10 Tips to Care For Newborn Puppies

Content of The Article
  • Humidity of the room of the puppies and the mother
  • Temperature of the room of the puppies and the mother
  • Vaccination plan
  • Your little bed
  • Ignore their moans during the night
  • Do not sleep on your bed
  • Bathroom
  • Emotions of newborn puppies
  • Separation of puppies
  • The feeding of the puppies

When litters of dog puppies have little life, in the same way that happens with babies, it is important to provide them with some care.

Normally, these are provided by the mother; however, on certain occasions this is not present, so you have to take care of them. Here are some tips to care for newborn puppies.

Care advice for puppies in their first days of life

1. Humidity of the room of the puppies and the mother

For a newborn puppy, as well as the mother, to be comfortable, the humidity of the room in which they are during the first days after birth is almost as important as the temperature of the same. The ideal is that the humidity of the room oscillates between 55% and 65% so that the neonates do not become dehydrated. It is not recommended that the percentage exceed 65% because diseases caused by slings due to humidity could occur.

2. Temperature of the room of the puppies and the mother

The temperature of the room of the newborn puppies is also important; we must bear in mind that, as happens with babies, they do not have any type of body defense. The first week of life, the ideal is that the room is between 30º and 32º of temperature. In the second week, it can be reduced slightly to between 26º and 28º. After the third week, the ideal temperature is around 22º.

3. Vaccination plan

It is essential to know that the vaccination plan begins 45 days after the animal’s life. It is periodically vaccinated until all the vaccines corresponding to the first year of life are completed. Each year we have to give our pet all the vaccines to make sure it is healthy, strong and happy.

4. Your little bed

Condition a place to sleep; you can use a drawer or a cardboard box of a good size for the puppy to spend his first nights. Try to get used to that place and see it as your bed. It is ideal that it is a large place so that the dog does not feel trapped.

5. Ignore their moans during the night

Probably at night begin to moan to get the attention of its owner, because he wants company. Try to ignore it so you do not get used to it. Just come in case of an emergency.

6. Do not sleep on your bed

The first nights that the puppy passes in your house, you will feel a little nervous and afraid. At the time of sleep tries to be accompanied and safe. Avoid spending the night in an isolated place, and also try to avoid sleeping on your bed, because it can be bad for you.

7. Bathroom

Puppies must be bathed from an early age so that they can accept the bath with pleasure and not offer resistance. It can be bathed after 45 days of life. You just have to clean it with warm water so it does not get cold, with the specific soap and shampoo and then dry it with a towel or a hair dryer.

8. Emotions of newborn puppies

Perhaps the most important period in the life of the puppies, especially in relation to the sociability of these with other dogs as well as with people, occurs between the first three and twelve weeks of life. It is the learning period of the puppies. Therefore, after two weeks from birth, when they begin to open their eyes, it is important to give them a lot of love and talk to them; It is the best way to help them adapt to their new environment.

9. Separation of puppies

Regarding the separation of the puppies, in no case is it recommended to do so before the month or month and a half since birth. The reason is that it would be too premature and the puppies would not do well in their relations with other dogs, which could bring problems in the medium and long term.

10. The feeding of the puppies

We always recommend giving dogs only foods specially designed for them, such as those you can find in our store. A large selection of dehydrated 100% natural and super premium quality feeds; You will especially be interested in our puppy food. Our feed contains no type of additives, preservatives, colorants and flavorings and is made in a completely handmade way.

This stage of his life is tremendously important for everything: his education, training, habits, behavior, but above all also for his growth. Here the feeding of the puppy plays a decisive and irreversible role if the feeding is not good.

There are multiple serious cases of malformations, intolerances, anemia and digestive problems of all kinds that largely form in the first months of life. From here we ask you please to feed your puppies with experts, that you give them a varied, natural, fresh and balanced diet.

The key to proper growth, a good formation of your defenses and a proper functioning of your immune system depends in part on your nutrition.
The feed for puppies lack not only of natural ingredients, a non-aggressive processing with the nutrients and that these are of quality, but they do not hydrate our puppy, they are very dry products. In addition to using only natural ingredients of high quality, we have products that provide adequate hydration, which is vital for their digestions.

Food is one of the most important factors in the care of an animal , so we recommend always betting on natural and quality foods. We invite you to know in our catalog all the options that we give you to feed your puppy.

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