even destructive behavior. You might want to take your dog to a dog care or hire a pet walker but this still doesn’t replace your presence. You should only get this dog if you or a family member got the time to play with him daily.

3. Chewing is a Favorite Hobby for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers love carrying things and whenever they feel bored, they might start to move stuff around in your home. These dogs have a habit of chewing so you might want to give your Golden Retriever some resistant toys specifically made for the heavy chewers. You should also never allow your pooch to get extremely bored during daytime. You might also consider using a crate to ensure that your Golden is far from temptations for those times when you might not be around to keep an eye on him.

4. Golden Retrievers are Full of Energy

A Golden Retrieve is a high energy level dog that it needs to burn off. Make sure that your Golden gets one to two hours of daily exercise if you don’t want him to turn your home into a complete mess. There are lots of activities that you can try since Goldens are perfect companions for running, walking, swimming, playing in the local park, or even hiking. These dogs also thrive better when they are mentally stimulated so you might want to teach your dog obedience training.

5. Golden Retrievers Might Suffer from Health Issues When Neutered

Experts have found out that neutering actually causes negative effects on a Golden Retriever as this can increase the risks of suffering from cancer and joint disorders. This is why you might want to consider other alternative methods to prevent your Golden from breeding like tubal ligation or vasectomy.

A Golden Retriever is one of the best family pets you can get because of their obedience and ability to take care of kids. However, they also need lots of time and attention that makes them unfit for busy people.

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