Moffat Sheep Attack Thousands Raised for Dogs

Moffat Sheep Attack: Thousands Raised for Dogs

Discover the heartwarming tale of resilience and compassion in Moffat’s dog rescue story. Join the journey now!

In a world where news often revolves around conflict and despair, stories of compassion and resilience serve as a beacon of hope. One such story is that of a pack of dogs who were taken into care following a tragic incident in Moffat, Scotland. This tale, which can be found at this link, is a testament to the power of community and the enduring spirit of these resilient animals.

The Incident at Moffat

On a seemingly ordinary Sunday in Moffat, a small town in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, an unfortunate incident unfolded. A farmer was forced to take drastic measures when a pack of dogs attacked his sheep, resulting in the death of one sheep and the injury of another. Four dogs were shot dead during the incident, while six others were rounded up and taken into care by the Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre.

The Dogs’ New Beginning

The surviving dogs, who were found in a state of exhaustion, dehydration, and starvation, were given a new lease on life at the rescue centre. They were named Toffee, Brodie, Glen, Rae, Charlotte, and Meadow. The dogs’ rescuer, Lee Herron of Lost Dogs Dumfries and Galloway, believes that the dogs had probably spent most of their lives locked up, which may have contributed to their desperate state.

The Community’s Response

In the wake of the incident, the local community rallied around the dogs. Police Scotland received numerous reports of unaccompanied dogs roaming the area, and their enquiries into the incident are ongoing. Meanwhile, the community’s efforts to support the dogs didn’t stop at reporting sightings. A fundraiser was set up to aid in the dogs’ recovery, and people from across the UK have generously donated, raising over £2,000 so far.

The Power of Compassion

The compassion shown towards these dogs in their time of need is truly heartwarming. As Ms. Herron told Sky News, “The kindness shown to these six dogs now is so heart-warming. It’s been a horrible situation for them all and so traumatic. If only they knew how much love is being shown to them now through the kindness of strangers.”

The Road to Recovery

The dogs are slowly coming out of their shell, but their journey to recovery is far from over. They will likely remain at the rescue centre for some time before they are ready for rehoming. However, with the continued support of the community and the dedicated care of the rescue centre staff, there is hope for a brighter future for these dogs.

The Impact of the Incident

This incident has not only affected the lives of the dogs involved but also sparked a broader conversation about the issue of dog attacks on livestock. It has highlighted the need for responsible pet ownership and the importance of community support in times of crisis.


What happened in Moffat?

A pack of dogs attacked sheep on a farm in Moffat, Scotland. The farmer was forced to shoot four dogs, while six others were rounded up and taken into care by the Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre.

What is the condition of the surviving dogs?

The surviving dogs were found exhausted, dehydrated, and starving. They are slowly recovering at the rescue centre and are not yet ready for rehoming.

How has the community responded to the incident?

The community has rallied around the dogs, reporting sightings to the police and donating generously to a fundraiser set up to aid in their recovery.

What is being done to prevent similar incidents in the future?

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the issue of dog attacks on livestock and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

How much money has been raised for the dogs’ care?

Over £2,000 has been raised so far to aid in the dogs’ recovery.

What will happen to the dogs now?

The dogs will remain at the rescue centre until they are ready for rehoming. They are receiving care and support to help them recover from their ordeal.


The story of the dogs taken into care after the Moffat sheep attack is a poignant reminder of the power of compassion and community. Despite the tragedy that befell these dogs, their tale is one of resilience and hope, made possible by the kindness of strangers and the dedicated efforts of the rescue centre staff. As they continue on their road to recovery, they serve as a symbol of the enduring spirit of animals and the profound impact of human kindness.

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