Small Dogs For Adoption: a Perfect Choice

There are many reasons to adopt a small dog. We give you five.

All you need to know if the next thing you're going to do is adopt a small dog at home.

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There are endless reasons why we decide to share our life with a dog. Adopting it, and not buying it, should always be our first choice. First because it is not a phrase made that of "A friend is not purchased"And secondly because, you and I know it perfectly, the shelters, protective societies and kennels are full. So, for solidarity, in any of these centers we will find dogs of all races, with all possible crosses, more adults or more puppies, and bigger … or more children.

Being objective, most of us live in cities, maybe in flats or apartments not excessively large. And maybe (just maybe) it will give us a little more vertigo to welcome home an XL-size four-legged companion. If you are a newbie in this universe and you start in that share life and space With a furry friend, this may be your best option, adopt a small dog. Or maybe you are a convinced, a militant delighted with the vivacity and character that the minis dogs have habituated to.

Here we give you a few reasons that will surely help you to decide to welcome a small dog:

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Why will not the sofa stay just for him

A small puppy just needs a small basket or a modest piece of the sofa. The coexistence will obviously be much simpler. And even if you decide to put him in bed with you (or with you), a small dog will adapt to the hole that remains without the need to die crushed between terrible sufferings!

For economy

Yes, an animal carries some costs, not just veterinarians. And all right, the vaccines are all the same regardless of the size of our furry friend, but what do you say about the feed? The investment in food it will be considerably lower, and in general, any accessory that you buy for it will cost you a little less if it is destined, for example, to a crossing of Bichón Maltés with Bodeguero than to a German Shepherd.

For comfort in the walks

It depends on your desire, but we assure you that walking a small friend is not the same experience as being walked by a hairy king size. However, you should also know that, often, small dogs are much more vivacious and nervous than the big ones With what your desire to play must also be greater!

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For the tranquility of the visits

Well, although we can not understand it, not everyone likes dogs. And those who are not familiar with them will feel a greater rejection and discomfort in the presence of a dog of considerable dimensions. So, if you get used to receiving many visits or you can not imagine some of your friends wallowing on the floor of your house playing with your dog, then maybe a small dog will help you to maintain the same level of freshness and strength. social relationships. Value it!

Because the social life together will be greater

Our society has a long way to go. And although little by little, conquests for nonhuman animals are being achieved … you can imagine that moving on public transport and travel with a small dog It is reasonably easier than doing it with a large one. In trains and airplanes you will always have the possibility to put your friend during the trip in a carrier. But if your partner is a big man, say goodbye to the trip or you will have no choice but to have a hard time in a warehouse or storage car.

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