Applications For Animal Lovers

The saying goes that whoever has a friend has a treasure, although for many that friend is not a person, but their companion animal.

Those who have never had pets have a hard time understanding the bond of affection that is forged between an animal and its owner, although in many cases this relationship is much more faithful, deep and close than those established with other people.

Precisely for these animal lovers, hundreds of applications related to their pets are available. Some have to do with the adoption of animals, especially dogs and cats, or with the search for them when they have been lost, while others give information of service, such as offers on products for your pets or lists of restaurants, hotels and other businesses where they are welcome.

Health is also important and it focuses applications that measure the activity of your animal or give medical or nutritional advice. Finally, there are already social networks focused on pets. Why not share your passion with others?

Pets welcome

Developed by Royal Canin), it shows places where pets are accepted, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, beaches, parks, hairdressers, shops … Also business oriented, such as veterinarians or shops.

Pet first aid

In this case, it is a tool with hundreds of tips to take care of your pet’s health, such as what to do in case of burns, wounds or bites. Meanwhile, iKibble Free focuses on food.

Finding Rover

Hang the picture of your dog if it is lost. If someone finds it, they can make a facial recognition with the ‘app’ and know their name, race, owner, contact … If you want to adopt try with Homeless Animals.


Purina presents this ‘app’ that allows you to make a profile of your pet from which to measure your activity: how much time, steps, distance and what route you take each day. Another interesting activity meter is Tagg.


Another service application with information about businesses in your area focused on dog products: 3,600 stores, veterinarians, trainers…


It is an application to keep track of your pet’s vaccinations and medical events up to date. In addition, it also serves to find it in case of loss, just as it is a kind of Instagram of animals.

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