Pain Relief For Cats – The Natural Way

Just like humans, our pets grow old too! And as they grow old they tend to develop illnesses just like we do. Even if cats are considered as low maintenance pets, they are not exempted to this cycle of life. One of the most common illnesses that cats usually acquire is arthritis. Now, it is never safe to self-medicate you’re your cat to provide pain relief, The pain relief that you might use may not be the right pain relief for cats. NEVER give your cat household pain relievers that you would use for yourself. Even a small amount of pain killers like those of manufactured for small creatures or even pain killers intended for babies can be lethally dangerous to your cat. If you want to use science in aiding your cat with its discomfort, it’ll be best to take your cat to the most trusted vet in your town and have it checked by a professional who knows exactly what to do.

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The downside of prescribed medicines is that they can affect your cat’s liver and may cause a bigger health problem. But one way to help relieve your cats pain that won’t cause harm to his health is to use natural methods. Here area few natural methods that can provide pain relief for cats without causing any bad side effects.

  • Acupuncture. – There are actually people who specialize in acupuncture for animals – even cats. You can take your cat into a cat acupuncture clinic for pain relief on a regular basis though this option may cost you a bit.
  • The Cat Massage. – If you ever find the acupuncture a bit too costly for you, you can actually ask your very friendly vet for a leaflet about massaging your cat that suffers arthritis. The massages must be done properly and regularly on the affected joints in order to obtain pain relief.
  • Copper Collars. – Copper collars have already earned several testimonials from cat owners as one of the most effective methods for pain relief. It is said by cat owners who purchased the collars that they have noticed commendable improvements from their pet cats after using the copper collars. They said that their cats have again attained jumping heights that used to be impossible because of their condition. Positive changes in behavior was also noticed by the owners.
  • Magnetic Pads. – Like the copper collars, this also follows the same principle of magnetism in order to provide pain relief for cats. It is believed that magnetism alleviates your pet’s pain and provides you pet easier mobility and more energy (and it is also said to work pretty good on people too!).
  • Diet Modification. – Just like humans, cats are affected by their diet, especially as they grow older. There are actually cat food products available in the market that can become really helpful for your cat. Some cat food products are manufactured especially to focus on particular illness or disease to help provide pain relief for cats through proper nutrition. But of course, just like medicine you cannot judge your cat and assume that this or that cat food product is best for your cat’s condition. You should always chec with your veterinarian as to what foods you should be feeding your pet for his particular circumstances.

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