The ‘No Fear Way’ To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Humans understand that dogs are our best friends. They are reliable, loving, caring, supportive, loyal and almost impossible to resist their puppy faces. Even if they could change your daily routine by giving you unconditional love, there are some things you cannot manage like trimming its nails. Just like humans, your dogs need to cut off their nails carefully. Without any fear, you can cut your dog’s nails gently and nicely.

Why is it necessary to trim your pet’s nails from time to time?

Most of the dog owners think that trimming dog’s nails is not required. In fact, the friction with the tarmac or any other street surface can get the job done for you. On the contrary, if your dog lives in the city, cutting his nails is mandatory. You know why? It is because your dog feels pain with his or her long and sharp nails.

A dog’s nail comes from two parts: the nail bed, a pink area where the vein flows, which is very sensitive, and a white part, which is hard and durable. While the foot hits the ground, the dog’s nail is pushed back up into the nail bed. As a result, this causes pain and pressure in the dog’s leg that leads to psoriatic arthritis. It is one reason why every two weeks to a month, trimming your dog’s nails is mandatory for his overall health.

Cutting your dog’s nails is necessary while he or she undergoes training.

Before you train your dog, always check its nails to ensure the safety of his or her paws. When training your dog, rewards are essential, and it means a lot to him to her. You can choose rewards such as biscuits, toys, or anything that your dog can chew or play. Trimming nails could be fun and a very significant quality time to spend with your pet.

Whenever it is time for action, your dog will be thinking about those trophies and will not be worried too much. Choose the perfect time when your dog is relaxed or tired after a long outdoor running session. The dog will become cooperative once you’re giving rewards to the pet for a job well done. Use a calm tone voice, sit down and start playing with the dog’s feet. In this way, he will not see the difference when you grab those clippers.

How to choose the best tools for trimming your pet’s nails?

There are three different and shared types of tools that you can decide to cut your dog’s nails: a Dremel rotary tool, a Guillotine style clipper, or a “scissor” type clipper. Three of these tools are essential, but the Guillotine style clipper is much preferable. The Dremel tool and the Guillotine style clipper are creating too much noise and it less accurate. As a result, trimming your dog’s nails can be painful and severe. For dog owners, you do not want your pet to experience this kind of pain. You may find a lot of dog nail clippers reviews around the corner, but you should be careful of choosing the best one for your pet.

What is the painless and ‘No Fear Technique’ for trimming your pet’s nails?

Your dog is relaxed and ready for his trimming session. Take his feet with your hand, one at a time, starting from the back legs that are less sensitive. Grab your clipper and cut one nail at a time. In particular, cut inside the white area and not in the pick one, where you can see the vein. With the dog nail clipper, you can do some little shaving cuts and make sure the nails do not bleed. If your dog has black nails, where you cannot see the vein, be careful and do even tinier little cuts one at a time.

What happens if the dog’s nails are bleeding while trimming it?

Sometimes, even if you are careful, you can accidentally hit the dog’s veins with the consequence of blood flowing. First of all, do not panic. It sometimes happens when you are cutting the pet’s nails. Make sure to have the right extra tools to face the problem immediately. Kwik Stop Styptic Powder is an excellent example of an additional dog trimming tool. If you do not have it at home, you can use flours or corn starch. The technique is almost the same by putting some portion of the powder inside your hand and dip the nail in it. The nail will quickly stop bleeding, and you and your dog can start to relax for a while!

Don’t forget to cuddle your dog after trimming its nails.

Once you finish cutting your dog’s, comfort your pet through cuddling. Try playing with your pet for a while, so that it will be comfortable and may ease the pain after nail cutting. After all, dog owners should be relieved from stress when playing with their pets

About the author

Alice Sparkle is a practicing veterinary nurse for 12 years and also looking out for her dog, Mercy. She uses blogging as a way of connecting with other dog owners around the world. You can visit her blog at Love Your Woof to learn more about dog tips, health, products, training and more.

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