The Puppy Who Battled On

We owe a debt of gratitude and thanks to Trupanion. This company was there for us during an emotionally difficult time, a time of heartbreak and high veterinary costs needed to save our new puppy’s life. We excitedly waited for the day we could bring our Westie puppy home. Lily was eight weeks old and […]

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Supplements And Superfoods For Dogs — What You Need to Know

You read labels, shop smart, and buy the best food you can to help your dog live a long, healthy life. You may even prepare some or all of your dog’s meals yourself. So, do you really need to think about incorporating “extra” ingredients, such as probiotics, herbs, supplements, essential fatty acids and superfoods, into your dog’s dietary regimen? Yes! When used properly, these “nutritional boosters,” as I call them, can address specific health concerns or just “turbocharge” the overall nutritional impact of your dog’s diet. To help understand the growing popularity of supplements and superfoods for dogs and how they can benefit your dog, I turned to holistic veterinarian Doug Knueven, D.V.M., known as “Dr. Doug,” owner of Beaver Animal Clinic in Beaver, Pennsylvania.

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Must-Have Book: ‘Insta Grammar Dogs’

As an Instagram aficionado — especially when it comes to accounts chronicling dogs and cats — I’m psyched to see a book that brings the medium into print. Insta Grammar Dogs from Lannoo Publishing (an imprint of ACC Publishing) features photos of adorable pups and inspirational quotes from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Barack Obama and Kevin O’Leary, among others.

What inspired author Irene Schampaert to bring the digital feed to a photo book? “I’ve been an Instagram fan for years, for various reasons,” she says. “It’s an excellent source of inspiration on different levels, it’s an efficient way to showcase your work and attract interested ones. And it’s nice to use it as some sort of diary. It seemed like a good idea to grab this nonstop stream of images and perpetuate it on paper. As a graphic designer, it felt like a challenge to make a strong selection and turn different images from different accounts into a whole.”

A photo from Insta Grammar dogs.

A photo from Insta Grammar dogs. Photography by @hellohoku.

The 115 photos range from funny — a city dog in an Uncle Sam getup staring at a hot dog — to artsy — a dog pondering a bright blue balloon animal dog against a contrastingly stark white backdrop.

It’s the perfect addition to the coffee table in any dog lover’s home. The book is available on Amazon or ACC Publishing.

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