How to Find The Right Dose of CBD For my Dog ​​or Cat?

CBD for my dog ​​or cat

We often ask ourselves this question, concerned about finding the most appropriate dosage of cannabis extract and noticing the benefits as soon as possible. If you have already researched some products, you will see that the way to specify the dosage and the amount of CBD vary from one brand to another and it is not easy to establish a standard dose for different products, so here are some “tricks” to better understand how Dosage the hemp oil to our pets.

The first thing to do is to understand that, as a 100% natural product, the dosage can vary according to the weight and metabolism of the animal that consumes it. Normally, at lower weight, lower dose. I say normally because here the energies come into play. For example, Kima weighs 35kg, so it would correspond 2 drops per shot. Kima is a quiet and sleepy bitch, so I look for a maintenance dose for her. Dallas, however, weighs 22kg, but unlike Kima, it has an overflowing energy and suffers from anxiety and fear of shrill sounds. By weight, Dallas would have a lower dose than Kima, but since we intend to make a therapeutic use of CBD, Dallas and Kima ingest the same dose.

Some suggestions:

Always start with the minimum dose, to be able to have enough margins when increasing the dose. As natural products, cannabis extracts need a routine and a certain consumption time before perceiving their effects. CBD oil barely has immediate effects, so it is important the perseverance, patience and, above all, the observation of our dogs and cats to discover any positive change in their behavior or behavior. From Mimascota CBD we recommend the following scheme to follow when supplying our products to your pets:

Start with the minimum dose during the first week, divided into 2 or 3 doses (minimum dose / minimum dose / minimum dose), and observe.

To increase the doses, it is best to gradually increase by taking, allowing a week approximately between increases (minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose / minimum dose -> minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose -> minimum dose +1 / minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose + 1 … and so on), not neglecting to observe carefully the behaviors and sensations of our children.

We must respect the maximum doses; although an overdose will never mean any intoxication in our pets, as long as the products do not have high concentrations of THC (remember that it is the component that causes “colocones”).

Finally, the concentrations and amount of active ingredient (CBD) of each product must be taken into account. Sometimes the concentration (in%) or directly the amount in mg is specified. Here we are going to talk about quantity in mg, whose quantity should always appear in the container. According to our experience, for cats and small dogs, the maximum amount in mg that the product must provide is 350mg. In the case of medium and large dogs, between 350mg and 600mg is an adequate amount. If you want to use a product with more cannabidiol, it is interesting to consult the veterinarian first. Keep in mind that the higher the dose, the smaller the dose, so you spend less product, but also consider that you have less room to increase doses properly.

We hope that this explanation has been sufficient to clarify some doubts regarding the matter. With constancy, observation and a little common sense you will find the perfect CBD dose for your dog or cat.

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These Are The Best Dogs Breed If You Have Children

Dogs Breed

If you are looking for a breed of dog that is especially suitable for living with children you should know that, in general, anyone can adapt perfectly to family life. However, it is true that there are races more likely to get along with your children. For example, “small dogs like the Bichon, Pomerania … the medium ones like the Beagle or bigger breeds like the Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, even the San Bernardo”, indicates the veterinarian Jara Diaz, of Ceva Animal Health .

Problems of adaptation?

In these cases you can opt for the help of an expert in canine training or behavioral modification as well as the use of products that release pheromones of canine appeasement, “a copy of the same ones that the mother gives off after the birth so that her puppies are calm “, suggests the specialist.

Next, we describe the 15 races that can best live in a home with children.

Half Blood

We start with our favorite ‘race’: the mestizo and, especially, the one that needs adoption. And, the shelters are full of pets looking for a home. According to veterinarian Jara Diaz, “adopting a mestizo puppy or an adult dog is an excellent option for children.”

French Bulldog

It is one of the most popular dogs in our cities. He is strong, muscular and compact. His character is very sociable, vital, playful and athletic. He is very affectionate with his owner and the children, but it is necessary to propitiate him several daily walks so that he can vent. He is very intelligent and his education is easy. Also, it does not bark much.


In spite of its size (males can weigh more than 35 kilos) and its corpulent and muscular appearance, it is an affable and very affectionate dog. In fact, it is one of the most recommended dog breeds for children. In addition, they are very faithful pets and attached to their owners and will protect them from strangers. It is strange that they bark.

Carlino or Pug

It is, without a doubt, one of the races that is more fashionable. He is very affectionate and extremely attached to his owner. He is also quite stubborn so his education can sometimes be complicated. With children he usually behaves patiently but, being somewhat distrustful, he may be afraid of them, especially if they are very young children who do not know how to treat him. You need, like any dog, to exercise, but you have to be careful and, above all, not expose to heat.


It is an excellent companion dog, intelligent and easy to train. He is calm, affectionate and in rare exceptions he is aggressive so it is ideal for children and the elderly. He does not like solitude at all and needs the constant company of his owners. They have to play with him, teach him and dedicate time to exercise because otherwise he can become an apathetic dog. It usually weighs around 25 and 34 kg.


Pomerania is an excellent breed of dog for the family. Besides being “small, they are very playful and protective” says veterinarian Jara Diaz. It is an animal with a lot of vitality and energy, and it adapts very well to small spaces, although it needs to exercise. It does not usually weigh more than 4 kg.


It has become one of the dogs most requested by families and one of the favorite of veterinarians because of its intelligent and affectionate nature, especially with children. He is faithful, obedient and very sure of himself. He is very energetic and awake and needs to do a lot of daily exercise. There are three types: the miniature (between 6 and 7 kg), the medium (between 14 and 15 kg) and the giant (between 32 and 35 kg). Being of the Terrier family, it is a pretty barking dog. But it can be avoided with good training.

Golden Retriever

It is a race ” very affectionate, learn very fast and are very playful, ” says the veterinarian. So they will become excellent companions of your children. Keep in mind that males can reach 40 kg and that they are animals that need a lot of activity.


Very common in homes where there are children. He has a lot of energy and temperament but his character is balanced and friendly. Although we can have it in a small apartment, you need to exercise a lot. It is also a dog of the Terrier family and being an alarm dog barks easily at the slightest noise. Its weight ranges between 7 and 11 kg.

Border Collie

It is a herd dog and, therefore, accustomed to work. However, it adapts very well to family life and its relationship with children is excellent, since it is a very “careful and protective” breed, says Ceva’s veterinarian. Since it is a work race, you need a lot of activity and dedication.


It is a dog that lavishes love wherever it goes. He is very attached to the family and is very playful with the children. As it comes from the bloodhound family it is a bit stubborn, so we have to try to train him from puppy so he does not tease us.


It looks like something out of an advertisement for a fabric softener. And you will have the same feeling when you hug him. Also, his tender and loving nature will make you want to take him home. But do not be fooled by its peaceful appearance. It is very active and playful so, along with its small size, it will be perfect for your children. In addition, “it is also very protective”, adds the expert.

Bull Terrier

His appearance is very peculiar, but so is his personality: active, affectionate, playful and tolerant of children. In fact, it usually adapts very well to family life. It comes from the English bulldog and the terrier and that makes him a bit stubborn. Nothing that is not solved with a good education since childhood.

German shepherd

It is one of the best known breeds and most appreciated by animal lovers. He is intelligent, affectionate and protective with his owners, especially with children, he has a lot of patience, he is faithful and “very easy to train”, says Jara Díaz. Whoever has had a German shepherd will know that he is an excellent companion who only needs to speak.


If you live in a house with an outdoor space for your dog to enjoy, this breed will surely captivate you. It is a guard dog and with a protective instinct towards the family. If the animal was correctly socialized from puppy, it is also very tolerant with the children with whom it will undoubtedly play and will be gentle and affectionate. However, we must take into account its large size: it can weigh 70 kilos.

Saint Bernard

It is a guard dog and, although its size can scare more than one, it is a race “very affectionate and patient with children,” says the specialist. In addition, it is noble and an excellent pet for the family. However, it needs a lot of space or, at least, a lot of dedication to be able to go out to exercise.

It is important to remember that “when we want to choose a dog if we have children, rather than thinking about a certain race, we have to think about our lifestyle and what we want of our future pet (where will it live, what activities will we do with it, how much space did it we have, will come on vacation … “), says the ethnologist expert in canine testing, Alfons Pallas.

So whether you are looking for a running partner or an athletic companion dog, stay tuned for some of the fastest dog breeds in the world.

When we answer these questions, we can begin to determine which race to choose. “We have to bear in mind that bringing a puppy home is a lot of work, so if our son is a baby of a few months that also requires a lot of time, we will have to discard breeds that need a lot of physical activity if we can not dedicate the necessary time to them. Meet their needs, “he adds. 

Finally, if the child arrives after the dog, it is important, as far as possible, not to change the routines we performed with our pet and let the dog smell, curiosity and approach the baby. In addition, “we must make him understand that he is still part of the family, making him a participant in the activities, going out for a stroll together with the stroller and trying that it is not always the same person who walks the dog”, concludes Alfons Pallas.

Tips For Your Pitbull to Spend Energy

Pitbull to Spend Energy

The Pitbull is a very active breed and with an energy that is not usually found in other breeds. In addition, the unburned energy in a dog can be dangerous, because it emerges in unexpected ways. Obviously, if your dog is a Pitbull, you cannot let that happen: you must keep your body and mind accustomed to burning that excess energy.

Here I present ten methods for you to tire both physically and mentally to your Pitbull, besides, with it, to keep it healthy and balanced:


The walk contributes to the mental and physical balance of the dog. Of course, in the case of a Pitbull, the walk should be longer to make sure it burns all its energy. If you do not, you can show unwanted behavior.


It is vitally important to run a Pitbull. A Pitbull that only walks is practically impossible to tire. You have many ways of doing it: throwing him a ball or a frisby, taking him out for a bike ride, or running with him directly.

By throwing a frisby or the ball, you will also be working on your relationship with him, since bringing the object back will help reinforce your leadership position. Running alongside him on foot or by bike, on the other hand, also contributes to your dog perceiving you as an active leader, which translates into respect.


In order to exercise all your muscles, and perform exercises with it that tire you more than a few walks or a few races, you can choose to make it climb walls, go down ravines, jump fences, zigzags , etc. Of course, always in situations that does not pose a danger to the dog. In this sense, it can be interesting to work with him some kind of competition like the Agility, where, in addition, you will reinforce your authority over the dog. But if it is not possible, you can always practice these exercises in the field or in playgrounds when there are no children.


The sand and the snow suppose a difficulty at the time of running for your Pitbull. This extra cost in effort translates into more burned energy, traveling the same distance if the land was easy and accessible. Depending on the volume of the snow, for example, the dog must run jumping, thus contributing to burn their energy and strengthen their muscles.


Another interesting way to exercise those muscles that normally do not use too much, is taking it to swim. If your Pitbull likes water, you can take him to a pond, lake or beach and throw objects to him so he can go and look for them swimming. It’s amazing how much energy they burn when swimming.


Very important for the mental health of your dog. Being in contact with other dogs will cause it to become  physically depleted,  but more importantly, it will unleash all the  mental energy  in the game and in dealing with other dogs, bitches and puppies.


Playing tug-of-war with him, or running and crashing, etc. It helps your dog to be mentally balanced, understand that you are an active and cheerful leader, and it will also help you burn energy and exercise.


One of the   characteristics of the Pitbull dogs is that they are prey dogs , created with the aim of supporting the immobile cattle with their powerful bite. This instinct of prey they still have, that is why it is advisable (almost necessary) to exercise their bite. Of course, it must be done by applying the orders of “Presa” and “Drops” (or similar), and the dog must obey instantly. A Pitbull that exercises its bite discharges a great amount of energy, and we can consider that, if it obeys the aforementioned orders, it is a balanced dog, aware of its power, but that knows how to control it. In addition, exercising your bite you contribute to the correct development of your facial muscles.


The mind of a Pitbull must be accustomed to work, to think, to relate causes and consequences, etc. A Pitbull can take hours to get physically tired, but mentally tiring it is much easier. However, you should not stop doing it because it’s easy. A Pitbull who does not exercise his mind correctly will discover cause-effect associations on his own and following his own criteria of what is good and what is bad, which can be dangerous. His need to discharge that mental energy will make him work those associations that he has created to relieve stress. Therefore, it is necessary for you to strengthen the cause-effect relationships that interest you and use them to download your mental energy.


Note that this is NOT necessary or recommended for most dogs, including Pitbulls. However, in extreme cases (we started using this method with the Pitbull of a friend who was self-hurt to discharge their excess energy) , it may be useful to place a bib to your pit bull dog , make it run and perform the aforementioned exercises with an extra weight , for example, a car tire. The extra weight will help tire the animal more and strengthen its muscles. But, I repeat, it is NOT necessary in most cases.

10 Tips to Mark Superiority Over Your Pitbull


The Pitbull is a dog that, due to its characteristics, can become very dominant if it is not properly educated. If you are thinking about acquiring a Pitbull, I recommend that you follow these 10 tips so that your Pitbull is clear who the boss is.

Surely they will help you in the task of training your pitbull for the coexistence with the family as appropriate as possible. Go ahead and start to score superiority over your dog!

10 tips to mark superiority over your Pitbull

1. Dominate the situation: Someone insecure should not have a Pitbull. In tricky situations, as another dog may come running for yours, or stroll down a street where house dogs bark menacingly to yours, that’s where you should be most confident and confident about yourself . If not, your dog will understand that you do not know how to react, and he will assume that he must make the decision on how to act.

2. Do not let it get overexcited: A Pitbull must always be calm. If during the game, the walk, or any other situation, your dog begins to excite more than necessary and becomes nervous, leave what you were doing and keep it guarded and by your side until it calms down again. A leader does not let his subordinates go over the line.

3. Practice obedience with him: That your Pitbull understands that your orders are unappeasable, is vitally important for your relationship to be healthy. Both the punishment for bad behavior, and the reward for good behavior, teach your Pitbull that you are a good leader to follow and respect.

4. Properly correct: The punishment your dog receives for not obeying the seated order, and the punishment he receives for fighting with another dog, can never be of the same magnitude. Maintaining a proportionality in the intensity of our punishments, will make our dog see that we are coherent, which will make us appear before his eyes as a good leader.

5. Place it upside down: A dog upside down or sideways, is showing submission. You must place him in this position in as many situations as you can, especially in the street and after the moments of play, so that he is accustomed to submit to you.

6. Prohibit him to rest in places of passage: Your Pitbull must have one or more places of rest, where he can be calm. Outside those spaces, you should not rest, much less do it in places of passage. If your Pitbull lies in a doorway, in the corridor, or in a similar place, he is saying: “Let’s see what you do”. We must not give in: we will remove it by bothering him with his foot while saying “No”.

7. Let him eat after giving him an order: The food is yours, and if you let the Pitbull eat, it’s because you want to, not because he wants to . Therefore, it is not advisable to use automatic food dispensers. When you go to feed him, leave the food on the floor and give him the order to sit down. After doing so, wait for the time you deem appropriate, and give the order to release, after which you can eat. Finally, it is advisable to remove the plate of food while eating (returning it later) to accustom it to not respond aggressively to signs of dominance.

8. Turn the ride into a military parade: Your Pitbull must understand that he must always walk by your side, and something from behind. The ideal would be with your head stuck to your leg. You should also understand that the rhythm of walking you sends, and that there are some moments (marked by orders) in which you should walk ahead of you, and other times when you can do your needs and sniff something that causes you curiosity.

9. Play with him as if you were fighting with him: If you’ve ever seen two Molly dogs playing, you may have noticed that their game is like a fight. Playing in this way with him, the dog thinks “if playing gives me these blows so strong, I do not want to upset him”. Of course, do not attack him, but these dogs can withstand a few bumps and shocks, it’s his natural way of playing.

10. Whenever you play, you win: Playing tug-of-war with a rope or a bicycle wheel is one of the best ways to physically keep your Pitbull healthy. However, your dog should know that you are the one who dominates the game. In this sense, you should always be the one who starts and finishes the game, and you should always be the one who wins (never let him take the toy). When you finish playing, throw it or leave it on the floor and go, with what you are saying: “I have tired of playing, play now, if you want”.

What Care Does Your Dog Pitbull Need? Have a Happy, Healthy And Balanced Dog

Pitbulls care

Are you thinking about having a Pitbull? Have you already reported on what you need to be happy and balanced? Do not? Well you should: the Pitbull is not a dog to have unattended. So, if you want to have a Pitbull, I recommend you read this article, where you can know all the care you should give your dog.

A quick article about Pitbulls care with some tips that will help you if you are thinking of adopting a pit bull dog.

Tips to have a happy pit bull


You can see an extensive article on how to mark your authority on the Pitbull here; it is a very important point that you must take into account to not have a rebellious and uncontrolled Pitbull


In this link you can find some techniques for your Pitbull download all its energy, since exercise, both physical and mental, is very important in the life of a dog of the characteristics of this peculiar breed.


Brushing the Pitbull is easy, given his short hair, and is usually pleasant. In addition, those moments of grooming, form emotional ties with the dog.


It is not necessary to bathe them frequently, only when they get dirty or have a strong dog smell. Take note and keep it in mind!


Do not let him bite objects that can damage his teeth (like stones), better use sticks and unload his desire to bite with soft objects , such as tires or cloth balls. (Maybe you want to know how to educate your bite)


Pitbull puppies, like other races, need the company of their mother and siblings. The more time you spend with them, the better it will be for him. In addition, he needs breast milk to create antibodies. Finally, you have to be careful with the ride when you are a puppy, since there are many bacteria that can cause diseases if you are not yet vaccinated.


Of course, our dog has to have the vaccines up to date, and we should visit the veterinarian at the slightest hint of disease. Pure breeds tend to be more prone to diseases than dogs that are the product of many mixtures; therefore, it is better to prevent future complications than to wait until they occur to take them to the veterinarian.

Following these easy tips, you will have a Pitbull completely healthy, balanced, and happy to be with you. Remember, having a dog is a responsibility, if you are not willing to assume it, it is better that you do not acquire it.


Decorate Your Dog House With These 5 Tips

best dog house

To decorate the house of your dogs you must take into account that the materials used are not toxic and that these provide protection from weather conditions; it does not hurt to take into account issues such as space, location of feeding trough, drinking fountain and toys, as well as beds and blankets to keep them warm or fresh according to the season of the year.

Our dogs do not care what their house looks like, as long as it is comfortable and safe. If we have a dog we should offer a cozy shelter. There are creative ways to decorate your dog’s house. These 5 tips will illuminate the backyard or the entrance.

The important thing is to choose the right materials and thus meet the needs of our best friend. Many people are decorating and remodeling their living spaces to share with their pets, and that is becoming a trend.

Dog houses there are many in the market, infinity of models, styles and prices; there are those who choose to make the construction of the best dog houses a family DIY project. Whatever the option, let’s consider the following ideas to decorate the house of your dogs with these 5 tips.

1. Choose the right materials to decorate your dog’s house

When thinking about the materials for the construction of our dogs’ houses, we must consider the climate; our final choice will depend on it. We must be vigilant so that the chosen materials isolate humidity and high temperatures.

The plastic: this material, although it is very resistant and easy to clean, stores a lot of heat. If used for the shelter of our pet, should be placed in a place with plenty of shade and must have plenty of ventilation.

Concrete blocks: this is an excellent material, it is a good insulator from the outside and, therefore, although there is a lot of heat outside, the interior temperature of the house will remain stable.

Wood: it is very resistant, and it is generally used to build a dog house in the garden, but it must be treated to withstand the climatic conditions of the outside.

2. The space must be pleasant and with excellent location

The place and space where we will place our dog’s house is very important, and several aspects must be taken into account: first, the breed of our dog, because not all dogs are suitable for sleeping outside. Second, attention to climate variations; they must be protected from rain and cold.

It is important to determine the space that is available and the place that will be assigned, where you feel comfortable to sleep, play and eat.

The house must be protected from strong air currents or excessive exposure to the sun.

It must have the right size, with which our dog can enter and exit easily. The roof should be twice the height of our pet, and the width with which it can be laid with ease.

3. The cleaning of the house is essential for the comfort and health of our dog

We have highlighted the importance of the dog having its own space, which should be pleasant and welcoming … In short, where their needs can be met.

The cleanliness of the space is fundamental for your health and comfort; we must use non-toxic detergents for the disinfection of the bed or blanket.  There are specialized stores where you can find a variety of beds and blankets to warm them in winter or refrigerated blankets for summer.

4. Paint with bright and attractive colors

The paints must be durable, washable and non-toxic. We can decorate with unique and daring designs: paintings, stripes and even letters. We can also use messages alluding to the life of our dog, decals and a host of things that exist in the market.

Flower motifs or planting natural flowers around are always a good option. If the location we choose is very exposed to the sun, we can include a large umbrella or awning of colorful colors.

5. The trough and drinking fountain can be in the same space

We must ensure that the trough and drinking fountain are close and accessible to our pet at all times. Your toys are also important; to have them collected we can use storage drawers.

If we do not have enough for a dog house in the garden, we can assign it a place inside our house. It is about that our best friend has an exclusive place, much better if it is ventilated or near a window.

As for the decoration of the house or space of our dogs, we can follow the style of design of our house, with our favorite colors. Some drawers for our best friend’s toys and a beautiful blanket will be all you need.

10 Tips to Save Your Pet in Case of Emergencies


Before nature proceeds to unleash its anger, it activates mechanisms that have the function of alerting many living beings that are sensitive to these signs of change. However, in certain situations many are not in ideal conditions to interpret these signals, such is the case of domestic animals that, restricted by space, do not react in the same way as those that are in the natural habitat, attentive to the possible damage.

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Therefore, within the preventive actions that are implemented in the face of natural disasters, it is mandatory to take into account our defenseless pets. The measures that we must take into account for such moments are the following:

– Make sure that your pet has a necklace with an identification plate along with the respective contact number to be able to locate you in case it goes astray, that way someone who finds it will be able to notify you of its status and return it.

– Have information on shelters or any other room where they could attend your pet, at least until the state of emergency is regulated and you can reach it.

– You must also bear in mind that many hostels do not receive pets for sanitary reasons, therefore, try to keep pointed those places that could be reliable and friendly with your pet in an eventual disaster.

-If you usually leave your pet outside, try not to do it in case of natural disaster, and be flood, hurricanes or storms.

-The microchips are always a good option to take into account to recover your pet if it is at some time lost, in addition to this way you could avoid facing difficult conditions to overcome.

– Communicate between the members of your family the place where your pet’s food is kept, also if you have the transport cage, so you will have everything at hand and in order at the time of leaving.

-It is good that you know when your pet is in situations of stress in which it can become aggressive, that way you can deal with the issue in the best way in an emergency.

-Identify, the spaces of the house in which your pet likes to hide since probably in an unexpected eventuality, he goes to shelter there. Given the case you can find it without difficulty.

– Put into practice evacuation routines together with your pet to familiarize and less evacuation.

-In such circumstances, it is good that the cage to transport your pet is in optimal conditions and have good ventilation, thus saving possible mishaps at the time of transfer.

In addition to these recommendations, it is worth saying that you should have recent photos of your pet on hand in order to find it easier when you spread the information of your missing state.

Top 3 Health Problems For Dachshunds

Top 3 health problems for dachshunds

One of the most popular breeds, Dachshunds, especially miniature Doxies, has stolen the hearts of many people around the world. Being a small breed, they have a good long lifespan, but that does not mean they have no health risks. If you are thinking about adding a Dachshund to your family, or already have one, you should be aware of the following 3 first health problems for the Dachshunds. Knowing the existence of them can help you and your veterinarian keep your healthy Dachshunds.

health problems for dachshunds

# 1 – Intervertebral Disc Disease

Not surprisingly, the biggest problem with the little Dachshund is spinal problems. The herniated discs in the lower back are very common in the Doxies. Owners should be careful about letting them jump up and down. In addition, Doxies should always be picked up with the support of the front and back legs to avoid accidental injuries and undue strain on the spine.

# 2 – Hypothyroidism

Many Doxies who are thought to have just been overweight may actually have hypothyroidism. The most common type in Doxies is lymphocytic thyroiditis. If your Dachshund continues to gain weight, it is necessary to take her to the vet to get her checked out.

# 3 – Eyes Problems

Dachshunds have a number of eye problems such as: cataracts, glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, alterations of the lacrimal ducts, and progressive retinal atrophy, to name a few. Many of them are hereditary so if you are buying from a breeder, be sure that you are a responsible being, which tests the parents for genetic defects before reproduction.

5 Tips For a Perfectly Trained Dog

Dog training is very similar to learning to play a sport. Can you become a great basketball player by simply watching Tristan Thompson on television? Sadly not.

This is also true for dog training, where skills and time are only learned through practice and good technique.

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The proper technique is essential when you are teaching your dog a new command or trick. Additional body movement usually confuses a dog, leading to loss of attention and frustration. Here are my top five tips to make sure your dog understands it.

5 tips for a perfectly trained dog

1. Place your hands in a neutral position

Keep both hands aligned with your waist. Just move your hand away from the neutral position if you are delivering a treat or signage.

2. Always bend your knees

Bending the knees gives your dog a visual signal at eye level that a food reward is directed towards him. Bend your knees so that your extended treatment hand reaches your dog’s mouth without having to bend over.

3. Keep your back straight

When training, try to keep your back straight. Your back should remain upright while squatting (bending your knees) to give you a gift. Not only is it good for our posture, it also prevents us from entering the dog’s space. Dogs can be confused with people who lean, “Does my human want me to lick his face, back off or play?” Some dogs may perceive that leaning over them is also a threat.

4. Training: click, pause, right

Make sure your gift hand is perfectly still in the neutral position. At the moment your dog performs the command you want, you must click on the click, pause and then straighten your arm with the reward directly to your dog’s mouth, releasing the reward. There needs to be a different pause between when you click and when you move your reward arm to deliver the treat.

Moving your hand towards the reward bag or towards your dog’s mouth before clicking (or at the same time as the click) will teach your dog to do something only if he thinks he will be rewarded. Keep your hand very still until you have clicked.

5. Fast reward delivery – BAM!

When you deliver your treat, straighten your arm as quickly as possible towards your dog’s mouth. If you move too slowly, your dog may start jumping to get the reward. Then, return your hand to a neutral position.

I recommend video recordings to see how closely he imitates the correct technique. A good dog trainer can guide you through the previous process to help improve your technique and the effectiveness of your training. Happy training!

The Flu in Dogs

Best dog worming tablets

Like humans, dogs also acquire viruses that lead to a cold, affecting their immune system and causing damage to their respiratory tract. It is important that you know how to recognize when your dog is griposo and how to treat it. Take note!

flu in dog

How to know?

You can recognize that the dog is with the flu if it has the following symptoms and characteristics:

✸ He has a cough.

✸ Sneezes frequently.

✸ Excessive discharge from the nose (mucus), even with blood.

✸ The apathy of the dog, who is tired and less willing to have fun.

✸ Lack of appetite.

✸ The wet eyes.

✸ Fever.

Best Worming Tablets For Dogs - Pooching Around
Pooching Around wrote about the best dog worming tablets but be sure to check with your vet to determine what kind of worms your dog is suffering from.

How to take care of it at home?

How to take care of dog at home

It is essential to protect the dog from the cold, in this way our friend will recover soon from his cold. Coat it with T-shirts or canine sacks to isolate it from low temperatures and humidity and more if your dog is of small breed, since they are less able to retain their body temperature.

Do not let your dog receive drafts; always try to sleep inside the house, covered with sheets that protect it from the cold.

You can help him decongest his airways by placing hot water in a room and let him breathe in that vapor.

Do not forget to always have plenty of fresh water, because during the flu you lose more fluids than usual: frequent mucus is an escape route of constant humidity.

Encourage him to eat food, usually eat wet food, as it is not as annoying as dry to swallow, you should try to eat well in small quantities to achieve a speedy recovery.


Do not forget to go to the veterinarian; these recommendations are to take them into account after being prescribed.