The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Your dog is one of the families, right? Well, to dress up has been said! The next Halloween is coming and we give you some ideas to prepare your dog with the best Halloween dog costumes. We know that you have a great time with him, jumping, playing, running… And there is nothing likes fidelity and love between dog and owner. Animals are admirable beings and of course, yours pet even more!

Costume for Dog

That’s why it’s a great idea that you do not mess up at the next Halloween party, so prepare the ideas … Oh, you do not have any! We give them to you … It will be the big surprise of the party. Your little pet will be the terror of the guests although we do not believe that it reaches the levels of Cujo, the adorable San Bernardo from Stephen King’s book that in 1983 was taken to the screens for the rejoicing of all the families with puppies.

Devil costume for dog

For example, we can decide to disguise our little Devil dog. Yes, yes, Lucifer has always needed lackeys to sweep good men and women from the face of the earth. That is why it would be best to dress it in red to resemble walking hell. Be careful not to be a carte blanche to make true mischief!

Witch costume for a dog

Another idea is to turn him into a witch. These beings, habitual of the parties of fear of Halloween, are always a reef in any party. Your bitch may well be an affectionate and funny little witch but who gets into a rage from time to time and wipes out what she catches. Turn your pet into a fearsome old sorceress with a broom with this witch costume for a dog.

Pumpkin costume for dog

If you are one of the traditional ones that you enjoy preparing the always present Halloween pumpkins, we recommend that you add your dog in the sweet dream of this fruit and turn it into a walking pumpkin. Be careful if someone at the party takes strange things or drinks more, lest he confuse our animal with a walking food …

Vampire costume for a dog

Something that always stands out for our well-known date is the vampire. So why not turn our dog into an elegant and cunning Dracula? Of course you must watch it well, lest you take your role very seriously and bite right and left, for example your dear mother-in-law, and the party becomes a real disaster.

Dog Joker Costume

If you want something less seen, how about disguising it as a villain? For example, Joker (among others), the bad guy from Batman, his Alter Ego. Wanting to destroy the known world will not be a problem for your dog. It will only be necessary to take some grilled sausages for your guests and you will see how it destroys everything in its path to reach them…

As you see the possibilities of finding the perfect dog costume are varied, so you have no excuse to not disguise your beloved and faithful friend It’s your time!

Happy Halloween!