8 Tips on Dog Food

Here we offer a series of tips on dog food. They are a collection of basic notions that you must follow to get a correct and balanced diet.

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Canine hydration

The dog should drink enough water throughout the day, so your recipient should always have plenty. This water must be potable, fresh and renewed daily. The dog should be able to drink freely, whenever he wants. The average daily consumption of water is 60 ml per kilo of weight. But the need is greater when the dog is a puppy, if it is a bitch that breastfeeds, if the temperatures are high or if the dog works.

Regular meals

The dog must eat the same food every day in the same place, at the same time and in the same container.

Choose the food well

The quality of the food is not trivial. First of all, the criteria of nutritional balance must prevail. Three fundamental criteria intervene in the choice of good food for a dog: its age, its level of physical or physiological activity and its size.

Exceptional hygiene

Currently, industrial foods offer the best guarantees of hygienic hygiene. Well used, they do not present any risk of food poisoning. Beware of the boxes started. Also with fresh or thawed foods, we should keep them cold. Likewise, dry food will keep it in its container, tightly closed and sheltered in a dry place.

Attention to food transitions

Any food modification should be done progressively (approximately one week), to allow the dog to adapt (gustatory, digestive and metabolically) and to allow time for its intestinal microflora to be reconstituted specifically to digest the new food.

Take care of the quantities of food

Calculate it taking into account the dog’s daily energy needs and the energy and caloric content of the food. If you weigh the food daily, you will avoid any progressive derivation towards obesity.

Balanced diet

Whether homemade or industrial, the food should cover all your nutritional needs. He thinks that these needs vary according to his size, his physiological state, his age and his physiological state.

Counts with the vet

The veterinarian is a specialist in canine dietetics. Go to him to any food problem you see. The veterinarian is the right person to help you. Before consulting books, forums or magazines, ask him. The health of the dog is at stake.

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