I am a qualified veterinary assistant with 26 years of experience; I am also a behavioral dog trainer. I have all the necessary authorizations to exercise my activity.

I grew up with animals, and I do not breed, just to make a living, but out of passion.

The breeding of my puppies is done with love and passion, for your greatest satisfaction, but especially for the wellbeing and the respect of the animal. My puppies, are sold, when they are ready to leave, because it is necessary to know, that each individual, evolves at his own pace, and that, a breeder “WORTHY OF NAME”, must take account of it. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, puppy sold, as soon as possible, not necessarily raised in good conditions.

What does it take to properly raise a puppy?

He needs a mother already, dewormed during his heat, then at 42, 43 and 44th day of gestation, then 10 days after giving birth. It is necessary that the Mother is fed with puppy food, of high range, 15 days before her birth, and then she must eat, at will during the whole lactation. To save money, the Mom, it is better also, to give bottles to the puppies, to keep the mother, in a good state of health.

From 3 weeks old puppies, and that every 15 days, until 3 months, it is necessary to deworm, Mother and her Babies, because the worms, pass from the Mother to puppies, and conversely, if one does not do not do the whole family.

It should be known that many worms are transmissible to humans, for example roundworms, if the larvae migrate to the retina, you can simply lose your sight!

When babies begin to grow up, and can start a solid diet, there are puppy boxes and puppy milk powder in the grain and in the vets, the mixture of the two will allow you to start weaning and then to pass to croquettes, upscale.

Everything, do not stop there, it is also necessary, to ensure that the babies have, all the possible stimuli, before leaving the “breeder”. Babies, must see, a maximum of thing, before their tenth week, the noises of the house, of the outside, to be put in contact, with children, adults, of age and different sex, dogs, race, and size, of different sex. Everything, which has not been done, before this age, it will be then, rehabilitation, which is not at the entire same thing. Do not talk, puppies, sold, with scabies ears, body, fleas and ticks, skinny, with a big belly, full of worms. I’ve seen all this for 26 years, so I know what, I’m talking!

When, my pups come out of our breeding and arrive at your place, they are already clean, day and night. Because they simply have, at their disposal, a house, a large covered terrace, a large park, completely fenced, and I teach them, to make their needs outside, and I congratulate them, every pee out, they are learning it’s babies. Never brutality, everything is learned, with gentleness and patience.

Any puppy sold, must be vaccinated, identified by microchip, provided with the veterinary health certificate, mandatory, and must be signed, a certificate of sale, not just professionals!

When, we did, the point, of all this, then, we can compare the prices, but only, when we have all the options! As a puppy, is a living being, it will be an integral part of your little family, for a number of years. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

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