Pets to Get When You Can’t Have a Dog or Cat

Pets to Get When You Can't Have a Dog or Cat

For those people who are not satisfied with having a common pet such as cats and dogs, other options are known as alternative pets, to talk about these animals that are good pets, but somewhat peculiar, here is a list of them to help you choose your next alternative pets to get when you can’t Have a dog or Cat:


These small rodents are the ideal pet for small places, it is not recommended for children so young because you have to be gentle when touching them. You just need a cage of the right size and specific hamster food that provides the nutrients.


Another good option for alternative pets is rabbits, these need a little more space than the previous ones and it is not the ideal pet for children because they tend to bite. Although you can have them in cages for some time, they need space to exercise, and also rabbits like to live with their owners.


Although this bird is strange to include on this list, chickens can live in houses that have space in the yard, it is usually a strange and fun new experience for the whole family. Chickens are good pets and do not need so much care, they can be great companions and very affectionate, only that when it is small they are just as delicate as hamsters.

Guinea pig:

Another alternative and very pretty pet. They are the guinea pigs, it is a good option when you do not have much space at home, they live in cages but this must be the appropriate size. A very important detail about these pets is that they must live accompanied by another as they become depressed and can die of sadness.


In addition to being an ideal pet, it is a great decoration object, having an aquarium full of goldfish at home is the ideal way to teach children to take responsibility for pets. Their conditions are not so demanding, they only need a fish tank with a lid, place it in a quiet area, a temperature regulator, filters and in some cases lights, you can decorate with plants and rocks and much more, the water is changed every week and the fish tank is cleaned once a month.


You can have anything from geckos to pogona, lizards make interesting pets and are a popular type of pet for those who have a fascination with reptiles. To have a lizard at home you must have a tank heated with ultraviolet light, remember that they are cold-blooded animals, most are carnivores and feed on insects so you will have to get some crickets, worms or in some cases, mice, depending on spice and its size. Not all species can be touched so you must find the species suitable for human contact.

Finally, it should be remembered that despite being alternative pets, you require a great sense of responsibility and commitment to them, so it is necessary to think well if you are trained and have enough time before having a pet, because they require much more than giving them food. and water. Since most households still prefer having mans best friend as a pet,