Rabbit: What is The Best of 2021?

The world of pets is not just the domain of cats and dogs. Rabbits also claim their share of the limelight, and not unjustifiably. These cute fluffy furry creatures tend to be docile and clean. However, as an owner, you must adequately cover all their needs. Because a pet is another member of the family.

To address this goal, all kinds of ‘rabbit’ utensils are offered. Among them, the best rabbit hutches on the market are especially important. These are accommodations specially designed for these small mammals. Thanks to them, your rabbit will have a suitable space for rest, as well as to wait for you safely during your absences.

The most important

  • There are two types of hutches: outdoor and indoor. These can have one or more levels.
  • The hutches with open and closed spaces are ideal for the animal to feel that enjoyment and protection are within reach.
  • As a key purchase factor is the ventilation of the hutch. We go over this and other important criteria at the end of the article.

The best rabbit hutches on the market: our favorites

Incorporating an animal into the family – if possible, always through adoption – is a very great responsibility. Just feeding them is not enough. Regarding rabbits, having their own space is essential. As we know that you are here in search of the best option, below, we collect four of the best hutches on the market today:

The best indoor hutch

Especially focused on guinea pigs, it also adapts without problem to common rabbits not especially large. Also, if you have more than one rabbit, you can always get the XL version.

Its precious design is joined by solid finishes in eco-sustainable pine wood. On the other hand, its pastel tones make the structure fit in almost any indoor environment. In addition, it has two levels.

The best outdoor wooden hutch

This Pawhut proposal can also be used for other animals, such as chickens or guinea pigs. Its finish is solid, since it is made from good quality wood, as well as galvanized steel mesh.

It is one of the best outdoor hutches due to its coated roof. In this way, it resists the inclement weather without problems. Like the previous model, it also has two levels.

The best XXL hutch for outdoors

With imposing dimensions of 223 x 52 x 85 cm, this is one of the best XXL rabbit hutches. Therefore, it is an ideal option in case you have more than one rabbit or you want to give this a real “animal mansion”.

The finishes are made of impregnated fir wood and iron wire. On the other hand, the roof is reinforced with waterproof asphalt to protect the rabbit hutch from the rain. In addition, it is very easy to clean.

The best cheap rabbit hutch on the online market

If your budget is somewhat tighter, you can opt for this option. We are, probably, before the best cheap rabbit hutch of today. Its dimensions are 98 x 54 x 100 cm. As for the materials, it is made from fir wood and high quality iron wire.

Although it is not as large as the rest of the options listed here, it also offers a small open space for rabbits to graze the garden grass.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Hutches


Hutches take center stage when it comes to giving your rabbit the best. Because your “furry” will not only need rabbit toys . Your recollection and your personal space are non-negotiable. However, it is very possible that you have doubts about this product. To help you, below we address the most common questions about hutches.

What is a hutch?

When we talk about hutches, we refer to habitats specifically designed for this type of mammal, as well as for other rodents of similar size. They are usually characterized by having a medium-large size, as well as by being able to be installed both indoors and outdoors. Although they are a type of cage for rabbits , their idiosyncrasy offers greater comfort.

At the level of materials, in fact, they usually resort to woods of, for example, fir. These are usually of high quality. In addition, they also usually have galvanized steel wire mesh. With them, the hutch is allowed to have open but protected spaces. Most of today’s best rabbit hutches also offer two levels and a covered roof.

How to use a hutch?

Acquiring one of the best cheap or mid-high range hutches is a safe investment. The comfort and well-being of your animal should not be an option, but a verdict. However, when the product arrives at your home, you may not know very well where to start. It is normal, calm. Therefore, below, we explain step by step how to use a hutch:

  • Location: If it is an indoor hutch, you should install it in a ventilated place with access to natural light. Of course, it does not burn either. As for outdoor hutches, avoid areas with strong drafts. If you have a garden with trees, it may be a good idea to place it so that it can access shade and sun simultaneously.
  • Assembly: The first thing is to assemble the bracket. To do this, follow the assembly instructions. It is good that you secure the structure with some nails or screws depending on the model. On the other hand, it uses an electric stapler to adhere a mesh fabric to the structure. Make sure that the material is of good quality to ensure durability.
  • Sides and interior panels: Following the assembly instructions, assemble the sides and interior panels. If the hutch has two levels, you must take special care when mounting the sides, since the stability of the second level depends on them. Then assemble the interior panels as required by the model.
  • Roof and doors: Fix the wooden boards relative to the roof on the top of the hutch. Additionally, you can add some type of waterproof cover to further protect the cabin. After that, focus on installing the door hinges with a screwdriver and corresponding screws. Finally, install the safety pins and check that everything works correctly.
  • Inside: Feed enough hay on both floors so that the rabbit is comfortable and does not injure himself when moving around the hutch. Also, make sure you install containers for food and hydration. On the other hand, it is convenient to add some toys and, if you have a litter box to collect feces or urine, sand.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hutches?

Surely you do not doubt the need to ensure the comfort of your pet. And so it should be. But, perhaps, you do about the need to acquire a hutch. Perhaps you think that a cage is enough or that you can train it to swarm around the house without surveillance.

What is the best base for a hutch?

The floor of a rabbit hutch should not be wet or made of hard material. If so, the rabbit can develop a disease called pododermatitis. This condition affects its hind legs. Because of this, they develop sores that can lead to bigger problems. Therefore, the base of the hutch must use soft materials that guarantee comfort:

  • Pressed wood chips, especially those finished in small cylinders, are a great option. In addition, they help absorb odors from urine.
  • Hay is also a great material. This is especially useful to place in spaces intended to sleep.
  • Newsprint or a blanket can also help. The latter can be useful even outside, as it will help protect you from the grass when it is wet.

How to clean a hutch?

Logically, from time to time you will have to clean the hutch. Rabbits, even if they are trained, will hardly learn to urinate or defecate in a certain place. For this reason, you will have to replace the base of the hutch periodically, as well as clean the interior. On the other hand, you must make sure that the water and food containers are completely clean:

  • Try to clean the hutch at least once a month.
  • For this, you can use hot water with a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • You also have cleaning products specially designed for these tasks.
  • Clean not only the inside, but also the outside of the hutch.
  • Do not forget to clean the objects that are in the hutch, such as toys.
  • The litter box, intended to collect rabbit feces, can also be cleaned with vinegar.

What kind of hutches are there?

Depending on your needs, you should buy one type of hutch or another. To give you an idea of ​​what the market offers you, below, we collect the different types of existing hutch:

  • Indoor rabbit hutches: They are specially designed to be installed inside houses. They are made of different materials, although the predominant one is wood. They are usually quite compact.
  • Outdoor rabbit hutches: Ideal to install in the garden. They have protected roofs so that inclement weather does not disturb the rabbit. Many have open spaces. They are generally larger than indoor hutches.
  • Multi-level hutches: They can be both indoor and outdoor. Its main characteristic is that they have more than one level. There are up to three. Thanks to this, they are ideal for several rabbits or in cases in which your absences are long, since, in them, the animal will have enough space to move and exercise.

What should I put in a hutch?


Basically, a hutch must have a corresponding base (and which we talked about already in one of the previous answers). On the other hand, it is essential that the animal has access to water and food. The drinker must be of considerable size. On the other hand, make sure the feeder is filled with good rabbit food . Some toy wouldn’t hurt either.

Purchase criteria

When investing in one of the best rabbit hutches on the market, you must take into account a series of purchase criteria. Your rabbit needs a personal space of a size that allows him to move and feel comfortable. On the other hand, each hutch is different. Therefore, so that you can buy the right one, pay special attention to the following factors.

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Levels
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ventilation

The best hutches are usually made of wood. This gives the product a really attractive handcrafted finish. However, you should make sure that you buy a model with a chip-free design. In addition, the wood must have been treated (polished and varnished), yes, but without potentially harmful products for the rabbit. If fulfilled, go ahead with the purchase!

A good hutch should be at least four to five times the size of your adult rabbit. However, most are much more so. That is why they are a better option than cages. Anyway, buy a size depending on whether or not you are going to be away from home for a long time or if you are looking to have more rabbits in the future. The animal must be comfortable first of all.

If you want your rabbit to have enough space to exercise or not notice your absences too much, in addition to a large hutch, you should opt for a multi-level model. Much more if you have more than one rabbit. In addition, if you have closed spaces, you will feel safer (especially if it is outside). You want that, in addition to being comfortable, is entertaining.

Ease of cleaning
As we have already pointed out in the previous section, cleaning the hutch is key. Although rabbits are clean animals that groom themselves, living in an unhealthy environment will not only cause bad smells, but will also endanger the animal’s health. Therefore, in order not to make cleaning an ordeal, opt for easily accessible models.

Stay away from crowded options that prevent good ventilation. Rabbits don’t like sudden changes in temperature. If it is an outdoor hutch, it should also have a space for the rabbit to shelter from the elements. As for the indoor ones, they should have open spaces and that they are not suffocating. With this, the animal will live happy and healthy.


Rabbits are endearing animals that can establish strong bonds with their owners. To do this, you have to give them an appropriate personal space. Even if you release the rabbit around the garden or inside the house, it must have a base. In this sense, rabbit hutches are perfect. Thanks to them, your “furry” will have a place to sleep and eat with ease.

However, not all situations are the same. Depending on the rabbits you have, you should buy a larger or smaller hutch. In addition, you must make sure that it has good ventilation, is easy to clean and offers sufficient incentives for the circumstances of the animal. If you follow these purchase criteria, you can get the perfect hutch.