Learning And Teaching Multiplicative Tables And Multiplication: Quick Tips And Tricks

multiplication table

Multiplication of two numbers is easy but this becomes tougher as the digits are increased. Thus, the tricks in multiplication help in calculations of larger products and tougher problems. The basic multiplication table from 2-20 is by hearted effortlessly but continues to be the best and helpful tool in the process of learning multiplication. Whether the mathematical topic is fractions, ratios, division, or any other one, multiplication form an important part of all of them. This makes it necessary to recognize the requirements of the same.

Here in the article the easy tips and tricks regarding the same will be recognized. Certain tips and tricks may assist kids to have a better understanding of the way to memorize the properties and the respective tables with ease. Prioritizing the concept of multiplication and division these are the sure-shot methods of simplification.

Tricks to be employed

  • Any number multiplied by 0 always results in 0 as the product.
  • 1 is the multiplicative identity and this means that any number multiplied by 1 doesn’t make the number lose its identity, i.e., the final product is the number itself.
  • The set of whole numbers from 0 to infinity are included in the multiplication tables/ operation.
  • Following the pattern of even numbers like 0, 2,4,6,8…… and so on at units’ place in the table of 2 defines even the divisibility for 2. It is to be noted that 2 is the only even prime number.
  • The table of 5 always ends in 0 or 5 and this should be remembered. The fact is that even the table of a multiple of 5 to have either 0 or 5 in the unit place.
  • Concerning the table of 6, it is observed that any number multiplied to 6 reveals itself as the unit place of the product of the numbers.
  • The sixteen tables and eighteen tables sound correlated as in sixteen times table the natural numbers from 1-10 are added while in that of eighteen the same are subtracted to give the table of 17.
  • Memorizing the table of 11 is even more interesting as for each multiplier the product becomes repeating it two times, like 11*2=22, 11*8=88……. Even the smarter way to find the product of any two-digit number with 11 is to split the number in hundreds place and unit place and add the two digits of the same number to get the tens place. The number so formed give you the product. For example, if you want to multiply 34 with 11 then write 3in the hundred’s place and 4 in the unit place. Now adding both the digits will give you the tens place which is 3+4= 7, so the product becomes 34*11= 374.
  • Then 19 has a magnificent table and pattern of table. The ten’s place of the table comprises of first ten natural numbers in the sequence and the one’s place is written the same as back counting from 9 to 0.
  • To get to remember the table of 20 you just need to memorize the table of 2 and add a zero at the one’s place to transform the same to the table of twenty.

The divisibility rules and multiplication facts are amazing and should be recalled to by heart the tables. The grip over the tables makes the concept of multiplication and division simple and supports other concepts of the subject. Cuemath in their maths online classes make the kids familiar with the basic tips and tricks learn the tables effortlessly. The same is a fun experience and complementary benefits of the same being on tips are observed in future.